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YNWA Kelly! You have been missed. btw, excellent management skills Mr. BR! This team is bound to surprise everyone.
Kaushik Bose
9th Feb 2013 9:08
9th Feb 2013 9:13
" can't wait to see you back on the field we've had enough of wisdom"
9th Feb 2013 9:50
"No more contract negotiations in the media, please. This is cheap and unfair on the players."
9th Feb 2013 10:03
"Very good news "
9th Feb 2013 10:31
"Well said BR! Martin Kells is a huge and important part in our future, could become an asset very soon even given the next retirement of Carra within June. I really hope you won't miss to give some space to Martin as soon as he will come back available, after all we are still on two fronts to compete! I am sure 2013/14 will be Martin's season! YNWA Martin Kelly"
9th Feb 2013 11:03
"If I may have a second bite, I think that it is at left-back that we need to strengthen. Right fullback looks great, and centre-back is very promising (provided Sebastian Coates gets game time to develop). I would love to have Emiliano Insua back. But there is no harm in looking elsewhere; provided we bring in a mature fullback to help Luis Enrique."
9th Feb 2013 11:12
"good player "
Buckie LFC Supporter
9th Feb 2013 22:11
"best young player we have by a absolute mile! His desire to try & win by either scoring, putting a cross in, or just making a last ditch tackle this guy has the right atude! SG got a hat trick against Everton all because THIS GUY made a run into the box to assist the 1st goal, when we couldn't break them down. May have the odd off game but in truth is only negative is his injury problems!"