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You will be a regular soon son
26th Jan 2013 11:04
26th Jan 2013 11:20
"This kid is the real deal. He will soon become the mainstay of our team. I see him being every bit as good as Jack Wilshere. I like his bravery, inventiveness and above all his footballing abilities. BR is coaxing him along nicely. "
26th Jan 2013 11:26
"This is my fave youngster right now. Technically gifted"
26th Jan 2013 11:32
"You are pure talent Suso. You mesmerize me with your movement and your passing ability! Work on your strength and fitness and you will be a regular real soon! YNWA!"
26th Jan 2013 12:05
"Hope he will get more playing time to improve his game. He will be real legend if he works hard."
26th Jan 2013 12:11
"One of the most intelligent youngsters I have seen. I can Suso becoming a first team regular in the next twelve months. Would like to see him play the No.10 role."
26th Jan 2013 12:15
"Hope you get a game as play maker suso... You'll be fantastic wherever, but I think that no. 10 spot will be your future!"
abbeyleix kop
26th Jan 2013 12:33
"good on u lad it wont b long before your a regular starter keep it up lad well done but more to do aswell"
26th Jan 2013 12:54
"Everybody I know loves Suso, can't wait to see him securing a regular place in the team and scoring goals!"
26th Jan 2013 13:41
"Suso is a gifted young player. He is intelligent and sharp. Ahead of Joe Allen. "
26th Jan 2013 13:41
"I'm really happy Suso's so happy with our club. I just hope we find a proper position for him soon enough. Seems like you'd want him as a CAM in a 4-2-3-1, but we don't really play that. Might play the attacking mid at some point, I guess."
26th Jan 2013 13:47
"Sensible intelligent player, naturally gifted. "
26th Jan 2013 13:58
"he is not only the manager to blossom u as a player but also to blossom lfc as a football club.......lets be optimistic and hope for the best!"
26th Jan 2013 14:17
"you are right , think that the continental approach used by BR in the training sessions has eased the break through the first team of many youngsters, specially the spanish-latin ones, who have enjoyed a method a bit more modern and european and been found immediately comfortable to work with their more experienced teammates..."
26th Jan 2013 14:21
"...but think that for some of these youngsters it would be maybe a bit better make some experience on loan elsewhere for then come back to Melwood improved, experienced at top flight level and stronger in any aspect, it's just a my humble tip for BR. Keep working hard ! YNWA Suso"
Champions Of Europe
26th Jan 2013 15:05
"Absolutely fantastic to hear every LFC player behind Brendan & his reign so far. The team are gelling well & climbing up the table with deserved value. Suso is a real diamond in the rough, can't wait to see him in red shirt every game."
26th Jan 2013 15:24
"Your talent is for everyone to see clearly lad... keep working hard and your time will definitely come. "
26th Jan 2013 18:43
"Suso is class both on and off the pitch. Learning from the likes of Gerrard and Suarez will make him a World Class player YNWA"
Billy B girl
26th Jan 2013 21:42
"I hope the faith you put in BR is returned - Suso or Allen no competition for me! Suso YNWA"
27th Jan 2013 6:16
"Suso be positive,strong and purposeful in your play and you will become a regular in the first team."
27th Jan 2013 10:20
"You are an amazing player Suso and you have massive support. You will be banging away before you know it just have faith in yourself and be attack-aggressive and arrogant when you get your chance. Just do what BR tells you and belief in yourself, you can do this."