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good work all involved, could be the next big thing, lots of skill and not afraid to shoot. be a good triangle with Suarez and Gerrard.
R£d Leader
26th Jan 2013 16:49
26th Jan 2013 16:58
"good news if this is true brendans jigsaw coming together nice YNWA.....Bless"
26th Jan 2013 16:59
"Thanks God he is coming. I wonder Why Liverpool makes us so anxious about each signing!"
26th Jan 2013 16:59
"Perfect! A Gerrard replacer too. Good deal, but for 13mill... Southampton only payed 10.2mill. Never mind."
26th Jan 2013 17:00
"Really? Don't believe it until it is done."
26th Jan 2013 17:01
"Hope this is the end of this transfer saga! I won't be at ease until the final contract has been signed by the player! If this is true this is something to really celebrate about. Coutinho is a very talented player...besides being a Brasilian National player at the age of 20! YNWA!"
26th Jan 2013 17:03
"2 x 10M£ = 20M£ = 1 world class young player 2x10M£ = 20M£ = 2 promising kids 90% of promising kids dont end up as world class players. Our money use is very stupid."
26th Jan 2013 17:11
"Get in the FSG"
26th Jan 2013 17:14
"At last the deal is done and he's on his way for a medical. Will be on here by monday. Lets get work permit sorted quick now. Welcome to Anfield Phillipe. "
26th Jan 2013 17:17
"Welcome to Liverpool. We will be the best in Europe again . Keep the faith . YOUR NEVER WALK ALONE !!"
26th Jan 2013 17:22
" See, dreams can come true! welcome to the greatest football club there has ever been, or is ever likely to be. "
Red Yank 1969
26th Jan 2013 18:23
"since it sounds like coutinho is on his way, I have a song idea...whatever the words, the song needs to be to the tune of "thats Amore"....YNWA"
26th Jan 2013 18:39
"If it's true and we have actually signed Coutinho then thats fantastic news, their is also brazilian contacts already at anfield so he should find settling in easily enough,looking forward to seeing this lot playing together, bring it on"
26th Jan 2013 18:48
"some posters here no concept of mathematics eh? the fee agreed was 13 million EUROS, which is about 8 million POUNDS. GOT IT SHMUCKS?"
26th Jan 2013 19:06
"YEEEEHAH!!!E I adio he signed for us"
26th Jan 2013 19:08
"sorry to interrupt RAJUSA but your maths is pretty poor that works out about 11 mill so shut it "
27th Jan 2013 0:59
"you do realize 13 euros is 10.2 pounds. :) We paid between 8.5 and 10L pounds for him. Good deal if he works out."