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Don't rush Daniel. We can beat west brom without you. Come back when you are 100 percent ready. YNWA
8th Feb 2013 14:50
8th Feb 2013 14:55
"didnt even know he was injured..."
8th Feb 2013 14:57
"I agree with plums50. We can revert back to type with Suarez up front on his own or try Borini in Sturridge's position over the last few games"
8th Feb 2013 15:04
"Rush him to fitness if you like and secure 100% win over WBA who beat us 3:1 at Hawthorn."
8th Feb 2013 15:27
"dont rush yourself daniel take ur time son ynwa"
8th Feb 2013 15:30
"Hope he plays, if not maybe Borini can score after scoring for Italy U21 midweek..."
8th Feb 2013 16:21
"I have to agree I felt that Enrique was ushered back into the squad and got injured straight away, he should be given another week, If need be last 20 minutes if we need a bit of fire power but I would rather not risk it."
8th Feb 2013 16:31
"Good news from the infirmary, not too much damages from the international games! Don't rush your recovery Danny, we need you for the Europe League Cup, we can cope against West Brom even without you! Have a good quick recovery and keep working hard as always! YNWA Danny Sturridge"
8th Feb 2013 16:34
"okwutu sorry if I correct you, but we lost 3-0 at the Hawthorn, not 3-1!"
8th Feb 2013 16:44
"ye, dont rush Daniel. It'd be great to give him a big Anfield roar for his performance against city but its more important we get him 100%."
8th Feb 2013 16:46
"He'll be fine. but lets not rush him. this the chance to try Assaidi out and see how things work out. He's more effective than Downing."
8th Feb 2013 17:15
"Hope this doesn't turn out to be a long term problem with Daniel, I hate these long running injury sagas that seem to go on indefiniely, would love to see how long it's gonna take before he is actually declared to be 100% fit, then we might see him score more than one goal in a match, c'mon Danny Boy!!"
8th Feb 2013 17:16
"Get Assaidi on the left wing and tell him what to do defensively...YNWA!"
8th Feb 2013 17:22
"Is it possible for a player to be 100% fit for more than one match these days? In Shankly's day this sort of thing just wasn't on, the boss needed you available every match, if Shanks saw a player swing the lead he would ask what's wrong and if the player said he was a bit sore then shanks just told him to limp quicker :)"
Billy B girl
8th Feb 2013 17:31
"Loz99 - made me laugh (Limp a bit quicker) reminded me of my mum who use to tell my sister to cry quietly LOL !"
8th Feb 2013 17:54
"Coutinho??? Is he available? Can't wait to see a flair player in red apart from Suarez. Delighted about Kelly. Quality player and local lad!"
8th Feb 2013 18:44
"Hope its nothing serious! Looking forward to seeing Coutinho in action!! YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 20:20
"No need to rush this guy lest we cause more damage."
Champions Of Europe
8th Feb 2013 20:25
"It would be such a shame to pause what has been an outstanding few matches for Daniel, but if it means he's out long term later, then get better first. Glad now that our game's not until Monday. Would be great to see Coutinho have a run out."
8th Feb 2013 22:13
"the boys from first game have a bit of payback to dish out. hopefully a good display and clean sheet and 3pts will start our amazing run of results to end of season. im optomistic still for 4th so lets give it our best shot. come on luis score some goals. come on you mighty reds. YNWA & J4T96"
9th Feb 2013 7:34
"How about we rest him some more and give Borini a chance in the Sturridge role? The only way to know just how good Borini is is to play him in his favoured role - through the middle. Suarez will be Suarez wherever you play him."
9th Feb 2013 10:30
"Agree with u plums50"