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I have a very good feeling, about this management team.
Kaushik Bose
9th Feb 2013 9:16
9th Feb 2013 9:16
"wisdom still has a long way to go"
9th Feb 2013 9:36
"Always thought Andre would be one for the future after following hid progress. Makings of a good strong defender with great skill. Well done Andre. YNWA"
9th Feb 2013 10:04
"Great player..... Would like to see him have a stint at left back, the way carragher did, so that he fully understands the position and movement of the back four inside out. Whenever he plays centreback for england under 21s, you can see his awareness has improved from playing rightback for us. Future part of liverpool's spine..."
9th Feb 2013 10:11
"Well done Adre! This is a testimony of your humility and dedication to your self-growth as a man and footballer! Make the grade is not an immediate thing, it has to be made step-by-step, day-after-day, with a complete dedication to our own work. Keep working hard Andre! YNWA Andre Wisdom"
9th Feb 2013 10:13
"Well done lad. Keep up the good work. YNWA"
9th Feb 2013 11:23
"What a wonderful gesture from a deservedly proud young man. Glad that your efforts have been rewarded YNWA"
9th Feb 2013 11:33
"Great to see the young talent making there way through the system. "
9th Feb 2013 12:38
"Great gesture, good lad"
9th Feb 2013 14:13
"Great young player"
9th Feb 2013 16:29
"Hope we can get more youngsters like him. Showing humility and professionalism who really shows graude to those that have helped him, instead of those who only wish to grab money."
9th Feb 2013 20:37
"Good player, great atude. I think you will be a great player for the reds YNWA"
9th Feb 2013 21:57
"That's the sort of atiitude were looking for from all of our players.Class"
9th Feb 2013 22:03
"Great young player. He'll play well this season, but ultimately he's one for the future. Will be great for many years."
10th Feb 2013 12:32
"I've been very impressed by Wisdom this season, he's not the finished article yet but you can see that he will be a great defender in years to come. He has all the attributes needed to be a great defender and I can't wait to watch his development. "
11th Feb 2013 12:55