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Forget about wingers and sort out our defence. Top quality centre backs need now that Carra is retirning and Skertel leaving
13th Feb 2013 17:12
13th Feb 2013 17:16
"forget it"
13th Feb 2013 17:24
"for that price let's look at better options! Turan, Mertens, Lamela, Son, Inui, Honda are for sure more proven on certain stages and have a similar transfer fee!"
13th Feb 2013 19:05
"getting sack soon still thinking of buying players. what a joke.... lol"
13th Feb 2013 19:46
"We need a keeper who actually stops the ball from going into the nets even my mate who doesn't follow liverpool agrees new keeper pleeeeaase"
14th Feb 2013 10:16
"forget about signing new players we need to think about new manager"
14th Feb 2013 10:41
"i read that we wanted to take him on loan and maybe with an option to by? but Dynamo refused"
14th Feb 2013 11:09
"dont need anymore avarage players. Go for: Marc Andre ter stegen, Kurt Zouma, Gotze, Leando Damiao or Gomez, Hummels, Marco Reus, a new left back and a strong defensive midfielder. We should have bought Moussa Sissoko :-( "
14th Feb 2013 11:59
"Never heard Martin Skrtel is leaving, where lies our defence. If true, it is a matter of national importance YNWA "
14th Feb 2013 15:03
"Please BR sort our defensive problems by getting top quality DM or looking into the reserve."
14th Feb 2013 16:13
"he's a quality winger... free kick specialist go get him rodgers !! it'll strengthen our squad for sure"
14th Feb 2013 19:30
"He's the same type of player as downing good pace good cross, think we should just play downing instead of getting dzudszak. We also don't have anyone who can convert a cross into a goal."
15th Feb 2013 12:21
"stop blame the manager. get samba if qpr relegate,another striker and the players to have pace and put pressure to the oppenents and not to walk on the pitch. "
15th Feb 2013 14:39
"Skertel leaving??? He just signed a new contract you fool. Stop blaming the gaffer there are 11 players on that pitch that all know how to play football. Think they need to take a look at themselves in the mirror sometimes. Agreed we do need a couple of defenders with carra leaving someone to support or back four of Johnson,agger,skertel,Enrique. Another striker yes. "
16th Feb 2013 4:07
"get toby alderweireld or howedes.pls no more players from swansea.esp williams. lots of options to try in the summer. kroos,herrmann,susaeta,martens,szalai,kiessling,rhodes."
16th Feb 2013 15:47
"Our defence and our keeper didnt all wake up one morning and decide to be bad players. They are being coached badly. Stop trying to play 5 a side in our own 18 yrd area. Tiki taka should be played at the other end of the pitch and let the defence do what they do best and what they were good at untill Rogers arrived."
17th Feb 2013 18:08
"Have to agree with REDSARGE Playing around in our own 18yd area is killing us use Gerrard as DM Suarez behind sturridge and another top striker then get cover for Carra, where is Kelly Tiki Taki is not working loads of possession no goals then lose in last 5 min thats the season so far. LFC YNWA "
18th Feb 2013 13:42
"I think that we do need another winger such as Dzsudzsak, although with Carra retiring at the end of the season I would like to see us looking at a center back"
19th Feb 2013 20:35
"To bad we didnt go 4 bastos, theres a player that could hav raised the bar of our mediocer now we can only hope that Turan will come.. that would be sweet Suarez,Sturridge,Turan"
20th Feb 2013 5:35
"kwakaman so let me get this right, you want Gerrard the most dangerous attacking midfielder this club has seen in decades and one of the most dangerous attacking midfielders in the world playing a defensive midfield role? You just don't have a clue do you. Stick to your FIFA 13 video game. "