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hope this guy has end product has silky skilss
9th Feb 2013 9:28
9th Feb 2013 9:38
"pls let's at least have a taste of him on monday and see what he can bring to the team"
9th Feb 2013 9:46
"I am so glad he has said that, it is what I have been saying over the last 7 many fans keeping asking why did we buy, Allen, Borini, sturridge and Courthino, its about competition for places... a rounded sqaud which forces players to step up a level if they want to play! Brilliant work by BR"
9th Feb 2013 9:48
"SO many fans have said just buy one world class player for the money, if he gets injured you are back to sqaure one... BRs way is much much better and it is showing! I hope a few pipe down over his signings now, he is doing a brilliant job, and I have told everone for ages what he is trying to do!!!"
9th Feb 2013 9:51
"Bring on Assaidi, please!!!!"
9th Feb 2013 9:56
"The way BR is managing Stevie G is fantastic... since when has stevie played every minute of every game by feb... he normally has a few minor injuries along the way each season. Great Stuff"
9th Feb 2013 11:08
"we have to give to Philippe the time to settle in the team and find the best fitness condition, talking about debut with the Red shirt looks to me a bit early at the moment. Anyway I hope he starts on working hard from the first minute he steps on the training pitch and foremost not having physical complications and injures. ..."
9th Feb 2013 11:09
"... Nonetheless, as BR says, we have to give huge credit to the two England internationals, Stevie and Glen, for the fantastic performance they are holding both with the Red shirt and that of England! Well done SG & GJ! YNWA"
9th Feb 2013 11:09
"Looking good, it's crucial that we don't put too much pressure on him though."
9th Feb 2013 11:16
"Keeper keeper keeper, why don't you read the riot act to him as you did Henderson and Dawning, there are no secret cows at Livers. We should have collected 6 points or at least 4."
Rushjob _
9th Feb 2013 11:36
"Good interview that-echoing most fans thoughts. "
9th Feb 2013 15:00
"Oh he has an end product, I wouldn't worry about that. What matters is if he has the confidence and vision to play in the team. We have the talent, now we just need the team to gel and work together going forward. You can see this starting to happen with how fluid our play has become. "
9th Feb 2013 15:13
"Asaidi must be injured our something other wise he would be getting game time.Maybe he is just not in BR s plans???"
ZEKY 24 24 24
9th Feb 2013 20:08
"I like countinho and I know he can add something big to the team,but lets give ASSAIDI some games to play,so that he gets so comited to the kind of game that BR wants the team to play."
ZEKY 24 24 24
9th Feb 2013 20:11
"All the best to the new signings,YNWA"
9th Feb 2013 22:04
"Signing this lad sends out two clear messages. ONE BR is looking for competition in every department. TWO by signing Couthinho he has become disenchanted or unimpressed by the performances of Suso, Assaidi and all those who flatter to deceive. I salute his willingness to give youth a chance but also love the fact that he is quick to drop poor performers "
9th Feb 2013 22:19
"We have to be patient with this lad, we have seen over the last few years that it can take time for young players arriving new into the country to adapt, take Lucas for example. Even some of the English lads have struggled to make an immediate impact take Henderson for example. "
Buckie LFC Supporter
9th Feb 2013 22:39
"Lonewar, I have to say, I don't think Allen, Borini have been much different to Hendo, Downing,AC & Adam last year. I have faith that next season we will see the best of Allen & Borini & probably Coutinho, but we have to stop over hyping them & let them grow into the team. "
Buckie LFC Supporter
9th Feb 2013 22:39
"We also over hype a lot of young players, Sterling, Shelvey, Suso & Wisdom have potential but that is it at the moment potential. Morgan is a prime example, people said he should be playing 1st team for us, yet he's not yet able to break into Rotherham 1st team! We are developing nicely but lets keep on feet on the ground"
10th Feb 2013 5:34
"I read a weird commentary somewhere that suggested it would be problematic for us to have choice in the various positions. Hasn't the difference between us and the top three teams in the league been that THEY had a top-drawer first 22 whilst we had a thread-bare first 11? Now, get in a camera-ready top striker, right-winger, attacking leftsided fullback, and defensive midfielder."
10th Feb 2013 8:56
"AllofRafasGems makes a valid point re how a negative spin seems to be put on so much of what we do by the press/media etc yet it is ok for Man Utd etc to have a squad of 25 that are literally "used" for Fergies pursuit of trophies. "
10th Feb 2013 8:57
"cont..Why is there never the disatisfaction at their club of a more than select few rarely playing, probably something to do with the cash that is being payed and the perceived glory of playing for them. Cannot emphasize enough the power the media have over the game."
10th Feb 2013 9:55
"I hope this guy doesn't turn out to be like lucas in his first season at liverpool. Or like other brazilians that have flopped in the Epl. Like Robinho, Baptista, Denilson, santos"
10th Feb 2013 10:02
"I really think Joe Allen should be loaned to the spanish side. There he would be able to learn the art of ball holding and accurate passing and drives into the box. "
11th Feb 2013 4:40
"A very skillful player! Can't wait for him to put his boots on, and set Anfield alight. LFC to win the league next season. YNWA"
11th Feb 2013 8:57
"Hope the guy settles soon! We're having one of the best team in the PL, we only need to find consitency and we'll be up there. Let get the next posible 32 points and where we'll. Keep going Red army."
11th Feb 2013 9:06
"THOMME, this is liverpool. We have a manager who can get the best out of him. Just look at Hendo, Down, Enrique and all our young players."
Dede 7
11th Feb 2013 18:16
"YNWA. a very promising young star."