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Ok fair enough so lets get a strong striker in come on fernando torres bring him back please. If fellani goes to chelski bring el nino back home!!!
31st Jan 2013 9:15
31st Jan 2013 9:23
"Please don't sign Zarate. There's plenty of better players than him. We could buy Graham, Odemwingie, Hooper or Wolfswinkel. All of them are better and would be good players for us. YNWA"
31st Jan 2013 9:26
"baftycrastard totally agree mate bring him home"
31st Jan 2013 9:27
"baftycrastard totally agree mate bring him home"
31st Jan 2013 9:33
"Hugely underwhelming from the owners and the board. Hopefully he won't be gone by summer time."
31st Jan 2013 9:34
"Baftycrastard, we dont want a striker who cant score goals.. what the hell is the point in that... Lisandro Lopez is available and he can score goals so why not get him.. if the scouts earned there money they would have a list of targets for the manager to look at but they seem to help other clubs more than ours..."
31st Jan 2013 10:01
"I agreed that we need to buy 1 more good striker. However, Torres is not what we need. He can't score now as he lose his confidence. I think Wilfried Bony or Wolfswinkel is much better than Torres now. Please get Bony as he is strong and cheap!"
31st Jan 2013 10:02
"Not Ince but possibly one more? So who then? Has Rodgers got another secret transfer (like Assaidi - although its debatable whether that transfer actually happened) up his sleeve?"
31st Jan 2013 10:05
"I would love to see Torres back! :) YNWA!"
SGM 73
31st Jan 2013 10:59
"Yeah, bring back Torres, Bring back Owen.. Which other Judas should we bring back? I'm surprised no one's done a "bring back Rafa" yet.. Those people are in our past. I'd go for Damiao, before Spurs get him. we'd have a Brasilian treble and play some proper samba football.."
31st Jan 2013 11:29
"Can't beleive we let him go in the first place should of just loaned him out instead of selling"
31st Jan 2013 12:44
"Baftycrastard are u serious "
31st Jan 2013 13:10
"We are in dire need of a strong central defender. Someone like Sammy Hyypia. We were lacking in strength and height as what evident against Oldham and Arsenal."
31st Jan 2013 13:20
"It is possible if LFC decide to buy Tom Ince today and let him go back to Blackpool on loan for the remaining season Man U did such a deal for Saha and did let him stay on loan at Crystal Palace so why not LFC do not do the same thing."
31st Jan 2013 13:25
"glad about that really daddy will find im a club anyway would rather we bought dries mertens who in my opinion is 10 times better player"
31st Jan 2013 13:27
"Torres wanted to leave LFC and I really do not undertand why so called LFC fans want him back do they realise that no player is above LFC and other mention other names who offer no prospects or potential in the long run."
31st Jan 2013 13:55
"redrob2005 you want we buy Dries Mertens, but we have yet Coutinho who can play off the striker or on both wings, so I say get Ince and send Suso on loan to Blackpool as part-exchange, then if we have still money to spend, bring in a left-back or a defensive midfielder, they are our priorities at the moment!"
31st Jan 2013 14:00
"Where is this surprise big signing that T.Werner promised.No Torres for me...rather throw my money down the toilet. We ain't that desperate. He can stay at his "big club". Loyalty means more than anything at this club. He jumped ship when we were most vulnerable. SORRY"
31st Jan 2013 16:20
"Inter didn't want to sell him but he wanted to come here? He was the one clearly stating he wanted to stay at inter, it was the other way round inter wanted to sell. What lies to make us sound like we've done so well, he is a great player but we're bigging ourselves up. We're not competing in the market with any of the top 5 sides, nor are we competing on the field. stop lying to our faces."
31st Jan 2013 16:20
"graham? are you people serious, we're wanting to develop into the best side in europe not cement our place in 9th."
31st Jan 2013 16:24
"We won't get damaio we can't compete with southampton nevermind totteham (even though were more wealthy than both of them) which is hilarious that the club are feeding us with all this stuff about having to be careful, totteham are going places, were not. simple, if u compete in the market you'll compete on the pitch."
31st Jan 2013 16:49
"Don't expect any more signings till the summer, I don't think we'll make the top 4 this season nor will we the next 2 seasons, expect another heart ache next season, gonna take years to compete again and even that's not certainty, we'll be a joke for many years that's for sure."
31st Jan 2013 17:48
"Get torres for free then maybe... if not then i dnt want him! Chelski rent boy"
31st Jan 2013 18:52
"he should try bring in EL SHAARWAY !!! way better player then ince and hes garunted to be top class for now and the future"
31st Jan 2013 18:56
"could do with a couple of no-nonsense defenders, we are still too soft at the back. our goals against is way too high."
4th Feb 2013 7:26
"We need to buy another good striker in the summer - Peter Crouch. Midfielders - Tom Ince and Alonso .Get another Central defender and a goal keeper - Buttland. Get rid of - Joe Allen and Martin Skirtel Then we can compete for the le. YNWA."
4th Feb 2013 7:33
"In the summer go and get - Peter Crouch and bring back Torres ! Also get (GK) Buttland, a world class central defender .And get 2 midfielders - Ince and Alonso. Get rid of -Skirtel,Jones,Allen and Carrol."