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count me in.....
16th Feb 2013 2:23
16th Feb 2013 10:45
"What about Cambodia??? "
16th Feb 2013 15:42
"OROIT KOBS! YIM KOIPS GEDDIN FLADEGGD BOI ZUM TROGGULS ON EAR! MOY NOIM IZ ROB AN YIM RART BIT JUDSON BOIBAR AN FSG FRENG! Oi wilty loik prodarmpin teh vegsoit an taht wig teh fantybibs an taht! BUBOY! "
16th Feb 2013 19:22
"Hi, I'm from Indonesia. It's nice to hear that LFC have strong interest for fans in Indonesia. But you have to be very selective to choose the candidates. Some of them may have bad atudes to produce bad news such as provocative, insult religion, or insult players or manager in a bad form or results. YNWA."
18th Feb 2013 1:17
"you're an idiot snowFake"