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Rather than trying to lure those promising foreign youngstes, would not it be better get worth and get make the grade to the bunch of young lads we have in our Academy? They are 18 - 19 years old as Icardi, their names are Smith, Ibe, Peterson, Siclair! What's your point?
14th Feb 2013 14:26
14th Feb 2013 15:01
"I tink we should do something about the 18-20 year old players that we have. Ngoo has shown us that we never gav him chance, Ince is also proving us wrong. Why spend millions on something you have but can't see"
Bib l f c
14th Feb 2013 17:38
"I think we have enough quality youngsters in our ranks, the next window we should spend what money is available on 2 or 3 quality players. Missed a trick with snijder in the last window Should now be doing everything possible to get ALONSO back and a centre back and striker."
14th Feb 2013 22:34
"we need experience players now as we have enough young guns.maybe 28-30.look what rvb is doing at manua and hes 30 this year.its worth a try as everything else we,v tried has failed so far."
15th Feb 2013 0:02
""Rather than trying to lure those promising foreign youngstes, would not it be better get worth and get make the grade to the bunch of young lads we have in our Academy?" The ones in the Academy might not make it and the others found from abroad might mature on to great things. "
15th Feb 2013 13:00
"LFC's scouting team needs complete overhauling. av dey ever mentn osvaldo or soldado? these are guys we can get for 18-22m, rather than geting borini and coutinho for a combined 23m"
15th Feb 2013 13:58
15th Feb 2013 15:15
"I agree. Big mistake was showing Kuyt, Maxi, Bellars the door and putting inexperienced boys in their place. Don't waste cash on buying more boys, even Coutinho looks too lightweight for this league. Get seasoned players like Turan in the summer."
15th Feb 2013 22:25
"If we dnt get the lad and he turns out to be the next messi u will all criticise rogers again. No manager can make some of our fans happy. Besides dont get strung up over speculation probably wnt come to anything . Ynwa "
16th Feb 2013 10:08
"I am not one for sacking managers only a few months into the season but seen as our owners were not happy with king kenny last year ( 2 cup finals)and no champions league football are we not in a worse position this year,this time last year we were 7th in league and only 4 points off champions league football now were 12 points off it,are we really improving or are we going backwards??????"
17th Feb 2013 11:48
"it took fergie 5 yrs to turn man utd around to the way he wanted them to play and win trophies so why are some of you asking to sack rodgers when the system he wants us to play will eventualy bring fruition just have a bit of patience rome wasnt built in a day"
17th Feb 2013 11:51
"if it states hes going to inter why bother linking him with any other club waste of media space"
17th Feb 2013 12:22
"The team Brendon's playing is not to bad , by far Johnson , Agger skirtel Enrique best back 4 no need for new players as Kelly , Robinson , Flanagan r still there . Brendon's no more excuses for your bad system , this is Liverpool do the right thing , plz "
17th Feb 2013 13:12
"LFC players are all superb. The only problem we had is inexperience manager. This team must bring in TOP, QUALITY, and PROVEN manager no this manager. When LFC drew with MC, Rodgers think he was the one who got the credit and felt like at the top of the mountain.... Weeks after lost all matches, he kept quite... "
17th Feb 2013 18:50
"medel.lin, BR is good enough to bring glory days back to Liverpool, he just needs time and some quality players, after DS joined we won most of our games, so keep faith and support, and if you can't do that go and support another team."
18th Feb 2013 7:22
"for the godsake try to buy good ball winners in DM and CD...forget about the attacking option until we sort our seems we all look like the team to concede even if they didn't too much respect for the opposition instead of getting the ball back.."
18th Feb 2013 12:56
"There's rumours that BR want to sell Hendo/Downing/Skrtel/Reina/Jose a others in the summer to fund new signings,I hope it only is rumours cus it will be a big mistake in my book.Get rid of Coates/Carroll/Allen/Spearing=25-30m then buy Biglia,Mertens and a good backup defender Skrtel will come good if he plays,Hendo is young and doing well Downing will be good sub and add depth to the squad"
18th Feb 2013 18:27
"Rosso76 I think those players need a bit more time to develop physically and technically. "
19th Feb 2013 9:28
"urabus: Exactly you guys need to have some patience it will eventually bring us trophies and Chl, you cant expect Rodgers to work miracles it takes a bit of time but it will be worth the wait, I personally thinks he has shown signs of what is to come, and its good! IN RODGERS WE TRUST YNWA"
22nd Feb 2013 12:55
"we only needs three player... hummels , machrisio , neymar..."
22nd Feb 2013 14:58
"None of those youngsters are ready yet, we need experience. We're currently lacking in that respect, we need rugged ruthless no nonsense players in the Sami Hyypia, Jamie Carragher, Didi Hamann mould."