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Good job to all who made this happen! The only potential stumbling block is the work permit issue. Otherwise, welcome Phillipe!
26th Jan 2013 16:40
26th Jan 2013 16:41
"At last! The kid has it all - vision, pace at the right time and he rolls off his man sweet/ He will benefit from playing with the likes of SG & LS. Now for the work permit"
Champions Of Europe
26th Jan 2013 16:42
"Top business this TW. Welcome to LFC Coutinho. Great blend of talent in the squad now, the job's not done yet, we all know that, but great progress made for this season. Tom Ince scores 2 today, hope he's next. Summer will hopefully see a star CF to make it 4 strikers, a solid LB & CB. The other positions are covered for cometi.tion now. Well done BR, IA & FSG."
26th Jan 2013 16:43
"Finally! Let see some photos. In Branden we trust. This is a great signing. Not ransomed into overpaying for players. I love our South American core already. Now it's getting even better."
Champions Of Europe
26th Jan 2013 16:46
"Could also do with a DM cover too, but Lucas owns that position now through sheer effort; maybe a return for Xabi Alonso?"
26th Jan 2013 16:55
"He got quickness. Just like Suarez, Sterling, Assaidi and Sturridge. Wow, this is some team with BR. I love BR from the start. With all the ups and downs, REDS are gaining momentum. Getting stronger and faster. Get the permit quickly and let this roll and crush any oppositions."
26th Jan 2013 16:58
"Love to see Alonso back in the helm too. The mix of old and young, love of the REDS is just what we need. I am excited."
26th Jan 2013 17:10
"An ideal replacement for Gerrard, and he is only 20! This is perfect. And a rester for Sterling and our attackers, which is 3. Perfect! We just need a left back now. Enrique is getting old, and is injured, Jack is one for the future! :D"
Papa Syed
26th Jan 2013 18:27
"Welcome Philippe! Glad you could join us in this remarkable journey to glory! YNWA!"