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Hard Luck, Lads... but very well done to get that far. Will be very good experience for the future. YNWA
1st Feb 2013 18:00
1st Feb 2013 18:34
"Bad luck... sorry about that. Come on, young Redmen!"
1st Feb 2013 19:33
"a pity for this defeat, anyway well done young lads! we were really unlucky today, controlled the first half and dominated the second, we had just a lack of composure in front of the net and faced a really tough and defensive-minded Inter Milan, it can happen to lose in this way!... "
1st Feb 2013 19:34
"... Fantastic performance by Jordon Ibe who was in my opinion the MOTM by the unanimity! Proud of you young lads and Mr Cooper! Keep working hard and return thinking to the league! YNWA U18s Reds"
1st Feb 2013 19:57
"Good experience and hopefully you can stay together for a while and learn more. Hopefully you'll get a quick friendly sorted out very soon and get back into winning ways!"
1st Feb 2013 20:49
"I really can't wait to see Jordan ibe playing for the 1st team, he has immense potential and I think he would keep sterling on his toes as well , he's dropped performance levels lately and with a bit of competition he would blossom again. Ynwa lads. Great future for all envolved with lfc"
1st Feb 2013 21:46
"unlucky lads"
1st Feb 2013 23:30
"I was at the game! The lads in red were brilliant and did not deserve to lose. Jordan Ibe. What a prospect! He was on a different level to all the other players. MOTM. Future star."
2nd Feb 2013 1:42
"It's all right lads....this is a learning process. We are still very proud of you! YNWA from Malaysia"
2nd Feb 2013 2:49
"Actually, our youngsters played good football against Inter, we had dominant possession, but couldn't score goals, but anyway...well done lads....YNWA"