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glad to see jose back we seem to be a better balanced team when he plays think crra deserves to play would also like to see assaidi on the bench and coming on around 70 mins to take advantage of citehs tired legs come on you redmen lets kick a** YNWA
1st Feb 2013 14:32
1st Feb 2013 14:38
"Was disappointed over arsenal game. For this game against ManC, the truth is I expect a losing game. However I hope that the lads will let us keep our heads high with a good display and a determined fight to the final seconds! YNWA"
1st Feb 2013 14:38
"With Toure out & possibly Kompany, we have got go go at them."
Champions Of Europe
1st Feb 2013 14:40
"A good squad with good depth now, although not great yet, but patience will reward. I did hope we'd sneak one more in before the end of TW, but I must be patient. Unanimous from the BBC pundits last night that LFC had the best TW in all the PL - comforting to hear. Also read about the Sterling assault charge today, clear now why his form has dipped. YNWA."
1st Feb 2013 14:44
"Reina Wisdom-Carra-Skrtel-Enrique Lucas-Agger Johnson-Stevie-Hendo Suarez "
1st Feb 2013 14:45
"Hii mechi lazima tushinde na Suarez atafunga goli 2"
1st Feb 2013 14:57
"as expected Jose Enrique in and Philippe Coutinho stiil out! hope that the brazilian will sort out any thing and be ready for the home game against West Brom! It would be a dream to debut on our own pitch maybe hitting the mark and with a bright performance!... No news on Assaidi, is he still in Africa? Bah... YNWA "
1st Feb 2013 15:07
"Countinho when asked in his interview ...are you ready to play and he replied YES!!! so cant he feature on sunday against the champions?"
1st Feb 2013 15:09
"Singkop What medication you taking? Any chance of me having some for the wife,because she talks a load of chit too"
1st Feb 2013 15:28
"No Toure, No Kompany, maybe? Why not let Countinho feature? His pace? Versus Nastasic and other buddies? All inexperienced... Bad idea. Sterling too..."
1st Feb 2013 15:55
"Need to either loan Coates out for a season and then bring him back or play him on a regular bases , also we need a left back to cover for Jose or when we play him further up the pitch, so Glen can stay on the right side of the pitch would be nice to see Jose and Glen playing as wing backs in a 3-5-2 bet there be some goals then "
1st Feb 2013 16:15
"Interesting to see that even youngsters can be wrritten off after a bad game. Everyone talking about options at full back, yet we have a wealth of talent in reserves.Wisdom, Flanaghan, McLaughlin and Robinson (who was possibly touted as the player with the brightest future of all the reserves). Mixing the tradional agressiveness of an English player with skill and flair."
1st Feb 2013 16:15
" Now though after a bad game against Oldham he is now dismissed by many, even heard people saying he should move on after giving Suarez some stick back. We as supporters need to realise that these are kids and learning their trade. We shouldn't jump down their throats or dismiss their potential over 1 bad game. "
1st Feb 2013 16:23
"Anyone hear the Doni rumours? He is rumoured to have had a cardiac arrest last June(believe in training). LFC are livid with Roma as they knew about his heart condition apparently! Sky Italia and media have confirmed the story so it does carry a lot of substance. Does explain a lot I guess"
Champions Of Europe
1st Feb 2013 16:33
"From SkySports today: Liverpool have already agreed to sell striker Andy Carroll to West Ham at the end of the season, according to Hammers co-owner David Sullivan. Any thoughts?"
1st Feb 2013 16:38
"WE can beat city ;-) Ive had a good feeling about this since the draw with the gooners.BRING IT ON!!!!!"
1st Feb 2013 16:40
1st Feb 2013 16:43
"We need Jose badly, he is a good gem."
1st Feb 2013 16:45
"ChampionsOfEurope- I rate AC very highly. But he is a victim of being tagged the big target man i think? The old fashioned type of English Centre forward (not the way BR plays)Do feel that if AC had been signed for £10m we would still have him but at £35m he is too expensive to have as a stand in or another option. "
1st Feb 2013 16:45
"Feel it would be for the best but I am sure he will do well in his career and better than all England forwards (maybe not Rooney) just that is style doesn't suit what BR is trying to achieve. Towards the end of last season and during the Euro's we saw a mean, lean Andy Carroll he did look the business."
Champions Of Europe
1st Feb 2013 16:48
"ani-road-05: Excellent assessment. That 35mill noose round his neck was not his fault, but sadly was his demise at LFC. I still think he'd be a good plan B for us, but who has a 35mill plan B warming the bench. I still think I'll miss his presence, but its probably best for all involved; just interested to know who much money will be recouped."
1st Feb 2013 16:50
"redcrusader Bit harsh pal. He wasn't a Brendan Rodgers type of player more like it. Think of some of the big forwards LFC had in their time- so I wouldn't say he was never a Liverpool player!!!"
1st Feb 2013 16:53
"For me he just didnt seem interested he always had mediocore games.Hope he gets back to the toon cuase truth is that is were his heart is."
1st Feb 2013 16:58
"ChampionsOfEurope Thanks for the compliment mate :) I am in a better mood today (shouldn't hit these pages during/after a stressful day in work as I did yesterday) "
1st Feb 2013 16:58
"ChampionsOfEurope Thanks for the compliment mate :) I am in a better mood today (shouldn't hit these pages during/after a stressful day in work as I did yesterday) "
1st Feb 2013 16:58
"ChampionsOfEurope Thanks for the compliment mate :) I am in a better mood today (shouldn't hit these pages during/after a stressful day in work as I did yesterday) "
1st Feb 2013 16:58
"Yes it is a shame that the fee ended up being AC's biggest enemy. Same problem with Downing I believe. He has been a key player lately but LFC know they will never get anywhere near the fee back so I feel that any offer of around half that in the Summer then LFC will sell before his value plummets further as he reaches his 30's."
1st Feb 2013 17:01
"redcrusader- maybe mate? some players have been known to become home sick after leaving their home-town club and crave for their failiar surroundings once more!"
Champions Of Europe
1st Feb 2013 17:03
"ani-road-05: Those comments are another reason why I'm glad the club didn't splash huge sums on players this TW. Those sums can make or break a player. However, some of the signings made by others were pretty incredible; Butland 3.5m, most of the NUFC French players, Holtby 1.5m, Graham 5m, but then Samba was a shock!"
1st Feb 2013 17:08
"Wish we had signed butland.For 3.5 mill it would have been for nout. "
1st Feb 2013 17:12
"This was the problem with a number of signings made in recent years. The actual amount we paid for the players. Take the signings that KD (and no, I'm not starting that debate) made! Downing, Hendo and Carroll I think are all good at the respective positions at least ast the best who come from the UK. "
1st Feb 2013 17:12
"It was just the amount that was spent. Hendo apart, the 2 others we could lose up to as much as £40m. The Chief Execs at LFC in recent times (Parry & Ayre) have been useless at negoiating and often dithered meaning we have lost out on good players- C. Ronaldo being one. We have either paid far too much or hesitated over fees and lost out on some diamond players. "
1st Feb 2013 17:16
"ChampionsOfEurope- Butland was a steal. Also as you say NUFC French signings. We have been very astute during window but don't half envy some of the other captures made by clubs."
1st Feb 2013 17:20
"ani-road -05 Hopfully there is bigger signings to come in the summer!Maybe the time was not right for them this window."
1st Feb 2013 17:20
"also glad to see jose back so we can have johnson back on his right back and jose on left back and I will be relieve from wisdom headache"
1st Feb 2013 17:23
"I mean how hard can it be? QPR draw!!We should play havoc with there defence.and hopefully they have not got over MARIO leaving."
1st Feb 2013 17:24
"Only thing i hate is the manure will be 10 clear. :-("
1st Feb 2013 18:07
"Why all the fuss about butland I think gulasci is as good, jones is a poor no2 idiots on here wanted reine dropped, he one of best in prem."
1st Feb 2013 18:26
"I wonder how Martin Kelly's rehabilitation is coming along."
1st Feb 2013 18:41
"Agree with you Budbudhaha. Pepe is a massive part of who we are getting shot of him would be like cutting your arm of. IE it dont make any sense!!!"
1st Feb 2013 18:43
"Ani - you are the benchmark of the average fan-Thats not a bad thing though!Champions - A plan B is sometimes required at any cost, small margins such as a point or goal difference can mean the difference between qualifying for CL. I believe we desperately need a Plan B, whether that's big Andy or someone like Ngoo."
1st Feb 2013 18:46
"If we play any were as well against city as we did against the gooners we will beat them no doubt.we were awsum. Y.N.W.A"
1st Feb 2013 18:54
"City weak at the back this season and not as prolific up front,they are more solid than arsenal and got great strikers be happy with a draw delighted with a win."
Top 4 for sure
1st Feb 2013 19:44
"If we want to beat city we will have to play our own game which is to keep the ball and eventually score. If we start defending we get too deep and its just a matter of time before we concede. If we do this we have a real chance of winning with their weak defence and absence of yaya toure."
1st Feb 2013 19:57
"Keep focusing on sunday's clash "
1st Feb 2013 19:58
"I wonder if Sterling will play now that he's been charged with assault of a woman... Lost all of my respect for him."
1st Feb 2013 20:24
"VEROX innocent until proven otherwise. come on you reds. get back to winning ways by taking all 3 pts from city game although some fans think we will lose. they are the losers. hope to see coutinho play some part against baggies. YNWA"
1st Feb 2013 21:34
"Assaidi surely to start he can do an unbelievable job if given the opportunity"
1st Feb 2013 22:00
"Up and at em lads. YNWA"
1st Feb 2013 22:34
"Assaidi to be on the bench, atleast!!? Great talent"
Billy B girl
1st Feb 2013 23:04
"I am praying Rafa Benitez will be back at the end of the season ! Cheerio BR"
1st Feb 2013 23:46
"Billy B girl, You mean Rafa to be sacked by Chelsea and back in umemployment?"
2nd Feb 2013 1:35
"pascoe dont sound to convincing , but come on redmen we need this one guys you can do it get at them and keep high tempo dont sit back , red forever "
2nd Feb 2013 4:50
"WE NEED ASAAIDI, atleast on the bench The kid was outstanding and always a goal threat for Morocco in AFCON"
2nd Feb 2013 4:53
"If what is being said about Sterling being charged with assault then I cant see him being on the bench for a while. I hope if this is true that it is not a case of young man getting too much money and it all going to his head leading to "look at me" syndrome. Hope it clears up for his sake."
2nd Feb 2013 6:48
"i would love to see Suarez back up top with sturridge on the right an sterling on the left. i think that is our best attacking three right now "
2nd Feb 2013 7:26
"Come on you redmen destroy them!YNWA!"
2nd Feb 2013 8:08
" why don't you wait for the sterling verdict before judging him ?"
2nd Feb 2013 8:58
"city are defo beatable, they are struggling to get any big wins and are just scraping the wins by the skin of their teeth. The team we have played of late with with our best players on the pitch sd jh he and with gj at right back we will be strong."
2nd Feb 2013 9:05
"my only worry for the city game is that we will go back to allen in midfield and suso on the wing. hopefully skertel will come back in as carra was great but has been slow and error prone for a couple of seasons now."
2nd Feb 2013 9:44
"Where is rodgers?.."
3rd Feb 2013 10:09
"Awesome against Arsenal? Were gifted 2 goals and then spent the whole of the 2nd half with 10 man behind the ball and Suarez at left back. We defended too deep due to the return of Carragher meaning our midfield had acres of ground to cover and Sturridge was left isolated. If City get an early goal with Corporal Jones at the back we'll get murdered. "