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One last chance for a campaign to remember !
jjj jo
28th Jan 2013 10:47
28th Jan 2013 11:05
"I loved St Petersburg when I visited . My tips would be don't flaunt anything of value, many people there are poor. Just blend in basically and you will be fine. It will be bitterly cold so be prepared. "
28th Jan 2013 12:36
"That order I got shipped in for LFC v zenit branded vuvuzelas doesnt look like a wise business choice now..."
28th Jan 2013 12:42
"Considering what happened after yesterday's trip, I'm not likely to go to the Zenit St Petersburg game! Out of the: (a) League cup, (b) FA cup, (c) Sitting in 7th place on EPL place - no hope of 4th place (d) we are about to be eliminated from the Europa cup! "
28th Jan 2013 12:55
"If all that is true, sounds better to avoid this 3rd world dictatorship hell hole! Just go to the home game!"
12th Feb 2013 16:32
"Redfergal - I tend to agree with your comment. No heating, no roof, it's bound to rain or snow, no fun at all. I'll be watching in a warm living room with five bottles of chilled Crabbie's."
Denza Red
12th Feb 2013 20:14
"What a wonderful trip this would be!!! Not worth the risk."
Red Prangsta
12th Feb 2013 21:45
"No roof and no heating sounds antiquated!"
13th Feb 2013 0:58
"I hope there's no trouble, but I ain't gonna delude myself and believe there won't be! Coz there will! "
13th Feb 2013 4:49
"A dangerous country, isn't it? Frighten me! All the best to the team and fans away there on Thursday!"
13th Feb 2013 8:56
"Even if someone give me a free ticket, free hotel room and a free return flight.. I won't even go.."