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Hard evidence states he will be a liverpool player this weekend!! Quality signing, just the additional suarez player type we need!
26th Jan 2013 9:11
26th Jan 2013 9:12
"c'mon..i dont think he can help us in our goals"
26th Jan 2013 9:12
"too low a bid... everyone please welcome Coutinho to the PL via Southampton"
26th Jan 2013 9:43
"I think the owners must be very stupid if they think Inter will accept an offer of 7.2 million when they have already been offered 10.2 million from another club."
26th Jan 2013 9:57
"Lets hope its finaly concluded we should be looking for other targets just incase..but just cant understand why we cant act quickly with our transfers but lets learn from this.See a target click click like majic"
Mason 7374
26th Jan 2013 10:36
"Seen this lad for Espanyol. Very exciting talent.Hope this gets resolved!"
26th Jan 2013 11:15
"i think we should adopt the Newcastle transfer policy.. see a Player agree a price give him a medical and sign him.. all in 2 days not 3 weeks... i also think clubs should be made to pay the full transfer fee up front without add ons and things.. "
26th Jan 2013 11:19
"A bit strange he cudn't make it into the inter starting 11 if we get him and he's a sucess our scouts and manager deserve great credit."
26th Jan 2013 12:03
"Jezero...the Newcastle policy!! don't make me laugh, the players they sign only stay for 6 months, they use New Chateau as a show piece and move on."
26th Jan 2013 13:22
"had it be true that he will sign and have a medical next Monday, it would be a great piece of business and would give great credit to BR and FSG! let's think to the ss that have signed Zaha for 15m euros! the ivorian youngster is surely a fewer prospect than young Philippe Coutinho and for me would not be worth more than £7-8m!"
26th Jan 2013 13:42
"According to Sky Sports News it's a done deal and He's signed for us? YNWA REDS"
26th Jan 2013 14:03
"hope to welcome you to the mighty reds soon as. come and join the team that is going places. a good win tomorrow and clean sheet a bonus i hope. going for 3-0.YNWA"
26th Jan 2013 15:00
"If this is true we'l have a PC playing for the club, how about that? BR must have another signing lined up also or he wouldn't have said 1 or 2, YNWA."