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agree with Brendan! FFP is a wise measure in my opinion. We don't want to see nobody ruined and this is justly the way to follow YNWA
9th Feb 2013 10:03
9th Feb 2013 10:04
"It's a welcome rule in my eyes, hopefully you will no longer have players just moving for money reasons. Hopefully the young British players will be given more chances. Also the league might throw up some surprise champions rather than the one with the most money. I know we have spent a lot for 3 seasons but we should be better in next 3. "
9th Feb 2013 10:54
"well said Brendan, i also agree"
9th Feb 2013 10:56
"In the Prem. it is 2 clubs that depend entirely on on mega rich benefactors. Man City & Chelsea . Utd altho in debt are a world wide brand all the other clubs are more or less in the same boat . I fully agree with the new ruling. "
9th Feb 2013 11:17
"Funny I don't hear John Henry or his ilk calling for similar legislative restrictions in financial markets. Is baseball subject to such restrictions? "
9th Feb 2013 11:57
"Its funny how it seems acceptable to lose £104,999,999.99 over 3 years! "
9th Feb 2013 14:20
"From what i am reading this ffp will only make the gap between manure and the rest even bigger as they are streets ahead of everyone else in terms of making a profit"
9th Feb 2013 15:01
"'LDW'- Whoever you are, get out of your bungalow and go socialise with people. Much Appreciated ;)"
9th Feb 2013 16:27
"TBH FSG have improved the finances of the club and people are forgetting that, despite the perceived lack of investment in recent years. Lucrative sponsorship deals and no more debt (except the lease on Stanley Park), has put us on a firm financial footing to build on."
9th Feb 2013 16:47
"poorscousertommies: why do you make comments about something you have no idea about. There is not a salary cap in baseball like their is in all the other American sports. There is something called the "Luxury Tax". Where if a team spends more then a certain predetermined amount, the will get charged a tax by the league. "
9th Feb 2013 17:15
"So now those who doubted FSG intentions should surely realize that now football is a business and has to be run like a business they did the right thing in clearing debts, steadying the ship and making incremental investments in players. You cannot carry on with mega debts as a business and ignore it we are in a better place than previously "
9th Feb 2013 17:27
"I wish i could be as happy as Slooby and Annealred. I see Liverpool 26 points behind Man Utd. I Everton and now Swansea above Liverpool. Manchester is out of site Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal won. You can keep what FSG have done as for me they have done nothing! How much have you guys spent on tickets and the rest?"
9th Feb 2013 17:31
"I am just looking at Rangers Languishing in the 3rd tier of the SPL. Do we want the same for LFC if we are not finacially secure. A lot of teams in the premiership will be in trouble if and when the the new rules come into force. If The Russisn decides he has had enough of his toy Chelski where does it leave them? "
9th Feb 2013 17:31
"Tobehonest. I have spent a lot on tickets having been to every home game, all cup games and some youth games so yes I have given FSG quite lot of my well earned cash but Rome wasn't built in a day and patience is called for. I understand what yore saying but I cannot give up at this stage. It's not in my blood which is all red!!! yNWA"
9th Feb 2013 17:45
"Annealred who said anything about giving up red blood or even hope in your heart? Agreed Rome wasn't built in a day but Liverpool FC and those paying out their good money deserve better than the current position! Enjoy...."
9th Feb 2013 17:50
"Tobehonest. Agreed. Our position deffo needs to improve. I am not happy with that and even less happy with blue nose colleagues in work reminding me of that. I am hoping for a strong finish to the season and look forward to cotinbo playing on Monday if only for a short appearance. I agree sometimes when I look at our position it is difficult to accept. YNWA"
9th Feb 2013 17:54
"Anneallred YNWA! Now how about that Southampton are two nil up and the le is destined for OT! Where are we? "
9th Feb 2013 17:57
"I've got mancinis blue scarf on.!,! I only really wanted lambert (a red) to get his 100th goal and then was more than happy for city to win. Don't give up - were only half way through the first half! YNWA "
9th Feb 2013 18:08
"ToBeHonest The le sadly will go to Bacon face for another year but it just goes to show no matter how much money you spend on players like Man City and Chelski have the le is earnt by Hard graft and the right players which is what we are trying to do.Mistakes were made apart from Luis when FSG did spend the money earnt from the sale of Torres and Mireless.CONTD "
9th Feb 2013 18:10
"ToBeHonest. Man city 2 1. Watching this game. Which club has the big money??"
9th Feb 2013 18:13
"FSG got their fingures burnt in the previous Jan 2012 transfer window and weren't going to make the same mistake again. We now have the bases for a good squad with some additions this summer and we will actually challenge for the le and not 4th Spot.Money wisely spent and not on primadona players will see sustained sucsess and not just one season wonders(Man City)."
9th Feb 2013 18:18
"LFC1958. Agreed some wise purchases in the summer deffo. No prima donnas They cost more and sometimes offer little. As I said before the finances are sorted. Rome wasn't built in a day we now have the basis of a good future. Ston should have had a pen just now!!! YNWA"
Rushjob _
9th Feb 2013 19:44
"Shame about Yesil. Knee ligament injury. Out 6-9 months apparently. "
9th Feb 2013 20:01
"Rushjob9 When did this happen? Will be a real shame as we are trying to build and are getting bad injuries regularly."
Rushjob _
9th Feb 2013 20:16
"LFC1958- on international duty. Anterior Knee ligaments apparently :("
9th Feb 2013 20:23
"Wage limits- Whats to stop city/utd/chelsea paying an upfront fee to the player in lieu of actual wages? A signing-on fee thats twice what it should be for lower wages so they abide by the FFP? "
9th Feb 2013 20:25
"Do 'losses' include 'debt'(such as utds)? I'm going to take a punt and say 'no', which means with their profits FFP will be hugely benefical to them!"
9th Feb 2013 21:09
"Cant see it working as there will probably be loop holes as with any of these good intended ideas. "
9th Feb 2013 22:11
"If clubs are not going to accept these kind of rules, we will see many new Portsmouths and that is just unhealthy way of doing anything."
9th Feb 2013 22:57
"Does this mean we don't get an improved stadium now?"
10th Feb 2013 1:10
"FFP is a great idea, but implementing it how UEFA and the FA want to do it, will alienate smaller clubs ever being able to compete. This rule will only benefit the big clubs and make the divide from the top to the bottom even bigger. Plus if say a Reading were to get a sheikh mansour, it would not matter because there revenue would never allow them to buy from the top of the tree."
10th Feb 2013 8:55
"All we ask for is a level playing field where all clubs can compete with the same rules. FFP goes some way towards this."
10th Feb 2013 13:34
"Premier League cost controls - introduced to stop the television money being used to fund player wages - could lead to higher ticket prices. These curbs only apply to television income however, which has led to fears that clubs could raise ticket prices in order to fund increases in their wage bills. (BBC)"