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Deeply Agonising. Another cup slips out of our hands. What else I can say.YNWA.
14th Feb 2013 18:51
14th Feb 2013 18:51
"A joke"
14th Feb 2013 18:54
"Let's hope for a good match a week later! Still we can progress"
14th Feb 2013 18:56
"So bad"
14th Feb 2013 18:58
"pathetic... "
14th Feb 2013 18:58
"Who wants to see photos of us gettin beat ? Idiots"
14th Feb 2013 19:00
"sweet photos to doent our embarrasment.. for ya'll sake block comments like ya'll used to when kenny had us in a mess"
14th Feb 2013 19:03
""The record is getting stuck. The same old story.We play brilliant but just cannot score then the oppostion have one crack at goal and it's all over. ""
14th Feb 2013 19:03
"I am starting it... Brendan Out"
14th Feb 2013 19:04
"Are we playing with less men or only a few played out of 11 ? Totally outnumbered. . . . "
14th Feb 2013 19:08
"thank you BR waiting for another dissaipontment on sunday"
14th Feb 2013 19:09
"Even playing bad LFC could have won, bad night for Suarez... anyway, i guess we can progress the next week YNWA"
14th Feb 2013 19:09
"our team are kidding and betraying all our supporters who have watched our beloved club play a shameful performance away from home in Europe, without hearth and with just a little play, sincerely, what a crap! It's february and practically we are practically out of any competition, congratulations!!"
14th Feb 2013 19:10
"clearly some players didn't take their chances tonight... raheem wasnt at his best, martin was known to be more focused, joe... where to start... he needs to step up, and luis cmon bro 1... 2... 3... 4... chances, we need more clinical finihes clearly"
14th Feb 2013 19:14
14th Feb 2013 19:15
"Did someone notice that any of liverpool defenders have made tackels? Against west bromwich, it was the same thing?"
14th Feb 2013 19:17
14th Feb 2013 19:18
"Great reaction! A loss! You still shouting your players dinner? I didnt expect us to win anyway. Hahaha..."
14th Feb 2013 19:19
"does someone agree that lfc was best under Rafa."
14th Feb 2013 19:20
"If we not carefull, Swansea might humiliate us at Anfield like West Brom did!! "
14th Feb 2013 19:27
"Magnificent strike from the hulk.Wish we had him."
14th Feb 2013 19:27
"Who writes the headlines? They never slipped they never even stood up and played. A better headline... No smiles to be seen as the Reds are all but dumped out of Europe!"
14th Feb 2013 19:29
"BR is grossly incapable to handle a team like LFC. He is too young to handle this team. How on earth can he not bench that wasteful Suarez? You cannot be wasting chances in Sir Alex Ferguson's team like that"
14th Feb 2013 19:32
"Fans, lets get Brendan, his coaching sta and the players he brought along out of Liverpool. Sack Brendan."
14th Feb 2013 19:32
"Why on earth was Lucas on the bench especially with the dangers Zenith have? Our defence is a shambles. I think Brendan is out of his depth..we really need to sort out this mess now, its embarrasing stuff"
14th Feb 2013 19:34
"I really don't know what to say... I guess It's time I stopped watching the games and PRAY!!!"
14th Feb 2013 19:34
"I really don't know what to say... I guess It's time I stopped watching the games and PRAY!!!"
14th Feb 2013 19:36
"this team is done.they are ready to lie down and call it a day.Body lang after first goal said it all.2nd goal was only matter of time.When we concede 1 the floodgates open.this is one instance where throwing money at the problem is the right solution.we need more hulks and that calibre player.I love the downings, hendos,sterlings but they are not going to win us jack"
14th Feb 2013 19:37
"Was not a slip. Just a complete capitulation. Can't just say it was good but we were unlucky anymore. They owe the fans more than that crud show. EMBARRASSING. YNWA "
14th Feb 2013 19:39
"edged out, slipped up are u kidding me? There is a huge flaw in this team hodgson, kk and now br cannot fix.FSG CAN BUT THEY HAVE TO SPEND BIG and since they wont there is nowhere left for this team to go. I love BR but i bet he will say its all there to be played in the 2nd leg.If this was the old LFC yes, but this team no way. We are out of europe as well. Bet the farm on that."
14th Feb 2013 19:40
"Certainly Agree with you. Rafa is our BEST Manager in modern time.I had long to see him on the helm."
14th Feb 2013 19:41
"brendan your time is running out mate. all your bulls#it talks and excuses are not gonna work anymore. kenny daglish (after lfc suffered serious team management) still managed carling cup and fa cup finalist. brendan, better find a new job mate... the number of fans supportin you will dwindle to just a handfull (maybe). miss the old dominatin lfc of 80's. ynwa"
14th Feb 2013 19:41
"why cant suarez hit the broadside of a barn but he can score amazing goals? What is the damn point anymore arg......ARGGGGGG"
14th Feb 2013 19:42
"Phanjoo dab- yes agreed that Lfc was at its best during Rafa Era."
14th Feb 2013 19:46
14th Feb 2013 19:46
"Brendan has just stated that he thought Zenit looked tired in the last 30 minutes of the game because they hadn't played for two months, good job otherwise they might of scored five rather than two goals?"
Mr Ostrich
14th Feb 2013 19:49
"I'm not going to blow this out of proportion by saying we were really poor because to be honest, for the first hour we were decent. Suarez's finishing was poor and he should have had a hat-trick. However, we crumbled at the end but it is only half time so wait till after the 2nd leg to rant and rave, IF we lose."
14th Feb 2013 19:52
"Some response "
14th Feb 2013 19:54
"As expected."
14th Feb 2013 19:56
"Only our history makes us a great club, with this current group of players we are not a top 6 team to be frank. I'm not gonna watch the swansea game cos I don't wanna see my team lose 3 on a row, gonna check the result on wednesday though... No wonder haters are calling us loserpool... Gutted!!!!!!"
14th Feb 2013 19:58
"FSG sacked Kenny who got us into the Europa. FSG sacked Kenny for getting us into the Europa. FSG hired Rodgers. This is FSG's fault. THIS IS THE REALITY OF FSG'S "VISION". FSG OUT. SELL UP OVER SUMMER."
14th Feb 2013 19:58
"Was lucas hurt?Why was br starting sterling?Good grief what is brendon doing?I love the man but what is his gameplan?FK the going for wins brendon, just get the damn draws.How about instead of playing well and losing we play bad and get a few results can you wrap your head around that thought PLEASE "
14th Feb 2013 20:02
"I know you are a rookie Brendan,so here is a tip for you. When you appear on TV, make sure you wear a shirt which sports the logo of a sponsor. It's what they pay us millions for. Don't advertise a company that don't even pay us. Got it? Unbelievable. Total Amateur."
14th Feb 2013 20:03
"There is still the 2nd leg 2 go and we can still get through but if we don't there is still next season we r playing the best football 4 the last 2 season we r getting better under BR YNWA"
14th Feb 2013 20:05
"no phanjoo...LFC were best under king kenny in the 80s Where we thrashed every team that stepped across us onto the turf. KK should have had more time.He earned it by getting us to fa and europa and also for the legend that he is.FSG ARE STUPID BUNGLERS.AND IM AMERICAN!"
14th Feb 2013 20:15
"Why show us these photos and remind us how we should have won but once again proved to have the most wasteful players in Europe"
14th Feb 2013 20:17
"Brendan is b*llocks..ALL talk and thats all. Just watched Rafa make an effective subsute with Oscar who went on to score and win the game for chelsea. Brendan has no freaking sense of football..just a money making business man in the world of football!"
14th Feb 2013 20:25
"We still have 2nd leg, come on get behind the team!"
14th Feb 2013 20:36
"I think the only reason br got this job was because he agreed to tow fsg''s line.KK was too hot too handle for them but thats exactly what this club needs...A FIREBRAND like keeny, the only man in europe who can put the frighteners into sir alex fking ferguson."
14th Feb 2013 20:40
"Slip to defeat? We've been slipping all season. "Reds maintain consistent downward form" would have been a more accurate report.Apart from the odd win against Norwich and a draw against Man City and Arsenal, I can't think of one memorable match. It's woeful."
14th Feb 2013 20:47
"hopeless manager OUT!!! we've become the whipping boys, get RAFA back."
14th Feb 2013 21:31
"Gutless,clueless lightweights who couldn't hit the side of a barn!! "
14th Feb 2013 21:38
"I said all along Kenny needed a better backroom coaching team, Pako Ayesteran should have been brought in as his number 2, now we'll never know what might have been. FSG just do not know the game."
14th Feb 2013 23:29
"This summer either Reina out or be 2nd choice! Sterling and Downing should be sold as well, totally unproductive! "
14th Feb 2013 23:34
"Keep fighting guys. We're with ya. It has been a series of our hardest seasons for the past 3-4 years. Keep fighting and success will soon reveal itself. YNWA!"
14th Feb 2013 23:41
"Sad to see the fans turn their back on brendan and co. ... especially as we still have a chance to go through."
15th Feb 2013 0:09
""Magnificent strike from the hulk.Wish we had him." Hulk only looked good for that goal because Skrtel did not close him down when he ran with the ball into the penalty area. We can do better than Hulk."
15th Feb 2013 4:17
"I love this club and have done so for many years. But I fear for its future ability to challenge for honours unless something changes. BR,s comments, this site, the players comments, it's all great but the fact is we don't perform we'll enough. Players and staff are not doing what it takes to elevate this club back to the top. And Sir Alex is quietly laughing!"
15th Feb 2013 4:17
"I love this club and have done so for many years. But I fear for its future ability to challenge for honours unless something changes. BR,s comments, this site, the players comments, it's all great but the fact is we don't perform we'll enough. Players and staff are not doing what it takes to elevate this club back to the top. And Sir Alex is quietly laughing!"
15th Feb 2013 5:07
"Only 5 Players Playing 50% Carragher (Otherwise it would have been 5-0 10% Glen Johnson (For the chance he created alone and had a good try) 10% Enrique (For constantly winning the possesion for us) 10% Reina (For few brilliant saves) 10% Suarez (For missing 2 sitters) Rest every 1 was enjoying the snow and the atmoshphere "
15th Feb 2013 5:24
"Please SACK Rodgers? He's another Roy Hodgson in disguise!! I mean come on? On this current showing yeah DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE WE'RE GONNA WIN AT ANFIELD & GET THE GOALS WE NEED IN 2ND LEG!! Somehow i've lost time & patience i do not think so under Brendan Rodgers... The time is now SACK RODGERS he ain't cut the mustard at Liverpool he NEVER WILL. "
15th Feb 2013 5:27
"King Kenny should NEVER of been sacked nor should his assistant Steve Clarke either.. All because he backed up his player Suarez the Americans ran the gauntlet & sacked him? BIG MISTAKE!! Dalglish knows Liverpool Rodgers does not know how to manage a club as massive as Liverpool? "
15th Feb 2013 6:39
"Reina should be in the bench the next game, JC and Enrique should not start as well! What a waste...."
15th Feb 2013 6:49
"No more tiky taky!"
15th Feb 2013 7:14
"Not one BR signing (bar DS) is of Liverpool standard. Rather spend 20 Mill on 1 world class player than 30 Mill on 3 average players. I also think some of our youngsters are seriously overrated ( no names necessary - they know who they are) Amazing, once they sign lucrative contacts, their desire and passion for football and the club disappear. "
15th Feb 2013 8:02
"guys the earlier Rodgers goes ,the better it is for our beloved club Rodgers out Rafa in"
SGM 73
15th Feb 2013 8:16
"So glad FSG listened to chumps like Buddha, Lonewar and their fellow idiots and fired Kenny.. Last yearwith KD and his so called 'misfits': 2 finals and european footie. This year, according to the muppets, we've got the new Shanks, new Xavi, but yet we're out of all competitions?! So who was wrong? Ding! yes Buddha and his cronies.."