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Mbokani is overrated! Benteke is absolutely better than him. Mbokani had spells at Wolfsburg and Monaco, where he could not break trough. Biglia on the other hand could be a usefull stand in for Lucas. But we don't need them.
25th Jan 2013 13:30
25th Jan 2013 13:37
"If I have just to choose beetween the aforementioned pairing I would opt for Mbokani, any football fan has seen what belgian-congolese strikers are doing in Premiere League, Lukaku, Benteke and so on, then why not gamble on a young goal poacher who is making as much as well in the belgian league?"
25th Jan 2013 14:35
"These players are moderate ,what the scouts are doing, Man U has better scouts ,they have already spot players like kurt zouma, Ter Stegen and liver is looking for players like mbokani,fazio and dnt know what else.. "
25th Jan 2013 14:36
"Might as well be bongo and zippy!!!!! as there does not seem to be any more coming in on this window."
25th Jan 2013 14:44
"Wellington Nem a good attacking midfielder from fluminense, Scheleto from atalanta, Crisetig from spezia,Adryan from flamengo, centre back Dede from vasco da gama, young kurt zouma frm st etienne, leandro from gremio, ter stegen frm dortmund and leali frm lanciano, vihena frm feyernoord, Doumbia frm cska,Destro frm roma, muriel frm udinese,Rodrigo frm benfica.."
25th Jan 2013 14:47
"Tapodinho, i think youre wrong about us not needing Biglia, 1 position we do need a player in is Holding Midfield, as good as Lucas is it would be nice to have another option there and be able to rest Lucas as well for games. keeps players fresh all season then."
25th Jan 2013 14:49
"Atish2103, i think you will find that Liverpool were interested in Ter Stegen a long time before Utd were linked to him, and most of the time people link Utd to players just to put the price up..."
25th Jan 2013 14:52
"I know we don't need him. I said he could be usefull to have him in the squad."
25th Jan 2013 15:14
" for the real truth"
25th Jan 2013 15:14
" for the real truth"
26th Jan 2013 2:12
"mbokani any day of the week"