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it's been a good thing that you have understood you needed the help of a specialist, often the secret of the professional success stands into the care of the details. Best of luck to you Fabio, hope you come back to the peak of your form the soonest! I just make a wish for Sunday FA Cup tie: a brace for Daniel Surridge and a brace for you Fabio! YNWA FB
25th Jan 2013 15:01
25th Jan 2013 13:46
"how is Borini a EPL star ? i have not seen him do much yet, between him and Allen with what they cost us in transfer fees we could have done alot better"
25th Jan 2013 13:50
"I really think this kids are for the future..we need proven strikers at #LFC. Betters days ahead!"
25th Jan 2013 13:52
"Already I think you will be the Inzaghi of Liverpool... You'll success quickly !! YNWA Fabio! "
25th Jan 2013 14:17
"Well the lad needs a bit of playing time and should be ready for next season. He needs to show us what hes got then "
25th Jan 2013 14:37
"Mock as the fickles might but Sports Pychology can help these young players. Milan are big on this. Whatever it takes (legally) to give a player freedom mentally should be used. This boy needs support! "
25th Jan 2013 15:01
"Your first start career seems not really well, but I believe with work hard, high confidence, and a little bit of luck, you will be a BOMBerini... Prove to The Kop lad... I know you can..."
Billy B girl
25th Jan 2013 15:05
"Perhaps they can show you how to settle at a club - 5 clubs now !!!!"
25th Jan 2013 15:10
"Fabio its between your ears,you dont need a shrink to tell you what to do.You have to realise it yaself.If and you ask a shrink what to do in a professional level at football..there is something wrong,act like professional.It is in you or is it not.You have to figure it out.Not some learning with reading-shrink.It is impossible him to do anything for you.All shrinks are from the sun aint shine."
Rushjob _
25th Jan 2013 15:32
"TBF to Borini, some players have nerves of steel and mental strength-Suarez, and others dont- Downing. If Fabio has recognised some help with be of benefit to him- Im all for it. No issues."
25th Jan 2013 15:35
25th Jan 2013 16:01
"powderfinger2712......glad to see you're so open minded and supportive. Good luck Fabio....YNWA"
25th Jan 2013 16:31
"Good luck Fabio now that your back from injury what i can see from this lad already is great heart and work rate the rest will come YNWA. "
25th Jan 2013 16:47
"Its really brave for him to come out and say he seeks help from psychiatrists, he is a young guy and working and living in a high pressure industry, may be more football clubs should have psychiatrists on site to help with pressure and confidence. "
25th Jan 2013 16:50
"would love to see you and danial score on sunday all the best fabio ynwa"
25th Jan 2013 17:17
"I know I am going to get totally castigated but I would sooner have Andy Carrol than Borini. Stoke and other physical sides bully the likes of Allen and Borini."
25th Jan 2013 19:01
"Fabio will come good - he always does. YNWA!"
Liverpool NY
25th Jan 2013 20:02
"I like the guy better, you need to be open and have guts to share the fact that you are not afraid to get psychological help, good for him, this is far better than sinking in depression, we all have seen $80M striker that keep and missing the target "
25th Jan 2013 22:52
"You actually have to score in premiere league, before you can even consider of calling your self a star."
25th Jan 2013 23:20
"Some of the people on here make me laugh, how does slating a kid with potential get you anywhere? And his name fits perfectly with the sweeney theme tune so all together now... BORINI BORINI DA DAAA DA DA DAAA DA DA DAAA DA! "
25th Jan 2013 23:48
"carlossus7825th Jan 2013 23:20. true comment, and the sweeney theme is stuck in my head...borini borini, his name is fabio borini... "
26th Jan 2013 0:13
"Come back and be a star! The Europa league may be 'your' tournament but Suarez and Sturridge will need rests anyway! Keep going Fabio! "
26th Jan 2013 8:39
"We should be applauding his honesty. He has great movement, positioning and with match sharpness has to potential to be an EPL star. YNWA"