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I must confess after gerrard the only box to box midfielder we have is jonjo but know why roger prefer allen to him.
2nd Feb 2013 9:25
2nd Feb 2013 9:29
"Every red looked run off there feet at the end of the Arsenal game.Yet hendo found the energy and power to force his way in for the goal a testement to the lads hard work and professionalism.Hendo well done.Jonjo leaf out of that book because you have tallent to burn good luck lad.YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 9:49
"don't be downhearted Jonjo your time will come and when it does be ready to take it with a man of the match performance. you have the ability"
Gaznumnine the recreation
2nd Feb 2013 10:09
"The importance of competition for places :-)"
R£d Leader
2nd Feb 2013 10:19
"To be honest, i wish you were taking Drownings place, Hendo has just began to show his mettle, but that other clown couldnt cross a road let alone a ball. And all for the bargain price of stupid money per week!! "
2nd Feb 2013 10:23
"Jonjo has the makings of a very good player... just needs to control the aggression a bit, I imagine he and Skrtl both bearing down on a forward would be scary... 2 fearless and very aggressive looking players lol. YNWA. "
2nd Feb 2013 10:24
" Kad Merah - do you really expect Johnjo or any majority English speaking supporters to understand your comment?"
Gerrard o ya beauty
2nd Feb 2013 10:25
"Jonjo was diabolical on Boxing Day against stoke, it was good management by BR by dropping him and the same will happen with Downing and Hendo when they have a couple of bad games. It's how it should be picked on form, although I couldn't see Gerrard, Suarez or Johnson being dropped cos there simply worldclass and Winners!! Keep working jonjo you'll get your chance. YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 11:08
"Chasanfield - Kad Merah is writing in the Malay Language, officially called Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysian Language). I'm a Malay from Malaysia too. Basically what he's saying is teling Jonjo that he's better than Hendo/Allen,,and to shove his (Jonjo's) boots in their mouth,lol..must be a diehard Shelvey supporter by the looks of things!!"
2nd Feb 2013 11:16
"Yeah, Jonjo. It is clear why they are chosen above you. They work their butts off in the game. You on the other hand have this incredible ability to disappear in games. I hope you have learned your lesson. "
2nd Feb 2013 11:24
"i believe in y jonjo from the first moment i saw on an y make it...ynwa"
2nd Feb 2013 12:00
"Kad merah!I agree with you lad!!!LOL!!!"
2nd Feb 2013 12:03
"Sorry but the crap on here about downing is unjustified!!Some of you clowns need to look up the word SUPPORT!!!and then show some for our players!!!Downing was outstanding against the gooners!!!"
2nd Feb 2013 12:08
"Too inconsistent .... He will plays balls out in one game then get the start in the next and dog it up and down the field . One of the traits that Jordan possesses is a high work rate , he's not the most skilled but he plays all out when he is given his opportunity . That goal he netted against arsenal was pure strength and determination. "
2nd Feb 2013 12:16
"Even though Im a massive hendo fan (I bet none of you guessed that!) I also am a big admirer of Jonjo. He's just got to refrain from kicking out and calm his temper. A bit more effort also off the ball. I'm confident he's going to be a great player for us. His time will come. "
2nd Feb 2013 12:21
"Yes henderson has come good.I can mind not so long ago he was getting serious stick for not playing well."
2nd Feb 2013 12:40
"Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!Scratch me head scratch me head!!!!!!"
2nd Feb 2013 12:42
"JJS you are young a little immature but you got quality drive and determination I would like to see you coming on for final 20mins in games, as for downing he playing well at the moment please support him and all pool players."
2nd Feb 2013 12:46
"I am sincerely confident that Jonjo will get his chance again, probably yet starting from the West Brom game at home. For me he's more suit to home games where the team can perform a more attacking-minded play and can line-up 2 box-to-box mifielders as him and Stevie G contemporarely. Jonjo has for sure still to work on a couple of aspects in his play, the stamina,... "
2nd Feb 2013 12:46
"... the handling of the defensive duties and the tackles. Made that he can be considered next to a finished article. Keep working hard lad! YNWA Jonjo Shelvey"
2nd Feb 2013 12:55
"agree with redcrusader! most of the posters are used to slate Stuart Downing, it's a bad costume and unjustified at all, I am a big fan of Stew from Boro times and I think he's been one of the most consistent players for us recently and one of the four best against the gooners. We would have to learn to have less prejudices vs some of our lads, specially those of the wish-list of KD! YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 13:05
"I think that some so called fans are not taking time to analyse our games and are simply going on what they hear on the media.they need to put there brains in gear b4 they open there mouths."
2nd Feb 2013 13:11
"My mate was at the midweek game he said the arsenal fans were very quite for 60mins and were giving santos lots of stick, but after the game on here you'd think we lost 3.0."
2nd Feb 2013 13:13
"By the way he's a arsenal fan."
2nd Feb 2013 13:47
"Yes there is no doubt that we are getting better and are more enjoyable to watch.I have a good feeling that tomorrow we will bring back the bacon!!!Y.N.W.A Downing to score the winner?????anybody???"
2nd Feb 2013 13:57
"Reason u been dropped is because lately u give the ball away way to often. Can't score in league, don't close down like hendo, and miss time challenges! Ur way over rated even at your young age!!!"
2nd Feb 2013 14:17
"Naaaaaa!!!!!Nonsense!!! Only one JonJoe!!!!!"
2nd Feb 2013 14:28
"I think people tend to forget that Jonjo is young enough that he should still be playing in the reserves. I love watching him play, and I look forward to seeing him get more time in the future. And he has plenty of time to have a future."
2nd Feb 2013 15:02
"KAD MERAH12.38 you have no style. dont want to engage with other fans. stop slating players and dont write on a fans forum IDIOT!!! jonjo just keep trying your best in training and show right atude. your time will come YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 15:12
"Agree with you plyno1red.if This clown has nothing of interest to add then way does he bother!!!He needs to get a life!!!!"
2nd Feb 2013 15:47
"i think some people come on here looking for attension ging off young footballers trying to get noticed, pi## off and get a life. "
2nd Feb 2013 15:55
"REDCRUSADER AND REDOPM usually agree with most of what you say. surprising how many people have only negative stuff to say. you notice after a win they are not around. only halftime but chelsea and nerverton both losing. happy if stays that way. good luck redmen for city game. come on 3pts please YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 16:23
"Big Shelvey fan, though he can try too hard and (like Gerrard when he was younger!)try 70-yard passes too often. Very good player the 1 player who can come on for Gerrard. With the Europa league in Russia coming up, we need this depth with Suso,Shelvey and Borini becoming important."
2nd Feb 2013 16:31
"head up and work hard one ever doubted jordans ability or work ethics.sometimes it's just down to confidence,enjoying yourself and timing.stick with it."
2nd Feb 2013 16:37
"Jonjo must map his own path and not be a second Henderson. He must also bring some consistency to his own game. "
2nd Feb 2013 16:44
""I am a big fan of Stew from Boro times" Is russo76 a closet Boro fan?"
2nd Feb 2013 17:00
"Your'e a nice enough lad Jonjo BUT I do not think you are good enough yet for the first team. I would like to see you go out on loan and play every week to bring you on. And if then you are not up to the grade, sorry you will have to go mate !"
2nd Feb 2013 17:08
"Random..but..ever since we played Toulouse in 07, I have followed the progress of Sissoko..and I knew he was going to be a star. Although early days in his Newcastle career..he has already shown he has the attribute to be a key player for them. He defo could of improved our midfield greatly..especially as we lack strength there."
2nd Feb 2013 17:08
"Random..but..ever since we played Toulouse in 07, I have followed the progress of Sissoko..and I knew he was going to be a star. Although early days in his Newcastle career..he has already shown he has the attribute to be a key player for them. He defo could of improved our midfield greatly..especially as we lack strength there."
2nd Feb 2013 17:08
"Random..but..ever since we played Toulouse in 07, I have followed the progress of Sissoko..and I knew he was going to be a star. Although early days in his Newcastle career..he has already shown he has the attribute to be a key player for them. He defo could of improved our midfield greatly..especially as we lack strength there."
2nd Feb 2013 17:12
"Sorry for the triple posts...iPad behaving badly. Shelvey defo needs to knuckle down..if he does I'm sure BR will be more than pleased to give him a chance. We now have something we lacked in September..options up top. With Coutinho..we can now mix the front three with either him, Downing or Sterling to play with 'SAS'. I reckon we are going to have a good remainder of the season. YNWA."
2nd Feb 2013 17:15
"Toffees draw,Chelski bait!!!!NICE!!!!"
2nd Feb 2013 17:29
"great to see ngoo score again."
2nd Feb 2013 17:30
"Big Andy got the winner for the hammers!!Question is how long b4 he does something similar?????"
2nd Feb 2013 17:41
"downing still needs to go!"
2nd Feb 2013 17:53
"What are you talking!!!!about!!!DOWNING HAS TO GO. Wise up he played out of his skin the other night!! you obviously dont watch too many games do you!!!! Get off the guys back!!!"
2nd Feb 2013 18:05
"Did anyone else notice a comment on Friday by TCINCE11 - 'The prince will see you soon' either someone is on the wind up or it was the lad himself letting us know he will be signing in the summer."
2nd Feb 2013 18:06
"evertons luck must be due to run out soon even though they have a few quality players. benteke did to them what he did to us except they fought back for 1pt. a win against city could take us to within 4pts of them. come on reds please get all 3pts tomorrow. and WBA take some from spurs. YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 18:08
"Nice to see rafa doing a good job with the rentboys, keep it up senor Benitez!"
2nd Feb 2013 18:10
"Was prince not a singer??? Purple rain etc etc????"
2nd Feb 2013 18:14
"Looking forward to tomorrow - 2-1, 3pts!"
2nd Feb 2013 18:15
"I am saying 3 0. "
2nd Feb 2013 18:18
"Kad Merah- I won't tell you to get behind the team/manager. I will tell you to get in front of a fast moving train. Hendo/Downing/Allen "Hater"?!?!? Seriously man, out with you and your kind."
2nd Feb 2013 18:20
"was that in 1999????????"
2nd Feb 2013 18:23
"2-0 to the reds of course. we gifted them a pt at anfield and totally outplayed them. more of the same. come on redmen. shut up all those saying we havent beaten a team above us. in the past we struggled against bottom teams. we seem to have turned that around. time to beat big boys. hoping fulham can get result so sh*t dont run too far ahead when we beat city. YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 18:53
"1999!!!!!yes very good."
2nd Feb 2013 18:54
"Young players your squad relatively inexperienced manager give them all a break not all the players are going to have blinders every game young players make mistakes its how they learn. If you leave them in reserves they never learn-thats what we should have got out of the last 10 years. Give them a chance everyone is enled to make a mistake its what you learn from it that counts YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 18:56
"I can't believe that so many of our fans think that the likes of Shelvey, Downing, Allen and Henderson are good enough to play for our team, these players wouldn't have even got in our reserves in the 70's and 80's."
2nd Feb 2013 19:03
2nd Feb 2013 19:15
"1986lfc did you say fans???Fans support there team.You dont."
Champions Of Europe
2nd Feb 2013 19:37
"So refreshing to hear complacent players talking about compet!tion for places again; this is how a top team should be organised - well done BR instilling some good old fashioned grit to the team. Our team is quite young now, which will serve us well for the future, but this fledgling team are 7th in the PL; not a bad return for a 1st season."
2nd Feb 2013 20:17
"Good to read some sensible stuff."
2nd Feb 2013 20:23
"1986LFC stop living on the past and support the present team. come on you reds. show all those who doubt you. YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 20:37
"infinitylfc - Jonjo is no box to box midfielder, not yet any way. Have you seen him play, he has talent but is lazy."
2nd Feb 2013 20:54
"i think that philippe is our new box to box midfielder. cant wait to see off blue mancs and then hopefully see some of coutinhos magic. good luck redmen. try and take all 3pts. YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 21:27
"Gerrard oh ya beauty. BR's policy of dropping players is selective! Why hasn't Allen been dropped for as long? He's been worse than Jonjo.A fair policy has my 100% backing and will be motivational but a biased one will cause problems! "
2nd Feb 2013 21:30
"brendan is learning all the time. as a manager of a team as globally well known as LFC i expect you would never stop learning. come on redmen. in brendan i trust. YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 22:15
"Jonjo has the little problem of wanting to take sg place in the team. He gets into the spaces that sg likes to operate in. That could be a good thing if anything happens to sg but otherwise i think he will probably only play as a sub for now. Good player though with a bright future."
2nd Feb 2013 23:10
"If Henderson had half the bite of Shelvey and combined nearly as well with Daniel Sturridge, I would probably begin to understand why Mr Rodgers prefers him to Shelvey. A starting central midfield of Gerrard, Lucas and Shelvey currently has to be our best (let's see how Philippe Coutinho shapes up). It would be pretty powerful."
2nd Feb 2013 23:42
"Just be patient and work hard. Thats how to be a true Liverpool great. I believe you have the potential to take Stevie's place in a few years so keep working on that and learn from him. "
3rd Feb 2013 1:58
"Rodgers missed a great chance to offload Shelvey for Ince. Shelvey will never make it at top flight. "
3rd Feb 2013 2:04
"Red Crusader : well said, It does not matter how ineffective some players are some clowns will praise them ,eg Carra MOM v Arsenal my god....."
3rd Feb 2013 5:46
"I had high hopes of Jonjo this season but don't know what has gone wrong. Hope the lad will get his act together. Looking forward to sunday's game vs Mancity, a winnable game if we approach it with confidence and no fear . City have not Been at their best lately and there is no better time to take them. Good luck guys and go get the three points."
3rd Feb 2013 9:18
3rd Feb 2013 13:29
"To be honest you ,Henderson & Downing all of you do not belong to a big team like LP .the team is not at the top because it is managed by mediocre manager and players like you ,wisdom,sterling ...are only fit for teams at the relegation zone."