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Get him then...what's the fuss?
Papa Syed
30th Jan 2013 11:28
30th Jan 2013 11:36
"cmon cmon pls sign him he's a real talent, nd we really shud get a keeper early so he can get settled before pepe leaves. nd if pepe stays then we'll have a great back up nd future no.1"
30th Jan 2013 11:37
"Get this lad plz for god sake why are we struggling to get players in £3 million is a steal."
30th Jan 2013 11:41
"if he prefer fulham rather than chelsea, it means we have to grant him first choice GK in order to sign him. really cant be sure that he can be better than reina as experience is so important for GKs."
30th Jan 2013 12:15
"We should buy him now and loan him back to Birmingham with the promise of first team place next season. Reina might be moving on next season anyway."
30th Jan 2013 12:20
"Butland rejected Chelsea's bid, like a boss which means he's not gloryhunter. Maybe he's worth a try?"
30th Jan 2013 12:23
"Get this lad for 3 million for the love of god.Casilles had a cl medal at 18 if your good enough your old enough.He is class and if Barca come knocking Renia is gone if anyone thinks other wise there deluded."
30th Jan 2013 12:26
"we really do need a backup/succesor for Reina.there's too speculation about him leaving in the summer.where there is smoke ther is fire.Lord knows we can't rely on Jones with his school boy mistakes.saw a photo of Coutinho on SkySports holding a LFC shirt.the photo was tweeted by Reina "
30th Jan 2013 12:34
"get him but make it quick as we might have to wait for a work permit LOL"
30th Jan 2013 12:37
"For 3 million u can't go wrong"
30th Jan 2013 12:46
"No point in thinking about this, 3 mill for Butland is an absolute STEAL... Get him sooner rather than later!"
30th Jan 2013 12:49
"he fits the transfer policy so whats the hold up?? buy him loan him back to them for the rest of the season and maybe next season and send Pacheco and maybe 1 or 2 others on loan to sweeten the deal... and the players get first team experience... looks like the fans are doing Rodgers's job for him again..."
30th Jan 2013 12:51
"Holly crap sign him he is not typical money-player plus he is an amazing talent"
30th Jan 2013 12:52
"Buy him and send him back to Birmingham on loan - who else can you get for that money, that good?"
30th Jan 2013 13:08
"please BR & FSG, improve the £3m bid and get this keeper! He's the biggest prospect between the sticks in british landscape, it's an opportunity which we have to not miss on!"
30th Jan 2013 13:14
"Butland is going to be a great talent. We should sign him because no offence Brad Jones was absolute pants on Sunday."
SGM 73
30th Jan 2013 13:27
"Yes, I'm with the simpletons on this one. Sign him, even if he doesn't want to sign. Who cares what he wants, a handful of anonymous people online think it's good, therefore it must be!!! Yes! Let's get him! Get theat other bloke too - the one that you've all seen on your x-box. Excellent ideas lads! Keep them coming.."
30th Jan 2013 13:46
"No brainer for me a defenite talent and plenty of years in the tank for a goal keeper! Reina is still very young as well for a keeper but a good back up that might just keep Reina out unless he gets back to his best."
Always A Red
30th Jan 2013 13:52
"NO BRAINER - get him NOW, simplez!"
30th Jan 2013 13:55
"Its not a "No brainer" he wants first team football not the number 2 spot that we would offer him which is why he turned Chelsea down in the first place "
30th Jan 2013 14:38
"Buy him and then loan him back to City for the remaining part of the season. Perhaps continue with that if Reina stays for next season as well ..."
30th Jan 2013 14:40
"smg73 u numpty this boy is a very good player for 3 mill .the only simpleton on here is you.Do you think Renia will be here if Barca are after him could be media bull but if not he is gone."
30th Jan 2013 14:40
"One thing that annoys me a lot with our club is we always take forever to sign someone even when they say they want to play for us. Another thing how come all the papers always know who our transfer targets are ? We should keep it secret imo, it feels like we have a spy at the club leaking info. "
Always A Red
30th Jan 2013 14:43
"it is a NO BRAINER - Reina wants away and Jones needs to sort out his gloves...get him in and start playing him right away - why not?"
30th Jan 2013 14:45
"(7thheavenluis) I agree with you bud sgm73 is always posting idiotic comments he clearly doesn't have a clue what he is on about."
Always A Red
30th Jan 2013 14:46
"I guess LFC are waiting for work permit clearance to announce Coutinho as a LFC player?"
30th Jan 2013 14:50
"(Always a red) Must be mate, I don't mind long as it's a done deal which it sounds like it is."
30th Jan 2013 14:58
"Sturridge, Coutinho and Butland would be a great window. No stupid buys for the sake of buying. Would rather the right players came in that a couple of right players and half a dozen donkeys! Buy Butland and loan him out for rest of the season."
30th Jan 2013 16:35
"Get Jack Butland....IMMEDIATELY!If you don't do it he'll go to Chelsea.GET HIM!"
30th Jan 2013 16:42
"great idea to sign him now,and loan him back to Birmingham,gives him the first team football he wants.Come next season he will have more experience and be ready for the first team."
30th Jan 2013 17:45
30th Jan 2013 17:49
"Sell Reina are you nuts!!!!!!!!"
30th Jan 2013 18:01
"Indeed: what is the fuss?"
30th Jan 2013 18:50
"He won't be happy playing for the reserves, "
30th Jan 2013 22:10
"justup the bid to 3.5mils or 4mils. birmingham will defo sell to highest bidder."
30th Jan 2013 22:40
"As much as I like Butland he recently said he would only leave if he was guaranteed 1st choice making it nigh on impossible for us to sign shame but that makes me think too big for his britches once to join a top flight team but only if I can be first choice I don't think so "
30th Jan 2013 22:57
"Europeanchampsforkeeps.....What a tool. 'Butland is better than Hart'. Do you actually watch football or are you just guessing?!?! Some morons on this forum need to get off FM and get in the real world!!!"
SGM 73
31st Jan 2013 11:06
"LFCRED4LIFE and 7thheavenluis I realise you are both barely literate simpletons, but Butland has said he will only leave to be 1st choice. Reina isn't leaving, therefore he WON'T come. But despite that fact, people like you insist on saying 'sign him he's cheap'. What element of "he doesn't want to come" do you not understand??? "
31st Jan 2013 16:12
"well looks like we have lost out on him now as well.. Stoke have agreed a deal to sign him.. well done Rodgers another small team beats us to a player!!! "
31st Jan 2013 21:37
"can't really of wanted him cos if we did we would of got him, more rubbish the club has been feeding us, sturridge and a injured coutinho for January, thank you fsg, you make our club proud haha "
1st Feb 2013 1:00
"What part of he will only come if he's guaranteed 1st choice don't you understand. "