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he's an excellent goalpoacher, but at the moment we don't need him, think that the interest in him will depend on what will make Luis Suarez next summer. Great prospect.
27th Jan 2013 10:51
27th Jan 2013 11:03
"I would prefer Benteke or Bent over Ince. Yes, Ince is cheaper wages but he's not a match winner"
27th Jan 2013 11:04
"He is class. Get him, but, do not go over 8mill-10mill. Otherwise he can go elsewhere. We have 3 better attackers abyway, but, Benteke is a useful addition. Another left back needed though."
27th Jan 2013 11:10
"Good player, we should definetly be interesting players like this"
27th Jan 2013 12:19
"too much competition for us to sign him, you will have to pay more than 10 mil. but i think he is worth it"
27th Jan 2013 12:21
"Not now!"
27th Jan 2013 12:23
"needing a left back depends on how quickly we can bring Jack Robinson through ?"
27th Jan 2013 12:29
"More rubbish to fill back pages me thinks 20m spent cant see much more, we are the biggest spenders so far in window, what's going on FSG."
27th Jan 2013 13:04
"Nonsense!!!another paper selling story no more than this!!its laughable honestly give us some credit!!!LOL!!!!!!"
27th Jan 2013 13:49
"LFCfan128....1103 Ince won the match single handedly for Blackpool yesterday... check your facts before spouting nonesense....."
27th Jan 2013 13:58
"My side is hurting because of the cobwebs the press print."
27th Jan 2013 14:09
"A.Villa is not going to sell him at january, they are in relegation battle. City is after Falcao and Cavani caliber players, not Benteke's."
27th Jan 2013 14:49
"prestige is not enough anymore, finance plays is a big factor in the modern game however god as looked at the situation(he's a red, but dont tell anyone)and sent sturridge and coutinho, just to level out the playing field. I genuinely believe suarez will stay with us cos he knows it makes sense."come on you reds""
27th Jan 2013 16:17
"My historical post wants Benteke to be in LFC. This guy reminds me of the combo of Heskey-Owen. Also can allow us to have more options in tactical. However I do not believe FSG is keen in him."
27th Jan 2013 22:23
"we defo need a centre back,left back and gary hooper to add to coutinho forget ince till summer "
28th Jan 2013 5:33
Always A Red
28th Jan 2013 10:13
"this cannot be true? why would we want him when we have banished Andy Carroll - Benteke falls too easily with all that strength - how can he be in BR's plans - i would take AC back from West Ham instead! Rubbish!"
28th Jan 2013 14:39
"Same number of goals Andy scored for Newcastle before we poached him. Need I say more."
29th Jan 2013 2:00
"Not too bad. How about Wilfried Bony? Certainly we need another prolific senior striker. Four is the magic number as far as strikers are concerned. "
30th Jan 2013 8:38
"This would be an absolute joke.We have a partnership with Genk and we've already allowed other clubs to sign De Bruyne, Benteke and Courtois from under our noses for chump change. And now we would pay twice as much if we want to buy him. Is anyone even paying attention to what is going on over there in Limburg? I doubt it."