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Very nice ! Johnson, Kelly, Wisdom = RB sorted. Now i really want to see Coady and Sama come up to the first team next year. Also a No 9 would be nice :)
8th Feb 2013 16:45
8th Feb 2013 17:19
"I think he should be played in the centre of defence just my opinion but playing as a sort of wing back he has picked up to many injuries due to runs down the right and over stretching. He does a good job on the right but to me he is a big commanding type player good in the air also ball at feet and is more suited to a central role. Great to see him sign a new contract versitile good defender."
8th Feb 2013 17:32
"great news he is a beast but whats up with his hair lol."
8th Feb 2013 17:42
8th Feb 2013 18:14
"My god Martin get a hair cut man you look like something outta the Grease movie mate.Great news on the contract.YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 18:14
"young,strong,here from 7 years of age.maybe carra knows we're in good hands as regards his successor."
8th Feb 2013 18:19
"with the hair-do(which shankley appears to be pointing at)maybe it's the type of player shankley thinks will frighten the life out of the oppositions front line."
8th Feb 2013 18:19
"with the hair-do(which shankley appears to be pointing at)maybe it's the type of player shankley thinks will frighten the life out of the oppositions front line."
8th Feb 2013 19:03
"what's with the hair Kelly? why so sleeked back?"
8th Feb 2013 19:05
"Very good pics! Very nice look! Now let's hope other youngsters will follow Martin's way and extend their contract with LFC! Understand Sama, Coady, Robbo and so on? YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 19:13
"Agree that if we use him well, Carra's successor is already at the club and with a half-century of appearances under his belt. Also agree that his barnet is awful. What I wanna know though is who's gaff is that? If it's Martin's, he's got a reassuring amount of Liverpool stuff on his walls. One club man in the making."
8th Feb 2013 19:26
"Kelly is very fit!!!!"
8th Feb 2013 19:46
"he's got the hairstyle of Al Pacino in Godher hehe :D"
8th Feb 2013 20:15
"I see in Martin Kelly the Scotish player Alan Hansen."
8th Feb 2013 20:18
"I agree that he must be moved into centre back. Wisdom n Kelly are the long term future at CB. Mcclaughlin looks like being exactly the type of rb for our system n smith n robbo complete a potentially very good future across the back line. Just need a keeper, Ter Stegen please fsg."
8th Feb 2013 20:21
"he is the right person to play the right back instead of Glen Johnson."
8th Feb 2013 21:20
"he will be england rb i say, if not cb for quite sometime..."
8th Feb 2013 21:28
"Great news. Good that so many of our lads are renewing their contracts with us. Shows their commitment to the club and the manager - and it means if they do decide to leave (God forbid) we will at least get a transfer fee for them! "
9th Feb 2013 0:13
"There's one player who's contract runs out in about 15 months who needs to sign up next... Don't want him going the same way as Carra. Come on Stevie G, put pen to paper lad! "
9th Feb 2013 4:14
"Well done Martin lad, you are our future,perhaps now that Carragher as finally called it a day ,you will get to play in your right ful position. You have the makings of a real legend. Local lad been here since he was seven , enough said ."
9th Feb 2013 4:18
"Scotty exactly my view ,he definitely tries to run quicker than he really is able, when out wide."
9th Feb 2013 6:13
"He looks like a young Tom Cruise. #YNWA"
9th Feb 2013 7:25
"Suddenly Kirkby has become the new 'Angleby'. Did anyone notice how many Kirkby graduates turned out for England's U21s midweek? We must jealously guard the quality of the coaching at Kirkby. Personally I'm worried about what the performances of the U18s in Qatar this past week suggests."