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Bring it on Daniel 4 from 4. A legend in the making. YNWA
27th Jan 2013 9:13
27th Jan 2013 9:24
"Come on ye red men....."
27th Jan 2013 9:31
"Come on you naughty red men! Should be a good game and being optimistic into this one will help. Good luck Daniel on making history but let's dot this as a team. YNWA"
27th Jan 2013 9:35
"Frankly Speaking, If you tell me it going to end with a one-nil win and no injuries, I will take it."
27th Jan 2013 10:36
"Daniel you're a star in the face of the sky.... YNWA.."
27th Jan 2013 10:38
"the tradition and the difference of technical values should be decisive today, even though probably the weather and the turf will conditionate in part the game on behalf of the latics. We should be good to make prevail our better technical prowess and the overall squad superiority! It's a cup game, it can happen everything! Anyway best of luck for the tie lads! Bring home the qualification! YNWA"
27th Jan 2013 11:11
"Chelsea selled a decent player, hey never tried him. Even so, Chelsea have a different style to us. I wish our nickname was 'The Red Devils,' before United took it. 'The reds' is a bad nickname. :D"
27th Jan 2013 11:38
"tear it up Daniel! cant wait to watch it YNWA!!!"
27th Jan 2013 12:17
"Im feeling a brace for daniel today!!!!! Looking at that picture - i miss maxi at liverpool"
27th Jan 2013 12:21
"Wouldn't it be brill 4in4 especially after the cfc fans said we bought a flop, c'mon redmen bang in a few today."