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I think this will be a better signing than that greedy SNEIJDER this guy is world class and he will be a lot cheaper.
19th Jan 2013 10:38
19th Jan 2013 10:39
"does anyone rate this guy?"
19th Jan 2013 10:57
"aussieliver5, this guy in terms of skill, wage costs and initial price is a 9/10...brilliant play-maker"
19th Jan 2013 11:03
"Baftcrastard, at a time when Liverpool need top class experienced players how is signing a 20 year old who has been out of form this season better than signing Sneijder.. and you are the 1 who said Sneijder will sign by Monday???"
19th Jan 2013 11:13
"better Snejder than Coutinho for me, the dutch playmaker is world-class, the brasilian never demonstrated somewhat with Inter Milan!"
19th Jan 2013 11:14
"Mentinoned this kid in my kop blog in the summer. The kid has got skills. "
19th Jan 2013 11:44
"We have talent enough already, though, and I for one have not given up on either Suso, Henderson or Allen. Give them som time. I will also take new youngsters such as Coutinho time, so that doesn't solve anything. Bring in experience instead."
19th Jan 2013 11:46
"...not to forget Shelvey, Assaidi or Sterling"
19th Jan 2013 11:53
"Don't understand why inter wood let him go... Wes is def on the move, coutinho would surely be ready to step in. maybe it's a smoke screen, the bid is actually for wes...who knows!"
19th Jan 2013 12:05
"I am guessing this is it then no more Sneijder. gutted really, anyone can see the team lacks experience... accept the owners i guess"
19th Jan 2013 12:42
"Yes, BR and FSG bring him to Anfield. "YNWA - FSG""
19th Jan 2013 13:17
"this guy is class unbelievable that we are linked to him but too many youngsters isnt good plus would he be able to adjust for us i rate this guy hihgly but unsure if it would work"
19th Jan 2013 14:23
"Get him, if you won't get Sneijder! He's a descent alternative!!! YNWA"
19th Jan 2013 14:34
"anoyher one for the future what about NOW,"
19th Jan 2013 19:39
"Good player I wouldn't grumble if we got him and if we got Sneijder on top to add some more experience I'd be excited to see how we finish the season because we would have a good chance of putting pressure on those teams above us for champs league places"
20th Jan 2013 0:40
"Would love to see Sneijder come, he could be the difference in the fight for 4th place like Van Der Vaart was for Spurs a couple of seasons ago. Why doesn't John Henry come to any matches any more? Why only Tom Werner I wonder??"
20th Jan 2013 8:35
"This guy sounds good so £16m for him and wes is a bargain compared to british players :-/ As long as we don't forget wes we need his experience badly come fsg inter need the money we need 4th or even 3rd place!"
whacko jacko
20th Jan 2013 15:51
"this has to be a bluff n they are in talks to sign sneijder as he wants to play prem league footie. Go get him Brendan but only if wages are right."
21st Jan 2013 7:20
"Fking typical of this club SG saying we need a few class players and we lost out to one last night then with SNEIJDER going to turkey,,,i wont be suprised if we sign players like damian duff richard dunne or even ray kennedy..unless something big happens i wont be renewing my season ticket and btw fcuk you FSG."