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totally agree with Jan! Carra has all the attributes to become a top top manager, but I feel to give him a tip, please Carra, if you want to become a first team manager I suggest you to start as a Academy coach or a first team assistant firstly, ...
10th Feb 2013 9:43
10th Feb 2013 9:43
"... then I am sure after a couple of seasons of hard work you will be able to make the grade and pick the guide of a top flight team, who knows one day it can't be Liverpool Football Club?"
10th Feb 2013 9:45
"Time to re-creat the boot room. Mike marsh is already there, Carra is next. We can recreate shanks, paisley, Moran and Evans and build our platform for the next 20 years. "
10th Feb 2013 14:07
"Sign Carragher up as a coach please BR. Surely Carra could've lasted the next three years as a player-coach, but nothing will change his mind about that now."
11th Feb 2013 9:06
"Will definitely make a top managr. U can feel it in d guts."
11th Feb 2013 13:03
"LFC should have him in our backroom staff!"