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What's the hoo-ha about his return? This is a club of 11 first players, and well deserved starters. If JA starts, then God Bless you.
15th Feb 2013 15:53
15th Feb 2013 15:56
"SingKop BR will keep playing Joe Allen but has no room for Assaidi to show off his talent. I just hope we get to see him on Sunday"
15th Feb 2013 15:57
"Clearly on the evidence of his performance to date there is quite a good deal of hoo-ha about his return. The last two games we have failed to score he has not played. That said I think the point you are trying to make SingKop is that we should not be realiant on any one player. "
Champions Of Europe
15th Feb 2013 16:00
"Clean bill of health for the team - great! Fantastiv to see you return to action Daniel, time for you to show us again why we need a clinical striker to accompany the good buil-up play. Would also be good to see Coutinho get a full debut as I don't think we have anything to lose now. Play well on Sunday guys - YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 16:06
"Joe Allen plays good, I still don't know why people don't like him.. he's class.. MOTM twice in the beginning of the season.. Go and sell him.. in your football manager game in PS3"
15th Feb 2013 16:07
"Need to score ton of goals to get confidence restored, both players and fans! We need to start taking easy chances!! YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 16:08
"SingKop with a nonsense comment AGAIN"
Ben #JFT96
15th Feb 2013 16:10
"WHEN Joe Allen starts we will lose 3-1 AGAIN to a "weaker" side who play 1000x better than us FACT!! Gulasci Johnson, Agger, Carragher, Enrique Assaidi, Lucas, Gerrard, Sterling Suarez & Sturridge - might have a shot at winning but still don't see it... Dark times"
15th Feb 2013 16:11
"Well said BigDaddy1990!!"
15th Feb 2013 16:12
"Glad DS is back, he has been a massive loss.He has only been here a short while but makes such a difference,so much so that I think we will beat Swansea where as without him, not so sure."
15th Feb 2013 16:13
""PROGRESS" means doing better than the previous year. Won the league cup and FA cup final and competed for 4th 3/4s of the season, we're now out of both cups and the europa league in literally the first round and didn't compete for 4th or even top 6 ONCE all season. NO PASSION AT ANFIELD, THE MAN IS PASSIONLESS AND RUINING OUR FOOTBALL CLUB, BR OUT "
15th Feb 2013 16:22
"Glad to hear DS is back in the side, think he adds that something that was missing in Russia and WBA. Like to see Coutinho get a runout, Assaidi-need to see him in the Prem to see if he should be kept. RS's form has dipped so maybe rest him."
15th Feb 2013 16:29
"Do any real supporters want Rogers out? If we get rid of him I'm done as a fan. The guy is 40 and has great ability as a manager. Anyone who can't see that needs to go support Chelsea."
15th Feb 2013 16:32
"Maybe we will get some one to run with Suarez now..........."
15th Feb 2013 16:36
"I'm going to be honest I'd rather have Andy Carol in my team instead of Borini. At least it gives the opposition something to think about. Big mistake from BR. Oldham, Arsenal, City, West Brom & Zenit would have had something to think about even if Carroll came on for 10 mins in each game. Stick you philosophy up your ........"
15th Feb 2013 16:37
"no success due to too many inexperienced players coming through at the same time. a maximum of 2 on the pitch, the other 9 full of experience and on form.we play shelvey up front not his position, he tried his best.BR obviously had no faith in Borini. our problems must be sorted in the summer"
15th Feb 2013 16:38
"I don't mind keeping Borini and Allen if we have a manager who knows how to IMPROVE players. His tactics are already stale. Passing between our own defence and giving the ball away causing problems for ourself all the time. Just hope Anfield is rocking for the return leg to save your job BR!! KK or Rafa In. We need someone who cares for LFC"
15th Feb 2013 16:39
"We never competed for 4th last season and we still played like crap. This season we have at least played a couple of good games. The big problem is lack of quality in the squad - simple as that! "
15th Feb 2013 16:39
"I like the way BR wants us to play, but I get nervous when he get carried away over Shelvey and Henderson. Maybe he doesn't know what is needed a the highest level....? But I am still behind the team and with DS back, we are about 40% stronger. YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 16:40
"We haven't even had a single game where we can see BRs 'magic'. He got 50 million to spend this year and has delivered nothing. If he gets sacked he won't get 50 million for the rest of his career!! "
15th Feb 2013 16:43
"Here is a possible choice of managers to be interviewed by FSG....please make the candidates bring CVs or trophys with them.(kindly eat humble pie with your tea/coffee during the process) 1-RAFA 2-KK 3-MOYES 4-Mourinho!! (LOL)"
15th Feb 2013 16:50
"Last year we reached 2 finals and tbh it was enjoyable even if the league was crap. We beat good teams to get to those finals. This year we have gotten knocked out by low division clubs and swans at home. LFC is a laughing stock. We haven't beaten a team in the PL top 10. No more ifs and buts please. Lets stop relying on players it's too much pressure for them. "
15th Feb 2013 16:51
"People are impatient! Joe Allen will take time to develop! He is only 22, by the way! You'll have to give him time. Remember how long it took for people to begin to love Lucas? Everyone in their right mind knew that this season will be geared towards rebuilding! YNWA!"
15th Feb 2013 16:53
"When I saw the LFC tv program and how uninspiring the team talks were I knew BR isn't the main man. He came across corny. After reading about his son recently I am 100% sure he isn't LFC material. Who is predicting a win against the swans?! It's at home. "
15th Feb 2013 16:55
"Also BR commenting about 6-12 months eradicating defensive mistakes. Someone needs to remind him that the two centre backs and the goal keeper have played in European cup finals so they know how to eradicate mistakes well. BR just doesn't have a clue what tactics are. The Barca way doesn't work come up with something original please!!"
15th Feb 2013 16:58
"I don't even have a problem with any signings made by KK or BR we need a manager who knows how to IMPROVE players and give CONFIDENCE to players. If the manager doesnt know how to work with what they have they should go. Hence BR needs to resign. It's embarrasing. "
15th Feb 2013 17:28
"Swansea are now a better footballing side than us they sold their deadwood to us and bought quality."
15th Feb 2013 17:31
"play Aggar and Skirtle against swansea, Michu has pace and very deadly, "
15th Feb 2013 17:56
15th Feb 2013 18:06
""This is the now generation". No truer expression/lyric better eptimises to many of our followers. We all want success but are not prepared to wait."
15th Feb 2013 18:24
15th Feb 2013 18:57
"Well Assaidi cant get a run because Downing is in the form of his life! Phenominal strike rate in two years for 20mil!"
15th Feb 2013 19:24
"Get well soon Danny Sturridge! I wish you will have a starting berth next Sunday! YNWA DS"
15th Feb 2013 19:28
"I am glad Sturridge is back on sunday as he is the only real goal getting in the team and we should win.But on the other hand if Brendan plays Joe Allen it will be a hard game 4 use 2 win as he his no way near being a Liverpool player"
Big Az
15th Feb 2013 19:51
"Honestly I still bliv in BR,bt d likes of Borini shuld play in d reserves till he is up to speed.sup wit Assaidi? YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 20:34
"SuarezLFC-No real fan does want BR out. He has had part of one season and has improved the team immensely. We now are younger, with more talent and are just not getting results. Progress is not just in wins and trophies. We will see this progress in the next seasons. YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 21:20
"I believe that BR is doing a great job. See how much dominative football we play now . Just look at the matches KK managed and BR managed . See the difference . We are becoming Stronger . Its the fact That We Are Not Lucky . We play well . Create Chances . Dominate The Game but Cannot Score . And What Is The Managers Fault In It? huh? YNWA BR . RED Till I Die"
Mr Ostrich
15th Feb 2013 21:26
"Will you plastic supporters stop. You are turning us into another Chelsea. You pipe down when we win but the moment we have a bad spot, regardless of how many, you rant and rave. Get a grip and support the team, especially the manager. Show the support we did during the Benitez era. Back the manager, blame the owners!"
15th Feb 2013 21:47
"Assaidi is a very attack minded player. Every time he gets the ball he looks to beat a player and either score a goal or create a chance for a team mate. He rarely passes the ball backwards or sideways and is exciting to other words he has no chance of playing for Brendan Rodgers!!!!"
15th Feb 2013 22:02
"borini and allen are poo, please sell these waste of spaces. thankyou "
15th Feb 2013 22:18
"Lets not be deluded here, Hendo and Downing have improved but to be honest, they are performance is still not good enough to play in any of the top 5 teams, but to be in the top 4 you need that kind of players, the right tool for the right job."
15th Feb 2013 22:45
"After recent performances,i have lost some faith in BR and his players.After the injury to DS,we have totally failed to adapt to his absence,suarez has been poor,looks like he is lacking confidence.but its not just him,skrtle has been awful,far to many errors for my liking."
15th Feb 2013 23:36
"Good news!"
16th Feb 2013 0:48
"Personally I think the last 2 games haven proven that we lack strength and variety in depth. Sturridge in the team completely changes our dynamic, and without him we have reverted to tons of possession and no clinical finishing. Give it time."
16th Feb 2013 0:51
"Also, I have to say that the atmosphere at Anfield is flat, nothing like it used to be. Celtic showed how it should be done. Have we all become afraid to sing our hearts out or chant the lights out???"
16th Feb 2013 2:53
"no matter who starts, all our players are capable of winning only if they are focused and serious..Also BR must know the form of the players this week to give them the chance..Like Gerrad with wesbrom was unbelievable..he shouldn't be there instead he should have given rest!"
16th Feb 2013 3:36
"If anyone here really believe the club going in the right direction under BR just write "Thumbs Up""
16th Feb 2013 3:59
"BR Out.............."
16th Feb 2013 4:04
"BR Out.............."
16th Feb 2013 4:39
"BigDaddy & JimmyMac, you both are just clowns. So many years this has been the problem with us. Why are we always reliant on a single player? Why can't other team players contribute normally? Look at the not too long team that we had Gary Mac, Berger, Risse, Hyypia, Smicer, Heskey, Owen, the GOD..... and they play with their heart."
16th Feb 2013 7:44
"Obviously it is all Joe Allen's fault that we don't take our chances, All Joe Allen's fault that we get caught on the break. Still our most successful passer of the ball with over 90% even with the fact that he admits he is not at his best. Get off his back and maybe he will get some confidence back"
16th Feb 2013 7:46
"Thumbs Up"
16th Feb 2013 9:00
"BR is doing the right things. He is human so not gonna be perfect but he is moving the team in the right direction. I agree Anfield sounds dead when i watch i Live in RSA and would die to watch a live game I would scream My lungs out! Lets scream the opposition off the pitch!!! COMON ANFIELD YNWA"
16th Feb 2013 9:01
"Liverpool like it or not are a Work In Progress team currently or to coin a football cliche in "transition". Club needs stability and replacing Brendan is not the answer."
16th Feb 2013 12:56
"There is no point playing Cutinho along with Henderson & Downing.These two clearly are the weakest links.His style can only be in congruent with the likes of Suso.And in defense Skrtel must be reinstated as he can play by far better football than Carra."
16th Feb 2013 16:22
"Why would you give Cotinho a full start now? If you have the guts to play Sturridge then you could give Cotinho 30 min if things go well. I really think we need to field the strongest 11 we possibly can and Cotinho is not ready. "
16th Feb 2013 16:34
"Brendan had problems for 5 months against strong defensive sides because he didnt have the right options in attack, then with 3 other options he fields a lineup that he could not use for 5 months and doesnt utilise his attacking options that work against WBA and what happens... he loses to them like a pathetic little girl!! Its like he doesnt know why he started winning"
16th Feb 2013 18:18
"back line please you know how these small teams play 11 defenders and than counter attack. please back Reina"
16th Feb 2013 21:28
"Hoo ha is he's one player that has been on form we have 2 proven genuine match winners in Gerrard and Suarez. Its early days for Sturridge but he is proving himself to be a match winner for us. I hope Brendan gives Coutinho a run out so we can see him in action come on lads lets turn this around defensively we need to focus and stay concentrated we are making silly errors"
17th Feb 2013 21:17
"That's the hoo-ha SingKop and long may it continue."