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About time this has dragged on for awhile now, just wanna see it being announced officially. YNWA Philippe show all the doubters wrong.
29th Jan 2013 14:52
29th Jan 2013 14:53
"Great Stuff...."
29th Jan 2013 15:02
"where's the pics of him having his medical ?"
29th Jan 2013 15:02
"now,that's what i'm talking we need a left back as cover for Enrique and then we can call this window a sucess.other positions can be strengthened in the summer.YNWA!!"
29th Jan 2013 15:06
"super news watching the video of his link up play i think he will slot right in..maybe needs a bit of time to adapt to the prem..but hey he seems a real bargain..well done lfc at last it seems we are going in the right direction..looking back a couple of years at where the club was heading under those two clowns hicks and gillet..that really was frightening..hope young couthino does well (ynwa)"
29th Jan 2013 15:11
"Let's Hope that He Repays BR's belief in him. YNWA REDS"
29th Jan 2013 15:19
"Lets hope the scouts have found a gem who can adapt quickly to the PL otherwise of no benefit-our scouts need a rocket as well if they havn't! There has got to be some talent knocking about in lower leagues! Who we off loading to fund more targets? Problem is who will buy our 'under performers'?"
29th Jan 2013 15:20
"every article names a different price... i dont know which to believe"
29th Jan 2013 15:22
"Welcome to the Liverpool family, Phillipe! YNWA!"
29th Jan 2013 15:24
"Brilliant news at long last, wish we were as fast as Newcastle to get transfers in mind but this player looks promising welcome to Anfield Phillipe, you career starts here! YNWA"
29th Jan 2013 15:30
"his record is not brilliant.I will be surprised if he turns out to be a good signing.a lot of supporters are excited, we shall see"
29th Jan 2013 15:38
"Welcome to LFC Philippe! I hope this club will be your home for many years to come and you bring us plenty of accolades and success! YNWA Philippe Coutinho"
29th Jan 2013 15:38
"Can't really pre-judge the young man - he is only 20... Welcome and hope he can show us what he can do!! Perhaps just need to feel Welcome and we are certainly a club capable of that...."
Always A Red
29th Jan 2013 15:55
"Yet another kid who wasnt doing well where he was previously - hmmm, another Joe Allen? We need experience to reach Top 4 and back to CL! Don't we have enough kids?"
Always A Red
29th Jan 2013 15:57
"Does anyone know anything about this Kid? Seen him play? Still dont know if he is an LFC player - this has gone on and on and on.........."
29th Jan 2013 16:16
"Just seen him in a LFC tracksuit, welcome "
29th Jan 2013 16:22
"Just worries me the amount we are spending for potential. Surely we now need established experienced players."
Always A Red
29th Jan 2013 16:27
"Starman47 - totally agree mate! "
29th Jan 2013 16:30
"Come on!! Where are the FSG hate comments?? Oh wait, those only come out when there is negative media. Most bi-polar fan base I've seen. "
29th Jan 2013 16:34
"Glad to see this deal done at last. Hopefully we can bring in a player with experience and quality before the window closes but if not then top priority for summer must definately be a couple of quality players over the age of 25. Then we'll have a squad capable of challenging for top 4 next season."
29th Jan 2013 16:35
"From what I've seen (albeit very limited) he looks cracking on the ball but lacks slightly with an end product. That'll come though. Not expecting much from him the remainder of this season but hope he hits the ground running at the start of next. One to watch IMO."
29th Jan 2013 16:36
"Welcome to the family!"
29th Jan 2013 16:38
"Me thinks his speed and skill should draw out a lot of compact defenses and create a lot of space for Luis and Daniel up front. Lets hope. Welcome Philippe! YNWA son!"
29th Jan 2013 16:39
"I believe that BR had made a great investment here. Perhaps won't transform the team immediately, but if LFC can bring some of the youngsters, i.e. Coutinho, Sterling, Yesil and the like on in the next few seasons, we should have a very strong group....enjoyable transfer window so far!!! YNWA"
29th Jan 2013 16:49
"Another brazilian welcome to LFC Philippe is this is a result of Lucas scouting for us YNWA "
29th Jan 2013 16:52
"slooby are you actually a lfc fan if not why comment? if so why are you ging off lfc fans?"
29th Jan 2013 16:52
"we have a big match tomorrow so we can know our weeknesses after match then we have to sign the positions we need to cover and please sign another leftback "
29th Jan 2013 16:55
"reading some of the comments here it shows how we supporters have been starved of new signings you would think he is a world beater he may turn out to be but he is still only a 20yr old still nice to see some new blood though we could still do with some experience i hope he gets time to settle before the knockers start on him. "
29th Jan 2013 17:10
"good luck lad welcome "
29th Jan 2013 17:11
"welcome philippe hope to see you on 21st when i take my 11yr old son owen to anfield for 1st time. come on reds for wed and 3pts from arsenal please. YNWA "
29th Jan 2013 17:12
"12m and refuse to pay 8m for Tom Ince, known proven talent bread at Liverpool just because we want to be rude and arrogant, that's unbelievable.Just get Tom and Jack Butland"
29th Jan 2013 17:23
""You'll not win anything with kids!".. A Hansen. Aston Villa are the latest to show the folly of putting all your faith in young players. Who is going to replace the wise head of Stevie when he retires in a few years time? The yanks just want to make money, buy them young and cheap and sell them on when they become useful at a profit."
29th Jan 2013 17:30
"Butholezwe, I think you have your facts a bit wrong. We have paid 8.5 mill for him not 12 and Tom Ince is certainly not worth 8 mii...yet. We'll probably sign him the summer for about 6. The biggest mistakes we have made is not buying either Dempsey or Ba for their low asking price."
29th Jan 2013 17:32
"seen coutinho in our tracksuit.. Now one more striker and we can be really attacking top4 (jack butland for 4m snatch him)"
29th Jan 2013 18:22
"Extra time at Melwood ? Medical not going to plan ? Waiting for work permit ? Deal or no deal ?"
29th Jan 2013 18:52
"Why do our transfers drag on for so long"
29th Jan 2013 18:58
"Stop bringing us this crap..He make us a top 4 team..Why oh why does FSG turn a silent ear to us lets start Fergie performed well at Aberdeen Wenger did the same for Monaco.We asked for experience FSG gets BR and Joe Allen.and BR wont attract a world class playesr...I am just being truthful FSG appoint Jupp Heynckes"
29th Jan 2013 19:06
"Welcome Phil . Bring us goals and you will get respect from us ,the fans. YNWA"
29th Jan 2013 19:27
"how come we go and get players who cant get in the team they are leaving, "
29th Jan 2013 19:37
"t28 Sturridge couldn't get in Chelsea's team, he's done well so far. Coutinho looks like a very promising young player, looking forward to seeing him play for us."
29th Jan 2013 19:44
"It's not official yet. Many sources state it is. It's not."
29th Jan 2013 19:50
"Quality young player who has the potential to be a world beater if we've got him great signing "
29th Jan 2013 19:55
"If he has completed his medical he should be on his way to London for his work permit, that going well it dhould be announced by tomorrow night."
29th Jan 2013 20:01
"One day this boy will win the ballon d'or.lets hope he will be with us"
29th Jan 2013 20:12
"no pictures of him on the site yet, come on lol"
29th Jan 2013 22:19
"Here we go brenden Rodgers doing the secret squirrel impression well give you news as we get it when's that brenden wen the guys played 10 games let the fans know first hand wots going on "
29th Jan 2013 22:24
"Hope BR has learned from the Oldham game that Steve gee is a mus t on the team sheet otherwise we have no guile or leadership on the pitch and lose our way YNWA"
29th Jan 2013 22:25
"Soon We will be SteveG and the 7 dwarves.I just hpe he is not going to be another "pushover" bullied by the physical midfielders in the PL and lower divisions. No more Allens and Borinis"
29th Jan 2013 22:36
"Don't know why it won't be an official news on lfc website. Are we supposed to get fed by foreign medias on events inside and around Anfield?"
29th Jan 2013 22:41
"i saw this picture that he is in lfc so why doesnt be an official one"
29th Jan 2013 23:12
"why isnt there an immediate concern regarding our goalkeeping? jones is hopeless!! and we need to get the Stoke keeper before he gets snapped up and butland to deputise but we have to get an expierenced premier league keeeper...i say Begovic!!"
30th Jan 2013 0:42
"this young lad is terrific, I wonder why Inter rarely give him a shot....will be good addition for our midfielder to strenghten our attack....welcome to ANFIELD COUTINHO....YNWA"
30th Jan 2013 1:39
"I just heard that evertons attempt to sign a new player has hit a snag, apparently as big and strong as he is, the lads a vegetarian and he overheard david moyes shouting "we haven't got a f...king carrot!" ha!"
30th Jan 2013 3:04
"Another day passes and LFC fans still wondering ! We are told not to believe all we read in the press, but at the moment, they are the only ones telling us anything !"
Truth Hurts 13
30th Jan 2013 4:26
"Welcome to LFC. Don the colours with pride....and YNWA."
30th Jan 2013 4:29
"JACKHIGH: If you get player 20 years of age with brilliant record then he wont cost us 8.5 million.He is a great potential and he will come good...Just see how good Mascherano was i remember him from Westham..Look at him now...U dont regret that signing do you??"
30th Jan 2013 7:15
"I dont think we spent money on just potential, he proved himself with the Espanyol loan. All he showed Inter is that he just needed game time. And BR is gona give him that. YNWA"
30th Jan 2013 9:26
"Another light weight second rate Italian misfit, Should do well with Borini. Tired of seeing people getting excited about unproven fringe players. Tired of Liverpool signing other teams squad players. Should have had Wesley Snedjer in the bag swiftly followed by David Villa ! Sold all our experienced players too soon, can't win anything with kids alone! "
30th Jan 2013 9:33
"That will be a good signing for us."
30th Jan 2013 11:27
"This lad looks a bit lightweight to me. Br needs to get this signing right, his record of spotting talent so far is very poor. we have no more room for passengers."
30th Jan 2013 11:44
"Get the paperwork done and hopefully he'll play against city on the wk/end"
30th Jan 2013 12:41
"Pepe Tweeted a pic of him with his jersey... must be done deal. work permit only hold up. Btw doubters just give up, were not City and never have been. We have rarely signed 'proven' talent. Alonso wasnt even that well known. Give all at the club, manager, owners, and players a break and a chance! YNWA "
30th Jan 2013 13:09
"Excuse me for being a sceptic, but who is Coutinho. People seem to be wetting themselves over him. Sounds like another Borini to me. He needs to blend in with LFC players. NO PROBLEM! I have read that he has amassed 5 goals in his last 47 games. Sounds like he will really bond. I bet everybody can't wait."