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I think it's right that Jordan won the vote. He's been palying well of late and desrves the encouragement. Seems Kenny knew what he was doing when he bought him!
31st Jan 2013 10:29
31st Jan 2013 10:29
"Well deserved award Jordan! I put Stevie G ahead of you, but you did anyway an excellent performance and I rated you a the 3 best! Keep going so and keep working hard Hendo! YNWA JH"
31st Jan 2013 10:58
"agreed :)"
31st Jan 2013 11:00
"I cry foul. The vote was only open to around 15 minutes after the game and less than 150 people voted. I logged in to vote Suarez (every single touch was sublime) and the vote had already closed. Sorry to say it but Fix. "
31st Jan 2013 11:25
"How could you possibly vote for Hendersson in this match? Besides the goal he was terrible. He wasted so many passes both in the midfield but also good chances at arsenals half. "
31st Jan 2013 11:30
"Henderson got the wrong vote.His passes were awful.he even missed an open goal.He was supported by Arsenal players to that 2nd goal.It is amazing Carragher got a vote above Suarez.What for?This voting thing lacks honesty.It seems there are other factors to the voting other than football."
31st Jan 2013 12:42
"Henderson????? no way. Suarez burn out, he in the midelfeld burn out. and then BR put him as a center foward when he is tired."
31st Jan 2013 12:52
"Jordan Henderson was really improving recently. He showed his potential, quality & character. His hardwork & determination beginning to bring positives to both team & himself. He could still improving, he's got more in him imo. C'mon lad, show 'em what you're made of! Plus credit to BR for bringing the best out of Hendo. YNWA all"
31st Jan 2013 13:14
"Osebasa - there are other factors involved like actually watching the match with your eyes open. Hendo did misplace a few crosses but his overall game was superb. Nobody lost possession more than Suarez."
31st Jan 2013 13:17
"Has anyone noticed the crack on Sturridge.I did not see it till the last game , he is not chasing any balls back when they loose them.I have not seen Suarez on top of the field when the opponents had more possesion of the ball.Maybe that is why they call him a Chelsea reject.Maybe he' ll prove me wrong in future games."
31st Jan 2013 13:43
"albert1826... Certain players have roles to play... I think Sturridges main one is to keep the defenders on their toes when we break... Esp last night... wouldn't read too much into that... You got a short memory after he scored 3 in 3"
31st Jan 2013 13:50
"Hendersons goal is what i'm talking about... training day in and out with Suarez and Stevie is gonna add that little something into these youngins' game... YNWA!!!"
31st Jan 2013 13:59
"Ghoztlfc... I understand he scored 3 over 3 but none of them were created by himself...what i am saying is your teammate needs you to shut out the options from the top of the field rather than taking a stroll at an opponent without real conviction.None of their back 4 tested by his agility like suarez would have done and caused chaos as you can see the cracks when we start to pressure them."
31st Jan 2013 19:52
"albert1826 I hear you... I think that's gonna come with time under the stewardship of Rodgers and Stevie... He knows he needs to perform for the team... I think after the next few games he'll be what we need him to be... I'll let him find his feet first... YNWA! "
31st Jan 2013 21:48
"Yeh, 35% of the 135 voted which were able to be cast before the poll closed. When I checked the website at 4.30am the poll had already closed. Please LFC sort this out and give fans a chance to cast a vote."
SGM 73
1st Feb 2013 11:16
"I think we must have the most clown-like fans in the premiership these days: JDMayn1, Wontstop, osebasa, uruguay, albert1826. Take a bow lads, you are the most uninformed fans I've seen in a long time.. I'm proud of you all for making our club's fans a laughing stock.. "