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Carra, listen to me, try to convince the club to make you enter in the Academy coaching staff, I trust your football culture and knowledge and I realize you can make big things under the belt of Rodolfo Borrel YNWA Carra
8th Feb 2013 13:31
8th Feb 2013 14:11
"Fowler is doing his badges too, one must not forget - too many former mancs being mentioned in this article for me..."
8th Feb 2013 14:25
"option to play on 1 more season "
8th Feb 2013 14:40
"Stay and coach the Liverpool defenders. "
8th Feb 2013 20:04
"he'll be a fantastic manager of LFC, and moves to ensure he stays here must be made now"
9th Feb 2013 1:07
"rosso76 there is no point Jamie tries to convince LFC for a coaching role quite opposite I hope Liverpool will offer him a post because anyhow he is not going to be short of options."
9th Feb 2013 14:56
"Speaking of managers, BRING BACK RAFA.! He is very much missed here."
10th Feb 2013 3:49
"There is only one place and one direction for Jamie in my mind....its at Liverpool as coach and eventually as Manager. No two ways about it!!! Jamie Would make a great Liverpool Manager."
10th Feb 2013 14:21
"Typically Cara will make decisions privately.What has gone on behind the scenes?Was he offered a decent contract extension? He has lots of options-given his life to LFC.Good luck in whatever he does"
11th Feb 2013 19:15
"BR to stay in charge for the next 4-5 seasons and see where our young squad have got on. Then give the job to Carra.he will be as successful in the dugout as he was on the pitch,, whatever you do Carra thanks for all the memories,, Liverpool 4 Euro cups and Carra 1,,, YNWA,, The Asturk game was yours, a gladiator that night.... "