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A chance for Borini to shine. Hope he scores a few.
25th Jan 2013 14:56
25th Jan 2013 15:06
"a pity for these three absentees, but the squad have enough strenght in depth to cope with the Sunday FA Cup tie successfully. Anyway best of luck to Pepe, Jose and Glen for a quick come back at BR's disposal! Get well soon lads! YNWA JE, PR & GJ"
25th Jan 2013 15:07
"I wonder sometimes if it's not a bad idea after all to have a winter break in the EPL as other European leagues have. Would give players a chance to raise fitness levels and maybe not so many hamstring injuries that seem commonplace these days."
25th Jan 2013 15:12
"Lets hope that all the injured are on the mend. What is the current medical news on Martin Kelly?"
25th Jan 2013 16:18
"kellys never mentioned. i'd like a little update even if it is brief"
25th Jan 2013 16:47
"Just a thought, where is Martin Kelly?"
25th Jan 2013 17:24
"Kelly will take a while. If he is back in action this season it will be in the end"
25th Jan 2013 17:54
"Jose should stay away from any more cosmetic enhancements. The trauma of a 'back, sack and crack' treatment can take years to recover from."
25th Jan 2013 20:15
"Get well soon guys......waiting to see you all back in action........ynwa!!"
26th Jan 2013 0:36
"Pepe's nose out of joint? Hope he's not going back to barca-get gary mac to tell him to stay or he'll come out of retirement put another pen past him!"
26th Jan 2013 7:12
"Don't be over optimistic and send an understrength team! Make sure there's a right balance of youth and experience and leave some of the big guns on the bench, just in case! I'm sure we can beat Oldham!"