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BR needs to win this one, lol.
16th Feb 2013 10:33
16th Feb 2013 10:43
"Brendan Rodgers did a fantastic job in his first season with Swansea - FACT! He mirrored other management greats who steered their teams to lofty heights in Premiership in their debut season. "
16th Feb 2013 10:45
"If we want a win, maybe Brendan should stop offering to take the kids to McDonald`s for their teas. He might be cramping their style."
16th Feb 2013 10:45
"Paul Jewell-Wigan- Phil Brown- Hull. Pulis- Stoke. Alladyce -Bolton. Curbishley-Charlton and so on. All these managers were touted as a possible next England manager (not sure about Jewell?) All these managers had methods that suited the club, maybe a chairman who would let run things their way? "
16th Feb 2013 10:47
"The manager may of obtained a good squad. But for whatever reason, it brought success and mounting speculation. Nothing generally becomes of them, they may of got found out or clubs are not willing to risk taking a chance on a 1/2 season wonder. We did. Is that brave or just plain stupid? "
16th Feb 2013 10:47
"Have the fans of a club steeped in success patient enough to wait on this risk? FSG. What d they know? Rodgers pitches to them about a vision, youth and so on. Great vision but they haven't got a clue if he can bring that vision to fruition? They don't know about football? Ayre doesn't strike me as being a footy man, more someone who likes to mince around Garlands on a Saturday night! "
16th Feb 2013 10:48
"So it's a case of is BR the next big thing and credit to FSG for recognising this? Or a case of the Emperor's New Clothes? Have fans got the patience as well? "
16th Feb 2013 10:49
"not going"
16th Feb 2013 10:58
"Appreciate Rodgers brought Allen for 15M?"
16th Feb 2013 11:05
"Anyone got any far eastern betting syndicate contacts- there's a keeper for a certain russian team that might be up for a brown envelope or two! I'm such a hypocrite, generalising like that! Got a feeling Vorm will have another blinder like last season - hopefully one of brendan's first summer signings after his year of not raiding swansea, excluding the mighty allen of course...."
16th Feb 2013 11:14
"Make-or-Break game for Brendon Rodgers! Period"
16th Feb 2013 11:28
"Over seeing all the negativity. Get over yourselves! If you could do a better job then why aren't you there instead of BR! Lets just support the guys for goodness sake! It's gonna come good"
16th Feb 2013 11:41
"If,lets just suppose, Rodgers was a surgeon,with his experience and background,would you let him operate on you or your family? Would you "given him a chance"? Would you be patient? Would you BE his patient? Of course not...SO WHO LET HIM MANAGE LFC??!! FSG OUT!!"
16th Feb 2013 11:55
"BR should focus on getting the right team selection & tactics... 11 goals due to poor defending and mistakes in the last 5 games that have cost us the season... Poor management... it shouldn't take 5 games in a row making the same mistakes without correction... BR should stop insulting the fans by telling us about players efforts when they don't seem to learn from there mistakes..."
16th Feb 2013 12:04
" good are you in finding a lasting solution? Last season, BR took Swansea to the mid-table and you all felt he'd give us EPL but today he's leading LFC to same position yet all you myopic thinkers are clamouring for Laudrup. If I may ask, on what profile? Is it a taboo to get a 'world-class' coach and get back to CHAMPIONS rank or we wait till Anfield gets only 5000 viewers per game?"
16th Feb 2013 12:06
"Br will be here next season, come what may, but I don't see Pascoe lasting it- think we will see Carra sat in his seat next season and that will be a positive, as far as I am concerned...."
16th Feb 2013 12:10
"The negativity from everyone on here is pathetic! BR is the man for the job, give him time for goodness sake! If you heard his last conference he was right on the money. This is a rough season, no doubt, but we need to support BR and the lads! Wait until the Summer window to see who he brings on and let's support the Reds! YNWA!"
16th Feb 2013 12:24
"Ask a Reading fan if they appreciate what Rodgers did."
16th Feb 2013 12:40
"If Suarez, Sturridge and Gerrard all start. We have a chance to win. My dream formation is 4-1-2-3. Reina, Johnson, Carra, Agger, Enrique, Lucas(CDM), Gerrard and Coutinho playing of Sturridge and Assaidi and Suarez on the wings. Strong bench will include Suso and Sterling. "
16th Feb 2013 12:41
" I think Brendan Rodgers will be under immense pressure tomorrow lose this one and there will be a "A BIG BLACK CLOUD" hanging over anfield. Surely his job will be on the line."
Save us Kenny
16th Feb 2013 12:42
"Laudrup didnt need any time with a fraction of our resources. Have a feeling we might win this one, then we get to hear 2 more weeks of BR improvement waffle. Then we'll lose the next two, and it'll be bad luck and missed opportunities blah. "
16th Feb 2013 12:55
"Definition of support (oxford dictionary): be actively interested in and concerned for the success of (a particular sports team): fans should always support their team fully, no matter what. Amen."
16th Feb 2013 12:58
"The fact is that BR's stats speak for themselves, he has one of the lowest win rates (only Roy & Souness were worse) over the 40 years I have supported Liverpool. Are league position is poor, out of the cups with Europa going to be tough now. If BR had pedigree I would say give him time but he hasn't just one decent season with Swansea. Cont"
16th Feb 2013 12:58
"I have every right to voice my displeasure when I see a club going backwards because of a manager who may have a vision but lacks the skills to put it into place. Instead of calling us plastic fans please explain how we have improved this season under BR. "
SGM 73
16th Feb 2013 12:59
"It's a sorry state of affairs when games against Swansea are 6 pointers. Suppose that's what progress means now. Only a year ago, progress was called 2 finals. As for analogies with surgery, Bacon face only has about 57 percent, so not sure that's the most meaningful comparison.."
16th Feb 2013 13:31
"BR- Coach, Carra- assistant coach, Ian Rush- Director of Football......."
16th Feb 2013 13:35
"LFC fans- the owners......"
16th Feb 2013 13:54
"Few weeks ago on the back of moral boosting draws against Arsenal and City I was hopefull for BR. I do feel a bit of a hypocrite somewhat now questionning his position 2 games later. "
16th Feb 2013 13:55
"But the reality is we are like Fulham at present. Play some good football at times, give the big teams a run for their money and make other clubs sit up and pay attention to them but then do naff all for a few weeks after. It is accepted at Fulham. LFC is different. "
16th Feb 2013 13:56
"We are spoilt as fans more so my generation and beyond, my first memories 82/83. Even the post 2005 supporters must be thinking what's happened? We are further away from coming back to at least challenging for honours than we have ever been. We haven't a manager who can turn round and throw his glowing CV in your face to at least erase any concerns. "
16th Feb 2013 13:56
"We are just hoping that a charming, charasmatic Ulsterman can put his words into action. It is hard personally to decdide which would be the best BR IN or BR OUT?"
16th Feb 2013 14:24
"The players need to keep going for the full 90 minutes this time. Lapses of concentration have cost us midway through the second half recently. Also, motivation might become a factor in the last few games if the European places slip completely from view. I`m not sure another apple pie will quite cut it. How many of us enjoy dining with our bosses anyway?"
16th Feb 2013 14:43
"Did BR inherit a mess as what some apply? (mainly the anti-kenny fans telling us to have faith in BR and be patient yet calling us deluded for having patience last season) saying this! But i respect their opinion but also question it. "
16th Feb 2013 14:45
"I am sure Steve Clarke and Laudrap for example would gladly swap their squads for ours! A squad inc our back 5 Stevie G, Lucas, Downing, Carroll, Suarez- all experienced internationals expect Enrique at the back! Plus we got a wealth of youngsters coming through. I see this as a dream oppurtunity and certainly not a mess. "
16th Feb 2013 14:46
"If BR's hands where tied with Dirk, Maxi and Bellers why didn't he replace them? Or why did he weaken us even further by getting rid of our £35m striker on loan? Most clubs in Prem would swap their squads for ours current top 5 apart. MESS! What mess? "
16th Feb 2013 14:46
"If BR's hands where tied with Dirk, Maxi and Bellers why didn't he replace them? Or why did he weaken us even further by getting rid of our £35m striker on loan? Most clubs in Prem would swap their squads for ours current top 5 apart. MESS! What mess? "
16th Feb 2013 14:46
"No it was a case of FSG being deluded and thinking we can rid of so many key players and not re-invest or BR for not demanding replacements and having faith in far from polished youth prospects. "
16th Feb 2013 15:08
"My work is done- Said what I wanted to say. Sorry for the long essays. Not commented lately (blocked again) this time no idea why? But couldn't be bothered starting another account and posting as I feel the main contributers on here are more concerned about being proved right than actually discussing the real facts. "
16th Feb 2013 15:09
"We can all change our views, doesn't make you a hypocrite if you support BR one week and want him sacked the next.!We are not in one camp or another, a super supporter or proclaim to be brighter than the majority of supporters who don't share the same views. This is about LFC and not trying to boost your ego from behind a keyboard. Peace brothers and sisters x"
16th Feb 2013 15:10
"I think it`s fair to say that more transfer options will be available to the manager in the summer and the owners will get better value then too. Carroll never really represented good value, and I can only think that Maxi, Kuyt etc. didn`t really represent value in terms of their wages either. "
16th Feb 2013 15:17
"A fairer assessment of Brendan`s performance can only be given once he has shaped his team how he wants it with the personnel that he wants. The same could have been said of Kenny last year, but he was probably given freer reign with the owners finances, so a fuller assessment could be given."
16th Feb 2013 15:23
"If Brendan is given a sizeable transfer kitty, I just hope he spends it on players in the mould of Sturridge rather than that of Allen. To me we seem to be getting knocked about by hoofball teams as it is, seemingly coming out second best in a lot of high challenges. Also taller players might allow us to mount aerial threats ourselves."
16th Feb 2013 15:34
"81-82-83-84- Defo my last comment haha. I see your point and see how we can take a lot from the fact that we have reduced the wage bill and bought players who we should make profit on or at least not make such a drastic loss as in Carroll's case! "
16th Feb 2013 15:34
"But it has made us all aware that we are no longer a big club in terms of competing for the best and owners who give a guy (KD) whom they brought in on a temporary basis money, yet when they get their man (BR), they give him naf all! "
16th Feb 2013 15:35
"The overall net spend doesn't really scream ambitious owners. I am sure we are the only supporters in the Prem who go on about FFP. Other fans are either not aware or know there will be loop-holes to exploit. We have been brain-washed in that respect and use balance sheets and profits and loss as a key indicator to success. "
16th Feb 2013 15:36
"Let's dismiss all domestic cups. Never hear fans of others clubs say that unless your a promoted side or Wigan. Many of our fans just accept and excuse"
16th Feb 2013 15:50
"Yes you appreciate that he left and now its swansea who have progressed and Liverpool who have gone backwards. We were in the league cup final last yr and above Swansea in the league. Now its the other way around. "
16th Feb 2013 17:12
"Obviously, the jury`s still out on the owners too. Initially, they seemed willing to spend, so hopefully Brendan will be given a fair crack of the whip with his dealings in the summer. Otherwise, we will only have been allowed a glimpse of what he truly envisaged for the team."
16th Feb 2013 19:13
"I too shouted when we lost 2 matches against west brom & zenit. But BR is still the right man to lead us and he will get a contract extension at the end of next season for sure..."
16th Feb 2013 19:48
"Beating them on passes is interesting! An absolutely vital win is needed-come on!"
17th Feb 2013 0:54
"Interesting to hear Ross the Swans fan say he rates Leon Britton highly , Britton is smaller than Allen , yet they played well together . Allen for me has been very disapointing cannot work out why he is so poor."
17th Feb 2013 8:31
"Yes Brendan left Swansea so they could achieve better thing's and they certainly are now he's gone. Shame we got him"