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Great possibility for him to show what he's got! Have a good spell there and then push for our first team!

31st Jan 2013 13:18
31st Jan 2013 13:18
"Crazy - are we advertising him in Spain. He is should be out on loan in the UK not spain Crazy"
31st Jan 2013 13:19
"it's a shame, always thought he would be more than a second division player, but im starting to doubt that now, no one seems willing to give him a chance"
31st Jan 2013 13:22
"now get butland for good young goalkeeper and promise him regular football after reina goes to barca if not before as he tends to make alot more mistakes then he did. and get a good defender to come in. and another striker such as wolfwinkel or someone talented and kinda young"
31st Jan 2013 13:22
"Best of luck Dani."
31st Jan 2013 13:22
"typical often wondered why he was never given a chance "
31st Jan 2013 13:22
"Good luck Dani!!! YNWA"
31st Jan 2013 13:24
"had high hopes for pacheco, but at 22 doesnt look like he will be good enough for lfc"
31st Jan 2013 13:25
"Good luck. But he could still continue with U21s than moving to a 2nd division club..."
31st Jan 2013 13:27
"Wish him luck... Pacheco was raw talent that was never given a huge room to express himself...You dont cherish what you've got until you loose!! That has always been the case of LFC"
31st Jan 2013 13:28
"Good luck Dani P. Why has he never been given the chances like sterling and Suso? A quality player that always shines at U21 level yet never gets a proper chance in the full team with the senior players. YNWA! "
31st Jan 2013 13:28
"Wish him luck... Pacheco is a raw talent that was never given a huge room to express himself...You dont cherish what you've got until you loose!! That has always been the case of LFC"
31st Jan 2013 13:33
"Good luck Dani. Hope the loan deal works out and when you come back you're able to give Brendan a selection headache! YNWA!"
31st Jan 2013 13:34
"Best of luck Dani for this your new adventure! I hope it will be a shaping experience and push you to become a better and stronger player, who knows?, maybe still with us! don't forget the old mates! YNWA Dani Pacheco"
31st Jan 2013 13:35
"Had high hopes for you Dani - don't give up! YNWA!"
31st Jan 2013 13:47
"Good luck Pacheco. Funny enough guess who also plays for them, one Antonio Nunez. Anyone remember him?"
31st Jan 2013 13:52
"i think at 22 he should be pushing for a first team spot by now.. maybe its time to sell him and use the money for other players..."
31st Jan 2013 14:00
"I really like Daniel but sometimes I feel like he should have more fire in his belly. "
31st Jan 2013 14:09
"Hope you shine their so everyone gets it what talent you are!"
31st Jan 2013 14:13
31st Jan 2013 14:15
"Good luck lad - better to be playing somewhere than sat here being overlooked whilst league 1 sides roll us over."
31st Jan 2013 14:20
"Good Luck Danny, get plenty of game time and experience and get back to Anfield"
31st Jan 2013 14:21
"sad! why a spanish club? why not here in england? "
31st Jan 2013 14:26
"Good luck to him but I'm sorry to say his ship has sailed which is a shame. If he hasn't broken into the first team by the age of 22 then he never will."
Liverpool NY
31st Jan 2013 14:35
"Its a shame, but I saw it coming; never got a real chance...but dont give us and show your quality and come back stronger, many players including Bale had a spell in the second division and became top players...which you the were always fighting for the club "
31st Jan 2013 14:45
"Good luck dani"
31st Jan 2013 15:00
"he is terrible, just get rid of him.."
31st Jan 2013 15:08
"I really like him. Like a slim version of Suarez and great with free kicks around the box. Hope loan experience brings him on."
31st Jan 2013 15:24
"I would prefer Daniel Pacheco to Borini. I hope he can still get in our first team after his loan spell. Good luck Dani hope it goes well for you."
31st Jan 2013 15:28
"Scarfe thats a poor comment and unjustified."
31st Jan 2013 15:42
"I hope Pacheco shows his commitment to our club, works hard and comes back better player. He is talented, just needs more games at a higher level than our reserves."
31st Jan 2013 15:45
"Good luck mate and hopefully you will play regularly now and will get the first team experience, I will miss you watching U21s games :'( Already :("
31st Jan 2013 15:52
"We love you Dani. Don't know whay it doesn't work for you in the senior team. Always boss for the reserves. Best of luck. Come back soon!"
31st Jan 2013 16:31
"Looks like goodbye in the summer then :-/ "
31st Jan 2013 16:58
"How come he is still on our books? He is clearly not good enough and sadly never will be. Just sell him."
31st Jan 2013 17:23
"He has great great potential but he can't show it. We haven't found the right club for him. Hopefully this is"
31st Jan 2013 17:29
" 22 and loaned to Spanish Div 2 side..."
31st Jan 2013 18:56
"Pity he didn't stay at Norwich...he seemed to like it there. "
31st Jan 2013 19:47
"I just think that at 22, if he hasn't featured more, then he is struggling to make the grade. It's a shame as I thought he had a brighter future. Good Luck Dani."
31st Jan 2013 20:14
"This player is one mystery! He has been out on loan a number of times but is yet really to prove himself at Liverpool. Age is on his side. He has time to develop. Going to Spain may help him. He needs to grab this chance and come back a better player stake a claim for a place otherwise he will lose every chance and waste his chance and end up at a third rate club. Buena suerte Dani!"
31st Jan 2013 21:28
"I think come the summer he will move permanently he just isn't getting the opportunities"
31st Jan 2013 22:39
"Why not to a side in the English Premier League? Because Mr Rodgers' last two predecessors have set Pacheco's Liverpool FC demise in stone and Mr Rodgers, in a grand old tradition, has accepted their negative reports wholesale. As with the likes of Emiliano Insua, Mikel San Jose and a host of other youngsters set-back by Rafa's exit, Pacheco's self-confidence will take a lot of rebuilding. "
whacko jacko
31st Jan 2013 23:30
"Good luck Dani hope you produce the form u were showing in u21s. Yet strikes me again of the Ince scenario where we loaned him out n let him go for small fee n we r now held to ransom to try get him back !! Shambles.... who decides these loans ??!"
31st Jan 2013 23:43
"Simpson2 14:15 - Why don't you go join him and support a team that doesn't 'get rolled over by a league one team'. Mug..."
1st Feb 2013 11:40
"keep ya head up and gain some experience of first team football but make sure u come back a better player"
1st Feb 2013 11:54
"pacheco an morgan out on loan why what happend to "were buying youth and building for the future" why didnt allen get sent out on loan pacheco and morgan are just as good as him "