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Can't wait to see Phillipe in action! Another brilliant signing by the club. Nice work Ian Ayre! YNWA
1st Feb 2013 12:11
1st Feb 2013 12:19
"liverpool s future looks good.....for pple hoping for instant success, keep dreaming. we have a viable project on our hands..."
1st Feb 2013 12:22
"Good to Coutinho to have Lucas Suarez and Coates in the squad as for Coates he should have a run in the under 21 team John Terry and so Lucas did so why not Sebastian he is only 22 because I do not think he is the only one at fault against Oldham."
1st Feb 2013 12:29
"Welcome Coutinho, YNWA! "
1st Feb 2013 12:31
"If he gets in the gym and gets EPL strong, and along with that flair, he could be world class... Kaka and dare I say Cantona style. It's up to him to make it happen. Excited by his prospects. "
1st Feb 2013 12:33
"From what I read & hear & see I get the impression that Lucas is very good with people, making newcomers feel welcome with his friendly personality whether they are from Brazil, England or Marocco and thereby giving substance to the YNWA phrase. We should not underestimate those 'off the pitch'-qualities which may be just as important as the 'on the pitch'-qualities. "
1st Feb 2013 12:40
"Don't know about him, by that I mean he didn't want to come to LFC so in my opinion he should have, if you don't want to play for us then don't."
1st Feb 2013 12:42
"nice one lucas im sure you will help him settle in and play well for us ynwa lucas leiva"
1st Feb 2013 12:50
"An exciting player in the making, top four is within our reach folks. Imagine the great LIVERPOOL back in the UCL."
1st Feb 2013 12:52
"he might chanllenge LS for the nutmeg king spot :)) seems very tricky.."
1st Feb 2013 12:54
"I'm made up we've signed him but let's just give the kid a chance, he's only 20yrs old remember. "
1st Feb 2013 12:58
"Kaap5 button it, if u aint got anything positive to say, he's here ain't it at least he was respectful to his former employees unlike a lot of players in this time. Welcome to Liverpool Phillipe, all the best"
1st Feb 2013 13:12
"i knew lucas would be the first person who'd make coutnho feel welcomed. he's just so good with people. thanks lucas and hope philipe adjusts well to the prem"
1st Feb 2013 13:23
"think this lad will be awesome for us welcome phillipe to our family YNWA "
1st Feb 2013 13:40
"from what I could see at the times of Inter Milan, Philippe is for sure a proper brazilian, skillful and really quick, he just lacked consistency, but given he has a really young age he will have time to work on this aspect and even learn from his more experienced teammates, Stevie and Carra teach YNWA PC"
1st Feb 2013 14:03
"A 'proper Brazilian'. Nice one, Lucas."
1st Feb 2013 14:23
"hey kaap5, if you're referring to Coutniho originally being unsure about coming to LFC...Suarez originally had those same reserevations when leaving Ajax...and look what happened, he fell in love with LFC. Pretty normal to have those thoughts when going to a different country. Welcome Coutinho ! YNWA "
1st Feb 2013 14:25
"Let's hope he's worth the buy. I still not sure why Inter's Moratti seemed wanting to get rid of him badly, hmmmmm....."
Champions Of Europe
1st Feb 2013 14:43
"Don't know what is better, Lucas's modesty or the fact all BBC pundits say Coutinho was the best TW capture. Looking forward to seeing both our 'proprer Brazilians' on the same pitch."
1st Feb 2013 14:48
"Yeah LFC future excites me soo much!! players we got are great, cont.."
1st Feb 2013 14:49
" most getting better every week (sterling aside and im gutted he hasnt progressed as fast but im sure he will) the older players are doing the right things Suarez is staying new contracts all over im soo excited!! cant wait to get to my next game! west brom then Senit, should see couthinho i would imangine! cant wait soo excited i might of mentioned before"
Champions Of Europe
1st Feb 2013 14:49
"kaap5: C'mon lad, give him a chance. He's 20 years old, moving to another country & league with very few of his nationality here, of course he was concerned with moving. But with fantastic players like Lucas & Luis, he'' settle in in not time & we have a responsibility too to help him settle."
1st Feb 2013 14:50
"Of course i meant Zenit just im sooo excited about the fututre im trying to write to fast"
LFC Nuuk Greenland
1st Feb 2013 15:09
"Welcome to the greatest football club in the world Phillipe. Be proud. YNWA"
Champions Of Europe
1st Feb 2013 15:09
"LFCLJ: Have you read today about the assualt charge against Sterling; maybe that's why his form has dipped recently. Hope the story is untrue or could be another few weeks of LFC name dragged through the mud!"
1st Feb 2013 15:23
"Only 20-so next season is more likely to be 'his' season. But when he does pay this season(young, maybe not 100% at the moment) he could be something jolly good :)"
1st Feb 2013 15:26
"Welcome to Anfield. Good luck."
1st Feb 2013 15:28
"I didnt read that championsofeurope im gonna go look around the net for it now though!"
1st Feb 2013 15:34
"I just read about Sterling being up on an assault charge. From when he was 17 its disgusting that people feel the need to do this to young men with money, Unless he`s guilty which looking aqt him and listening to him i wouldnt expect the guy to have a bad bone in his body. "
Champions Of Europe
1st Feb 2013 15:41
"LFCLJ 1st Feb 2013 15:34: I hope you're right my friend, he doesn't look the sort, but then again, I don't know him personally. Until he's proven guilty he has my support. If it's true I'll be so furious & it may just destroy his career, what with our media & of course bacon face will stick his nose in too."
1st Feb 2013 16:03
"I for one think that He will take a bit of time to settle in just like Lucas Lad.. Could be massive for us, come next season.. One more thing to understand for us fans, that due to not being in top 4 we cannot buy finished products, and need to be content with future stars at a lower price... YNWA"
1st Feb 2013 16:12
"Although only Suarez and Gerrard are world class.. with Lucas ,Agger and Johno international class.. We still have bought/grown a group of youngsters whom any top side could be jealous of.. Coutinho,Suso,Borini,Sterling,Hendo,Allen,Sturridge,Coates,Robbo,Kelly,Wisdom,Assaidi...contd"
Papa Syed
1st Feb 2013 16:15
"He will be good for LFC..massive coup and till summer.....wait for new superb signings on the cards especially a new goalie! YNWA!"
1st Feb 2013 16:15
"No team in the league has better young players than us... 10/10 on Rodgers on this, although he does lack in tactics and selection.. But BUOYYY we have some youngsters ... Even If 3-4 of them become International class, WE could well be in for a le chase in 2 years time.."
1st Feb 2013 16:24
"give him time to settle in and learn english.Sterling should take notice of his mother and become a good boy ?"
1st Feb 2013 17:00
"Kaap5!!I think the media said he didnt want to come.I think it was them trying to mix it!!!"
1st Feb 2013 17:37
"can't wait to see what he can add to the team and what he bring to the midfield"
1st Feb 2013 17:51
"hopefully you're ready made player... never wait 2,3 or 4 seasons to shine... ---> Lucas,Downing, henderson... "
1st Feb 2013 17:57
"finally we got a real brazilian "
1st Feb 2013 18:29
"Good to see so many positive comments on here for once. We all need to be patient and give these young lads time to improve. Well done to all those responsible for bringing so many young talented players to the club. Excited about the future our great club. YNWA"
1st Feb 2013 18:46
"Lets hope he is, it's exactly what we need."
1st Feb 2013 19:16
"Lucas is like a welfare manager for latinos guys:D "
1st Feb 2013 20:39
"dady lucas looks after y phillipe...welcome at our club...ynwa "
1st Feb 2013 20:42
"dady lucas looks after y son...welcome at our club phillipe....ynwa "
1st Feb 2013 21:12
"If we could only get Affelay, Wolfswinkel and Toivenon we would have a squad that could rip any team apart."
1st Feb 2013 22:20
"BTFI 12.11 couldn't agree more. looks a very exciting prospect. hope philippe can hit the ground running. glad to have him at LFC. the 4 musketeers. YNWA"
1st Feb 2013 22:24
"Lets not judge the lad till we can see what he s made off!Everyone needs a chance to settle in!!!So lets just support him."
2nd Feb 2013 0:18
"You have to love Lucas the way he loves this club and wants what's best for it."
2nd Feb 2013 2:23
"I want to see him do the tennis ball challenge:)"
2nd Feb 2013 2:42
"Ok we have sorted the front line out in the January window,in the summer window please sort out our defense. Please go and find some world class defenders as back up for Agger and Skrtel. Hopefully find a new Jamie Carragher,Y.N.W.A"