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The future looks bright - Lets all support the team during the re-building phase. YNWA
1st Feb 2013 15:42
1st Feb 2013 15:48
"can't stop watching hendo's goal still. :D"
Champions Of Europe
1st Feb 2013 15:48
"Luis & Sturridge together are showing what a fabulous future LFC have with them at the pinnacle of our attack. This partnership should also put to rest the Luis racism debacle...are you watching nEvra you poisonous viper!"
Papa Syed
1st Feb 2013 16:03
"Let's get working harder then after yesterday's window...looking fwd to see more of Luis, Daniel & Philippe upfront next! YNWA!"
red till i die
1st Feb 2013 16:10
"play them together would help dont put suarez left wing as on wednesday,play 4.4.2 not it dont work"
1st Feb 2013 16:14
"I'm just wondering why Brendan didn't take the conference. "
1st Feb 2013 16:23
""We gave a fantastic performance against Arsenal. The way we passed the ball and the way we pressed them was good." >>> :|"
1st Feb 2013 16:23
"Lfc fans in Nigeria are planning to organise a party come March/April. The main purpose of the gathering is to help up get alone with each other and to show the whole world how wonderful it is to be part of Lfc family. We'l also like the support of non-Nigerians and hopefuly we want it to be officially recognise. For any suggestion, help or infor, tweet me Wily422_LFC or"
1st Feb 2013 17:16
"truly sturridge and suarez are forming a something special but daniel is somehow wasteful in front on goal and brenda rogers has never got it right in our mid field come on bring jonjo,gerrard and lucas introduce jordan in the second half please we have had enough of this wisdom i never see any talent in him at all.............goodluck againt man city"
1st Feb 2013 17:35
"Support your club stop moaning and get behind the team. Stop carping like plastic supporters and play a proper part. We all want succes at the club but now is not the time to vent your anger just because things are changing. We are moving forward and you either come with us or you get left by the wayside and fall behind. YNWA"
1st Feb 2013 17:59
"Good Luck... get your goals every game..."
1st Feb 2013 18:08
"Luis and Daniel's partnership will be one of the greats! YNWA!"
1st Feb 2013 18:15
"I really like what Pascoe has to say here! In Brendan we trust - YNWA :-)"
1st Feb 2013 18:18
"yes I agree but the way they put Suarez against Arsenal do not work at all you have to intimidate the rivals"
1st Feb 2013 18:41
"Agree with all of Colin's comments. I thought we battled really hard against a strong Arsenal side. All the team played extremely well, but special mention for Jamie Carragher, hardly played this season but showed great skill and courage. Showed up the Arsenal defenders for what they are. Henderson's best game so far, like the way he took on the Arsenal defence for his goal ynwa"
1st Feb 2013 18:45
1st Feb 2013 18:50
"Yep they sure are, Luiz collects the ball, dodges a couple of defenders passes a perfect pass to Sturridge who lashes out, miss kicks it, it deflects of a defender and Suarez nets it. A perfect 90/10 partnership."
1st Feb 2013 18:55
"Old Vic-did you not see any of the goals Sturridge has scored-would you rather we did not have those 3? Stop being a tight wad and give some credit thats 3 goals we wouldnt otherwise have and just to remind you,thats what strikers do-score goals and tee them up for others.Try supporting your team for once in your life."
1st Feb 2013 18:58
"Every point we keep throwing away match by match is gradually making it harder and harder for us to get fourth place, that's why I get so fed up listening to folk say we did well getting a draw at Emirates, we could have won that match but blew it like other disasters this season, we really need to buck up a bit, it's slip sliding away bit by bit. "
1st Feb 2013 19:15
"You will hear the same excuses next season..and the season after whilst we are owned by FSG. "
1st Feb 2013 19:19
"we should have got the win at arsenal but we got a point which was deserved and that is better than torn apart by aston villa. We have gotten our best midfield and now we just need to have enrique fully at it against city. they are under a lot of pressure right now and we are getting stronger"
1st Feb 2013 19:19
"well done hendo lad we can see how much scoring means to you!!!"
1st Feb 2013 19:21
"People need to look at reality. There is no chance of 4th place this season.Nor do we deserve it. The football is not good enough. 6th is possible, but unlikely. It is as BR says "8th would be fantastic". Which says it all about our owners and current manager. Forget 4th."
1st Feb 2013 19:56
"I think that we can scrub the hands with the view of such a pair of great talents as Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge and such a bunch of talented youngsters we have available! Coutinho is for me an extraordinary addition and can make only that good. This group of players need only time to gel together and show what is capable to do YNWA"
1st Feb 2013 20:02
"Skingrad, these guys are millionaires in their 20's. We have the right to demand excellence. We have EXCELLENT players in Gerrard and Suarez. We have a few very good players such as Johnson, Agger, Enriquez, Skyrtel, Reina and perhaps a few more. Sturridge is decidedly average."
1st Feb 2013 20:07
"mushroomscouser67 BR said that about the 8th spot as an amazing reach for us this season only to deresponsibilize the lads and push them to give it all and not daunt them if we won't grab a top 4 spot. Sincerely he still thinks we can battle up till the end for a Champions League spot, after all low-profile has always worked YNWA"
1st Feb 2013 20:31
"daily mail says suarez will stay at LFC even if we dont get CL. hope so as luis is amazing. hoping D.S has a good game against city as people starting to doubt him. hendo has stepped up lately. come on redmen. take all 3pts please. we can do it. YNWA"
1st Feb 2013 20:40
"Old Vic says kingrad, these guys are millionaires in their 20's. We have the right to demand excellence. Ok so how do you get it? every player in the league then by that claim should be excellent How and where do you get them from? £50 mill for Kaka? £200 mill for Messi. I think you live on fantasy island we cant pay wht we dont have. and look where paying that for Carroll got us."
1st Feb 2013 20:46
"There is no such thing as Suarez-Sturridge combination.Sturridge is soooo a selfish player who puts him self ahead of the team. BR stop playing Luis out of his comfort zone.And don't be proud of a point with Arsenal as there are teams like Swansea that won 2-0 at emirates.instead you are the only manager in the top half who lost to Villa at home!"
1st Feb 2013 21:03
""deresponsibilize" You're just making up words! I've been a fan since early 70's before anyone questions my support, I flew back at Xmas from Florida for the QPR game. I bleed LFC, but a reality check is needed. We are not better than last year. We're full of potential but that's it. Arsenal was points lost not won."
1st Feb 2013 21:45
"really feel we are on the right track and going in the right direction think we will add a couple of experienced players in the summer and as our youngster mature together in rodgers system we will only get better looking forward to a front three of suarez,sturridge,coutinho lethal combination the scs ynwa"
1st Feb 2013 23:15
"What's this? Someone realising that we're re-builiding the team and prepared to be patient!! I totally agree. As i see it, this season is all about gaining experience and forging a close team bond. I never expected much this season but next season, the gloves are off. No matter what though, BR and the team will always have my support. YNWA "
2nd Feb 2013 1:30
"Will the knockers please stay away. A few lucky breaks our way and we are at least equal on points for fourth place. On performance ie goals scored and conceded we are around 5th. We are on an UPWARD path while Manure Lite and Chelski are stalling despite their mega millions."
2nd Feb 2013 2:29
"Well said L4Pak,support our mighty Redmen,Y.N.W.A"
2nd Feb 2013 2:34
"Hi Wily,thank you to all all the L.F.C Supporters in Nigeria,maybe we could all sing Youll never walk alone on line via skype to show our support?"
2nd Feb 2013 2:48
"could be great...!"
2nd Feb 2013 5:16
"Come on you reds, doing really good football, a joy to wake in the early hours and watch in NZ. YNWA, NZ Scouser."
2nd Feb 2013 7:08
"Luiz & Sturri plays very well together but Sturri dit waste a few great ball's on Wednesday!YNWA"
2nd Feb 2013 11:02
"Yes; the team is on the right direction. The team has my support day in day out. Sturridge is SELFISH.. BR should address this to stop otherwise his combination with LS7 will be just normal and not terrifying! YNWA for life from Dar es Salaam; Tanzania; East Africa"
2nd Feb 2013 12:29
"For anyone saying they have doubts about Daniel Sturridge, the lad has been here 5 minutes for god's sake. He certainly hasnt been afraid to pull the trigger and we need that. Yes pick up on mistakes he made but none of the good things he did. There were occasions where he would have been in on goal if he got the ball but didn't. Was it his fault? Stupid people."