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We need a finisher & a winger who will guide & educate our young team CM Gerrad.DF Carra.GK Reina we had Kyut ,Bellamy & Maxi last seasn nw its Suarez doing evrythng. Get in exprience upfrnt & wings.u wnt b dsspntd. YNWA
28th Jan 2013 10:15
Pankaj singh
28th Jan 2013 10:26
"enuf of speculation.. let it get on"
28th Jan 2013 10:30
"Good deal!! "
28th Jan 2013 10:32
"We honestly dont need anymore young wingers. What we need is a general in the centre of the park besides gerrard. Time to sign some experienced players."
28th Jan 2013 10:39
"in the next few hours another story will crop up! I will only believe News on BBC sport website! come Thursday we shall see!!"
28th Jan 2013 10:44
"Lucas please do all u can to make this guy welcome and settle in , we gonna need him long term like yourself"
28th Jan 2013 10:51
"is he going to get a work permmit?"
28th Jan 2013 11:22
"Get Ince for the same amount, whats the fass about, he is a performer we let go, after all we would have paid 5m, out fault take it with a pinch of salt. Lesson learnt. Loan them instead of selling them."
28th Jan 2013 11:28
"It doesn't matter to bring in players, as long as we are not good at coaching team."
28th Jan 2013 11:31
"Cool now lets get his work permit done or it''ll end in tears!!"
28th Jan 2013 11:48
"Well if we get Ince and Coutinho in hope this shuts up Brendan in relation to thin squad excuses. Time to start winning now after the Oldham embarrasment"
28th Jan 2013 12:25
"welcome to LFC Philippe! I hope you will succeed to establish as one of our best youngsters!... we still need a centre back and a winger, I'd go for Ince and Okore but there are plenty of options before the window shut, let's wait and see..."
28th Jan 2013 13:22
"Hold on, we all clapped when we signed Sahin and looked how that worked out. The Oldham result showed that if you play kids with no experience or leadership and a lack of physical presence then you get knocked about. Coutinho is NOT the answer, at least not by himself, we lost a lot of muscle and experience in Carroll, Bellamy and Kuyt and we haven't replaced them."
28th Jan 2013 14:36
"sneider was a HUGE loss to let him slip through"
SGM 73
28th Jan 2013 14:44
"Butholezwe: Ince chose to leave instead of signing the new contract the club offered him. LFC didn't let him go or sell him.. Just shows you know nothing about the subject, yet you say you are trying to teach us and the club something? You are a joke mate... "
28th Jan 2013 14:54
"Although happy if this deal gets done it still does not add any real experience to our attack. Even someone about 27 with good experience we could get 3-4 of their better years out them. Getting bit tired seeing too many under 23 players coming in and nobody thats going to add something straight away."
28th Jan 2013 15:05
"One more young guy?we need experience who can help young player.Same price only salary is diff why you do not buy Sneider?"