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But are we actually interested or is this just agent talk?
31st Jan 2013 10:06
31st Jan 2013 10:07
"then what are we waiting for..Snap him up.."
31st Jan 2013 10:15
"good. but i was hoping we get some defenders in today."
SGM 73
31st Jan 2013 10:53
"Great, sign a player that has refused to play for his club. Sounds like just the sort of character that we could do with.... "
31st Jan 2013 11:11
"I'm sure Spurs and Southampton will enter the fray when they read this!!"
31st Jan 2013 11:22
"well the club were interested in him last week so lets hope we get him on a free in June. we could do the pre contract deal now tho i suppose... thats more compet1tion for CD places we need a LB as well so maybe Aly Cissokho or Coentrao would be good options... "
31st Jan 2013 11:24
"SGM73 he hasnt refused to play for his current club, he doesnt want to sign a new contract so they wont let him play.. stop making up stories to please your simple brain...idiot."
31st Jan 2013 11:37
"in june let's go for free experience players 29 above to help the kids develop "
31st Jan 2013 12:35
"we should of got Samba instead QPR snapped him up we're a joke and we're broke lets face the facts"
31st Jan 2013 13:08
"He is 6'4 and a unit! He would not be bullied! he is just what we need atm plus he is a good passer yes he is clumsy but he will learn and shine under Rodgers"
31st Jan 2013 13:34
"guys you are so full of it, he is not playing for the same reason sneider was not playing for Milan, they are cutting players wages even though they are contracted.... So players are standing up for themselves... please investigate before you childishly comment as always... are you really liverpool fans??"
31st Jan 2013 13:37
"he would be a good acquisition to inject some fresh young legs in the defensive ranks, further to Williams or De Vrij to complete the centre backs jigsaw!"
3rd Feb 2013 6:06
"It will be fine to get him in with £0 and on a 60k per week...YNWA!"