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Downing has no problems playing well against the likes of Oldham. I would like to see him, for once, play well against the likes of Arsenal and Man City instead of doing his usual disappearing act
26th Jan 2013 10:49
26th Jan 2013 11:11
"He played well the last month looking for a big game against assnal from him"
Gerrard o ya beauty
26th Jan 2013 11:25
"xxrussx- I agree, I would like to see Downing produce in the big games, he's never really a threat in big games, always goes missing. Arsenal and city are big games for Stewart, he needs to produce something. YNWA"
abbeyleix kop
26th Jan 2013 12:11
"downing has vastly improved his performances over the last couple of months but now comes the acid test 4 him .he must play well in these games to give us a chance of getting big results thus securing 4th spot "
26th Jan 2013 12:17
"He's been talking too much these days, well I think his recent performance, though has improved but still does not match the 20 million price tag, come on fans, Carzola, Mata, Ozil, Moses, Valencia, Turan and many others are far less than the 20 mil we payed for him who look much better than him. Kenny really robbed us."
abbeyleix kop
26th Jan 2013 12:23
"liverpoollover1 i agree that the price tag was far too high but that wasnt his fault.we need to forget about money spent in the past and get behind all the newer signings, he is starting to perform (belatedly i grant u )and now is the time to show support "
26th Jan 2013 13:47
"Lol the broken record brigade are at it again I see. Yes we overpaid for him (not his fault) yes he took a while to settle in, but he's playing well now and he wears our shirt, so get over yaselves and support the team. Ppl saying he goes missing in 'big' games. Really cause this story says he won MoM in last yrs cup final??? Doesn't matter who the opposition are cup finals ARE big games"
26th Jan 2013 14:08
"we have to put all the care into the approach to the game tomorrow, a bit as Stew says, we have to push the gass from the start and oblige them to sit back and suffer our intensity and better quality, we have not to let them a chance to think they can progress! Good luck Stew Downing, I hope for the supporters and wish you realize your dream! YNWA Stew Downing"
26th Jan 2013 14:47
"Big game bottler that only things about himself. Sterling, Assaidi, Coutinho etc and maybe Ince on the wings are the future of Liverpool."
26th Jan 2013 15:05
"You have been a huge disappointment for me especially after your 20M transfer to us. You were not worth half of that and the worse thing is that you are experienced and should be doing a lot better than you have done. These types of games against lower division teams suit you best Stewart. "
26th Jan 2013 15:39
"Talk is cheap"
Papa Syed
26th Jan 2013 18:31
"Welcome Philippe! Glad you could join us in this remarkable journey to glory! YNWA!"
26th Jan 2013 18:56
"You have it in ure own hands,now you have to produce the goods. Ure time is running out stu!"
26th Jan 2013 19:40
26th Jan 2013 21:14
"You have been playing well i have no doubt you'll be great against Oldham, but your real test will against Arsenal/ManC. Show us your stuff and make believers of us all. YNWA!!"
26th Jan 2013 21:15
"You have been playing well i have no doubt you'll be great against Oldham, but your real test will against Arsenal/ManC. Show us your stuff and make believers of us all. YNWA!!"
27th Jan 2013 1:11
"nme2thest8 - Funny how you can't back your comments with facts. Downings time is almost up and BR would look like a fool if he chooses him ahead of Sterling, Assaidi and Coutinho when he arrives. The Oldham game will not change my opinions about him. "
27th Jan 2013 5:57
"Some people are just lucky in life. Maybe fans need to lower their expectations because Downing is no world class player and accept him as he is and forget about his price pricetag"
27th Jan 2013 8:23
"well said sd we have to start with the right tempo and play our a game. this could be a tricky tie but only if we don't perform."