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If we buy him then this is the last straw. We will turn into a mid table team if we buy anymore mediocre players.
29th Jan 2013 17:12
29th Jan 2013 17:13
""Zarate is yet to get off the mark for Lazio this season" .....need I say more?"
29th Jan 2013 17:15
""Zarate is yet to get off the mark for Lazio this season" ...need I say more?"
Bib l f c
29th Jan 2013 17:15
"NO THANKS........"
29th Jan 2013 17:15
"Danny Graham would be a good buy, I don't know why BR hasn't attempted that transfer. "
29th Jan 2013 17:19
"quality striker, but get Ince with those money instead! don't let be wasted all his talent for a minnow like Reading!"
Always A Red
29th Jan 2013 17:21
"Seriously? The powers that be do realise he is over 19? I agree Danny Graham would be a good signing. He is scoring goals at Swansea yet is just used in bit parts!"
29th Jan 2013 17:23
"Not good enough..NEXT!"
29th Jan 2013 17:36
"Are you kidding! We should be going for David Villa, Van Wolfswinkel or another quality proven player. Sunday proved we've enough clowns about the place without another one! "
29th Jan 2013 17:46
"no much rather we got gary hooper "
29th Jan 2013 17:58
"I agree with oldvic BR knows him from his swansea days"
29th Jan 2013 18:11
"not true i hope"
29th Jan 2013 18:16
"well this is an insult. wow, how the mighty has fallen, it's only when the Lion has a broken leg that the antelope and other small creatures play with it's tail. so the media is literally saying we now sign mediocre players? we earned that with where we presently are on the table and the kind of players we sign in recent years, it's understandable."
29th Jan 2013 18:33
"Mediocre, not a Liverpool player, why aren't we in for Rickie Lambert? Cheap, happy to be back-up, good target man, and knows the English game! Zarate, Coutinho, Borini, Italian league players not good enough!"
29th Jan 2013 18:36
"No thank you centre back left back and a quality centre mid required to compliment Lucas n gerrard as the rest not yet upto scratch in centre mid area "
29th Jan 2013 18:45
"Hasnt scored yet this season,wow snap him up quick before united or city get him!he sounds like a player fsg would be after,sh**e! Can we not do any better than this?"
29th Jan 2013 19:00
"Who the hell is he ... ?? We need 2 more quality strikers such as... David Villa and Torres as Chelsea will get rid of him soon,also get Alonso . We have to start buying World Class players and then we will guarantee 4th place and have a Squad strong enough next season to compete for the le and for the Champions League. YNWA "
29th Jan 2013 19:19
"would rather reacall andy carroll all day long dont think he was givin a chance "
29th Jan 2013 19:27
"could someone tell me why there is such a fuss made about Ince? Memory serves,he refused to sign a contract.Why not give someone like Pacheco a go who has been more than patient. "
29th Jan 2013 19:29
"has lost the will to live lol"
29th Jan 2013 19:45
"just read all your comments, seriously guys, when has the daily express reported anything of relevance with regards too football. if we sign this no goal joke i'll cut my big left toe"
29th Jan 2013 19:47
"no thanks for zarate. i agree with the lads and would like to see danny graham or ricky lambert come because borini has not had a good game yet and sterling needs time out which could still help his progress. "
29th Jan 2013 19:47
"Why the need to get players who can't even play regular football with their present teams.... if this is the case, why not sign me mum, she will come on a free n no signing on or agents fees. i'll tell her to sit by the phone just in case. "
29th Jan 2013 19:53
"this is to all of you so called supporters on here with steam coming out of your ears. If you believe this "story" you'll admit to believing in the tooth fairy! How many times has BR and KD before him sat in press conferences over the last 2 or 3 years and said we get linked with every man, Jack and his dog! It is complete pony and more fool you lot for falling for it!"
29th Jan 2013 19:55
"more rubbish rumours."
29th Jan 2013 20:02
"Personally I think this is worth a look if we could get him for cheap. Zarate is a good player a skillfull striker who can score the spectacular but he has had a dispute at Lazio hence he has only played 1 game this season hence he is yet to score. Obviously a lot of fans on here haven't seen him play so are basing their comments on the words printed above "
29th Jan 2013 20:10
"can someone tell Rodgers that he could get Lisandro Lopez for 4 million euros.. he will add a lot of fire power to our front line and is has good experience as well... "
29th Jan 2013 20:17
"Don't need him"
29th Jan 2013 20:36
"We need to buy top quality players who are capable of changing a game around not people who will be your average fulham player!"
29th Jan 2013 20:51
"Ngoo scored for Hearts on his first game for the club,, 1 game 1 goal on loan,,Liverpool are starting to make progress when our 1st team are playing,next 2 games V Arsenal and Man City will make or break our season ? ,,,YNWA ,,, "
29th Jan 2013 21:02
"So average"
29th Jan 2013 21:16
"i think we should really be looking for defenders instead of forwards. maybe a LB n CB would do"
29th Jan 2013 21:17
"this is just a false rumour i strongly believe so dont take it serious"
29th Jan 2013 21:30
"Brendon Hodgson - low ambition, low ability and only good with mediocre teams. Sorry Brendan."
29th Jan 2013 21:32
"No No No Please This Guy Is No Good. Get El Nino Back I For One Would Welcome Him Back With Open Arms..We Always Knew He Was A Red Torres ;):):):)"
29th Jan 2013 21:32
"No No No Please This Guy Is No Good. Get El Nino Back I For One Would Welcome Him Back With Open Arms..We Always Knew He Was A Red Torres ;):):):)"
29th Jan 2013 22:03
"we need to sign a big player with a top class record, only the best will do, no more medioce maybe types, if lfc are to remain big an outstanding international player is required."
29th Jan 2013 23:15
"well we all know this is not true right?"
29th Jan 2013 23:35
"If we managed to sign Ashley Williams,Phillipe Coutinho and out of favour goalscorer Darren Bent permanently before window shuts,then it would certainly give us that boost we need,to help gain us a top 4 finish this season."
30th Jan 2013 0:09
"Lambert or hooper would actually be good signings but having said that,,we need a striker with class,,would love to see villa/llorente/wolfswinkel or even benteke"
30th Jan 2013 0:32
"Quit complaining about "mediocre signings". FSG has made it clear he's not willing to put in the money necessary to buy a world class player... In my book, anyone better than Downing is a good signing. We got 2 so far, why not three...?"
30th Jan 2013 0:44
"why buy dead wood ?"
30th Jan 2013 1:15
"just a thought for people, Rodgers wants Liverpool to be like Barcelona.. so does that mean he has Gerrard = Xavi, Suarez = Messi, Coutinho = Iniesta, Lucas = Mascherano, Skrtl = Puyol, Agger = Pique, just a thought.. and i cant think of any more Barca players now.. lol "
Truth Hurts 13
30th Jan 2013 4:24
"We need experience but not him!!!"
30th Jan 2013 4:52
"Zara, who? I sincerely trust in our scouting system, but i do think that we should start chasing players who Manu, Chelsea and City are chasing, instead of stoke,sunderland and birmingham. That lad might be a revelation afterwards, but wanna take the risk?"
30th Jan 2013 5:53
30th Jan 2013 6:23
"Wow I'm surprised everyone is talking about getting a striker. What about the mid field. Stevie G is getting older. We need someone to replace him and if the strikers can't get the ball then what's the point of having a talented striker. "
Brazilian meastro10
30th Jan 2013 6:26
"i understand we just need back up players for a bigger squad but really????????"
30th Jan 2013 6:56
"We should all stop trying to play the manager role and have faith and get behind BR and the mighty reds!. C'mon boys and girls, lets use some common sense and help motivate the team to knocking Fergie off his perch......"
30th Jan 2013 7:10
"criticise the manager for what he actually he does and doesnt do. dont have a go at him wanting a player he may/probably doesnt even want (it's only a rumour) how thick are people on this forum ? If you are kids and too caught up in the world of FM I may have some sympathy for you."
30th Jan 2013 8:55
"Not if LFC buy ,but just to be linked to any player that is also a target of clubs like Stoke and Sunderland ,shows how low LFC have gone in attracting top players to the club that now LFC are linked to aversge players and this is the 1st signs of where LFc are headed and that is to become a mid table club."
30th Jan 2013 9:29
"Coutinho, zarate........they r nt even 1st team players. Is playin 4 liverpool a joke now a days !!?"
30th Jan 2013 9:29
"Stevie G won't last forever, feel sorry for him committing his last few years to Pool then end up carrying the can for the whole team. CL will be a distant memory while Manure make it 20 !! Someone needs to tell the board were not in the under 21 league !! Start bringing the club forward not thinking about players as just to make re-sell money"
Stan Still
30th Jan 2013 9:34
"scouseee21 so you want a player who recently broke his leg, is 31 and isn't needed at Barca anymore. A player who used to be good at Liverpool, sulked, left, and now is really crap at Chelsea and a player that Brendan got rid of because he didn't fit into his vision and he had a very poor goal record despite costing us 35 million! I like your logic, that's pretty funny. Well done."
30th Jan 2013 10:21
"What was wrong with Wesley Sneijder, again? Victor Moses? Charles Nzogbia? And why not complete the Tom Ince deal now? Also, is it not obvious that Fernando Llorente, Wilfried Bony or even Darren Bent would have helped us up the league? They are definitely better players than Zarate on current form. "
30th Jan 2013 11:26
"This isnt going to happen, when you read were in competition with Stoke and Sunderland then you know its bull. He must have been great cos birmingham obviously thought oa lot of him and Lazio haven't even played him this season, what dribble!"
30th Jan 2013 11:55
"why are we always signing fringe plays from other teams "
SGM 73
30th Jan 2013 13:32
"I agree with all the idiots like Matt1966. If we buy him we will suddenly turn into aston villa. And we'll never ever recover, ever! Is that what you want Brendon? Cos that's what'll happen!! SMH at the tools commenting on here. We used to have knowledgable fans, now we have mugs who suffer from panic attacks and amnesia!"
Always A Red
30th Jan 2013 14:45
"we can't buy him, he has gone off elsewhere - these pages are way out of date!"
30th Jan 2013 16:51
"It's funny when i listen to the drivel that some of you so called fans spout, i remember when we were mentioned with Sturridge, you had one lot crying for players that were never gonna come to LFC, no CL, & another lot saying why can't we find somebody like Michu, which of you could honestly say you would have been pleased to hear we were buying Michu, cont....."
30th Jan 2013 16:53
"cont..none of you's, so now the managers buying a relatively unknown your all slating him, make up your minds.A lot of players don't suit clubs/managers for whatever reason, so because a player ain't playing it dosen't necessarily mean they're crap, Mouriniho benches Kaka a lot, & real LFC fans will remember the rubbish player that couldn't get into West Hams first team cont..."
30th Jan 2013 16:57
"cont...and ended being one of the best defensive midfielders in the world,(Mascherano) You've forgotten it's LFC we make the player not the other way round so when they come to us & they've got the hunger they will become better players. Some of you are so unrealistic, Rodgers told the world that we do not need to qualify for CL this season, we are going through a thorough rebuild .cont"
30th Jan 2013 17:05
""cont....something you have to be brave to do, & patient there aint no short cut, i'd like to get 4th spot, but some of you think if we buy a quick fix, & it needs more than that, we'll defoe qualify, so you unrealisticly raise the expectancy levels & then you'll have a go at the team if they don't achieve it. It also surprises me the abuse towards the manager as if everyone knows better," "
30th Jan 2013 17:07
"cont...the more sensible fans will be intrigued by Rodgers if you understand what he is trying to do, because he was Swansea coach you have little faith, yet Swansea played the best football in the league last year, Mouriniho said that he is special, the best football team in the world Spain invited him to the championships with them but you ridicule him as if he is an idiot, cont..... ""
30th Jan 2013 17:09
", yet this team is more fluid & attacking than last few years & when they are not they ainâ"
30th Jan 2013 17:11
", yet this team is more fluid & attacking than last few years & when they are not they ainâ"
30th Jan 2013 17:12
"anywhere as bad as they were in that period, from the last part of Rafaâ"
30th Jan 2013 17:13
"cont...Anyway bear in mind were only a few months into a building process & it aint gonna happen straight away, but it will, have faith or scare your players less & become the next England"
30th Jan 2013 17:23
"Thanks for cutting out parts of my post LFC media"