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Close this deal and a win at Oldham would make for a very successful weekend!
26th Jan 2013 12:53
26th Jan 2013 12:57
"What a fantasic signing he will be. Another wizard just like Suarez!!"
26th Jan 2013 12:59
"We are building a barcelona team here!!"
26th Jan 2013 13:00
"Do the moaners and quitters who posted on the last story wanna say somethin??? I'm waitin..."
26th Jan 2013 13:06
26th Jan 2013 13:07
"Potentially a great signing by us. Would love to see either ince or butland signed before the close of the window. In the summer we need to find cover in the LB position."
26th Jan 2013 13:10
"good news, I did expect it, hope that the deal will be shut and the guy can join his new teammates the soonest, it's about a cracking prospect, a star in the making!"
26th Jan 2013 13:18
"Not the player we need. Just not good enough. Need a quality 26 yr old midfielder With experience. Sniejder would have cost less"
26th Jan 2013 13:32
"hope people slating fsg and manager shut up now. if we get coutinho then with sturridge and still maybe one more makes it a very good transfer window. we are improving and should all support the team. come on you reds. YNWA"
26th Jan 2013 13:34
"not seen him play so will hold my judgement if we get him ,going off other comments seems a good buy , hope he can live with premier league ,sturridge looks like hes gonna be a great signing hope this guy does same "
26th Jan 2013 13:40
"I'll be very pleased if this deal goes through. I'm glad FSG haven't listened to all the shouts for a higher bid. FSG are setting a limit for each player and sticking to it. Good business! "
26th Jan 2013 13:43
"All we really need is cover for lucus, though skrtels comments last week were interesting and perhaps that could be a role he could take on if ever needed....."
26th Jan 2013 13:57
"The next suarez?... or even Messi ....... time will tell YNWA"
26th Jan 2013 14:41
"hope we can get him if we get give him the number 10 please and play him against arsenal.come on reds"
26th Jan 2013 14:45
"Please stop whining about Sneijder, he's gone. Besides, why would we need a player chasing money? Coutinho wants to join Liverpool, Sneijder probably just wanted to use our name in hopes of getting a better wage package from Galatasary."
26th Jan 2013 14:52
"spott on mate "
26th Jan 2013 14:59
"A world class player in the making as I have mentioned in earlier posts. "
26th Jan 2013 15:00
"Skysports, the only media after Liverpool Echo I trust when it comes to LFC transfer stuff, so hopefully the deal be done and dusted as soon as possible so he starts training with his new team mates, but be warned nothing confirmed yet so relax till the official confirmation before you start feeding on any sherry."
26th Jan 2013 15:03
"One sweet thing about this deal is that a 20 yr old choses Anfield over St Mary's. Haters say talent shun us but? YNWA"
26th Jan 2013 15:05
"Sky Sports Italia - Inter have accepted â"
26th Jan 2013 15:13
"Yes. Finally done deal. Now next Ince and possibly others coming in further to enhance this "jigsaw puzzle"."
26th Jan 2013 15:26
"Yeah looks a good signing that's the youth covered now for some experienced quality additions to compliment the kids and then for Nx season watch us go I'd be happy ish with top 6 n a cup we can't be seen to keep changing managers so Rodgers can't be expected to fix things over night but Nx season top 4 n beyond is the target "
26th Jan 2013 15:34
"Archie everyone would have liked Schneider but his wage demands were ridiculous do it was a no no from the start, his gone now forget it, happy with couthinio, in the summer we need a quality experienced centre back, left back a pacey centre mid and a finisher "
26th Jan 2013 15:45
"Sounds like the lad wasn't keen on leaving Inter so I hope we've made sure he's got the right att!tude to knuckle down and accept the challenge ahead."
26th Jan 2013 15:48
"He's obviously got talent but it looked to me that his confidence had gone a bit - see juventus clip on youtube - so that will be BR's challenge."
26th Jan 2013 15:49
"Can we get someone with bags of experience next please."
26th Jan 2013 16:17
"BBC now reports it is a done deal £8.5M pending a physical and a work permit!!"
26th Jan 2013 16:28
"This lad will be a very good signing. All we need now is a player to work defensively deep, just in case Lucas will have further injuries. Otherwise we are set to go."
R£d Leader
26th Jan 2013 16:37
"good news, welcome to Liverpool..."
Champions Of Europe
26th Jan 2013 16:40
"Top business this TW. Welcome to LFC Coutinho. Great blend of talent in the squad now, the job's not done yet, we all know that, but great progress made for this season. Tom Ince scores 2 today, hope he's next. Summer will hopefully see a star CF to make it 4 strikers, a solid LB & CB. The other positions are covered for cometi.tion now. Well done BR, IA & FSG."
26th Jan 2013 17:45
"This lad will be a very good signing. All we need now is a player to work defensively deep, just in case Lucas will have further injuries. Otherwise we are set to go."
26th Jan 2013 17:46
"Now get Ola Toivenon from PSV and Gaston Ramirez from Southampton and Tom Ince for some backup, that would be something else!! Like this Couthino kid, Lucas should help him settle in Liverpool, really hope he's a smash hit with us and blends seamlessly into our system and grows to love the place. Glad our guys persisted in getting him to sign. "
26th Jan 2013 17:56
"Thanks2Shanks, Think Hendo is being groomed to be our best ever all round midfield utility player (like Carrick) and will be more than capable to eventually stand in for anyone in our midfield, I do concede that it may be nigh impossible to do that for Stevie G. "
26th Jan 2013 19:21
"CHAMPIONSOFEUROPE 16.40 totally agree. far too many people moaning about how long deals take, who we scout, fsg dont spend etc. well this is 2nd decent signing this window. our squad is getting depth now and we have several class players. come on reds. take care of oldham. YNWA"