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Good work when we get back now Tom Ince it would be perfect

26th Jan 2013 19:22
26th Jan 2013 19:22
" Good work when we get back now Tom Ince it would be perfect "
26th Jan 2013 19:27
"The summer transfers were average apart from Assaidi. However because the likes of Allen and Borini are still young, they have plenty of time to prove themselves. This window, the signings have been spot on! Well done to all involved in bringing the talents of Sturridge and Coutinho. This is the first time I have actually been excited during the Liverpool transfer windows. "
26th Jan 2013 19:27
"good work when we get back now Tom Ince it would be perfect"
26th Jan 2013 19:33
"so glad we have agreed a deal at our price and not southamptons etc. looks an exciting prospect and hope he surprises many just like daniel has done. looks a very tidy player. well done brendan and fsg. YNWA"
fbs YNWA
26th Jan 2013 19:45
"Good buy let;s just get him in as soon as possible "
26th Jan 2013 19:53
Gordon Ottershaw
26th Jan 2013 20:12
26th Jan 2013 21:11
"The signings have been really exciting since BR took over. Apart from Assaidi and Sahin everybody have found their place in the squad. In the summer we could use another LB, maybe a CB and a maybe a right sided AM. Apart from that, we'll be alright! YNWA!"
26th Jan 2013 21:46
"Great stuff redmen"
27th Jan 2013 2:22
"remember alberto acquilani spent all his time here on loan fingers crossed this is a good signing for us tom ince is also not proven at this level keeping my feet on the ground these are good signings (fingers crossed)"
27th Jan 2013 7:05
"Coutinho chose to come to Liverpool! That is the type of player that we want! Tom Ince is demanding first team place! That we don't need besides his her told him not to go to LFC! Anyway good work in bringing in a young talented and skillful player! Really made up with this! YNWA!"
27th Jan 2013 7:11
"Sorry, I said Tom Incs' her told him not to go to Liverpool and I won't be sad if we don't get him. About Phillip Coutinho, I'm over the moon! YNWA!"
29th Jan 2013 20:57
"Read the last 2 paragraphs, does this sound like Suarez is going then. "
30th Jan 2013 0:39
"Probably get this courtino guy signed in the summer it's taking so long by then the real LFC legends (carra and Stevie will be a year older ) can't wait to see what reaction we get against the gooners prove us all wrong and get out there and show some passion for that shirt YNWA"