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31st Jan 2013 14:03
31st Jan 2013 15:13
"If he has only played one game this season then what is the point of him staying there. Might as well put in a low bid 0f £1m and get him here now so if nothing else he would be ready for next season. "
31st Jan 2013 16:15
"he wont join us.. he wants to and we have been linked to him but im guessing we will be to slow and he will go to a big team like Southampton, Stoke or Spurs... Rodgers needs to admit he isnt good enough for the job and quit asap.. "
31st Jan 2013 16:17
"ajp81, the point in him staying till his contract runs out is so he can bank the £1m you want to offer plus more as a signing on fee.. he wants money not the chance to play for Liverpool just like any footballer now days. Money Money Money is all they care about.."
31st Jan 2013 16:52
"He hasn't played because he's useless. Just because he'd like to some doesn't mean he's wanted"
31st Jan 2013 16:52
31st Jan 2013 16:55
31st Jan 2013 17:21
"The only things we need is leftback and centre back so we can handle with on summer some class players like Arda Turan and so on"
31st Jan 2013 22:29
"clear o see we have done our business for this window thought we would have got a defensive player to cover "
31st Jan 2013 23:16
"forever red, how can yu see how his doin if he isnt gettin played?? 1 appearance all season! unless yu wana watch him sit on his backside thats even if he makes the bench which i dnt think he even does"
1st Feb 2013 7:57
"2 really wise buys this window listen to any manager they say players prices this window are inflated far to much so to get DS for 12m and a brazilian thats not really been given a chance at inter but has massive potential for 8.5m also cole,doni,sahin out is a massive save in wages at least 200k a week saves the club 3.2m to end of season cont..."
1st Feb 2013 8:06
"Thats called good business. There is going to be a big change in players in and out in the summer BR has this season to see what the players here already are made of and you can tell he doesnt think some are the type that should wear the LFC badge. The players he wants wouldnt be available this window and it would cost stupid money to get them so makes sense to wait. Cont... "
1st Feb 2013 8:15
"It takes time for a manager to build his own squad and bring players in that he wants to play his way. Some players here will go this summer and we will have enough money to bring the players BR wants that fits his style of play. Think about it the best poker players never reveal what they are holding we have money to spend but not going to pay way over market price cont.."
1st Feb 2013 8:21
"carroll,downing etc it was like we were being held to ransom but if you look at past 2 windows when a club has tried this our club has stood firm either take whats offered maybe haggle a little bit but if you ask for too much we simply pull out and go else where. Thats the message that other clubs will be getting now from us instead of its LFC add another 5m onto it they will pay it."
Champions Of Europe
1st Feb 2013 15:32
"scotty78ynwa: A good read there my friend, totally echo your comments."
1st Feb 2013 17:43
"Iam not really seeing this lad to take Skrtl's or Agger's place so i doubt his role would be any less bench in LFC than it currently is in Lazio"
4th Feb 2013 13:00
"I think we need two defenders in the summer. one leftback and a fullback. Coates is a good alternative, but needs more experience and playtime. The same goes for Robinson, Flanagan, Wisdom and maybe Kelly. Until then, we should get 2 experienced players"
5th Feb 2013 14:32
"Would rather Kurt zouma from st Etienne"