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Go Get Him FSG He iS a Class Player
19th Jan 2013 10:40
19th Jan 2013 10:47
"Come FSG why running after this youngsters we need experience not kids"
19th Jan 2013 10:51
"as good as he may be do we really need another 20 year old player right now.. what part of get experienced players doesnt Rodgers understand??? he is just proving how small his knowledge of the game is.. Sneijder wants to come to the Premier league.. so go get him.. "
19th Jan 2013 11:01
"sneijder wants to play in premier league but that doen't mean us, if manure want him he'll go there, that's what he is waiting on. In the mean time get Coutinho, another south american and not over priced middle of the road british player."
Gordon Ottershaw
19th Jan 2013 11:03
"Jezereo, BR is hampered by FSG policy of getting young players. He is on record as well as steve G that we need experienced players. So don't blame BR it's down to the owners. "
19th Jan 2013 11:06
"what club is going to pay £6million a year salary demand after tax, which equates to almost £240,000-a-week, defo not fsg, Sneijder is greedy, great player but greedy, would love him here though. "
19th Jan 2013 11:16
"The kid has got skills! If we don't get Ince then this kid is excellent"
19th Jan 2013 11:23
"Best thing about this story is that it's in the Guardian, who actually care about what they print being correct. I'd have chosen him ahead of Ince but would be happy with either (or both!) "
19th Jan 2013 11:31
"the lad is class we were looking at him under Rafa too. he is. a very trick customer in the words of old frank."
19th Jan 2013 11:34
"he is just the type of player we need. He is hungry and angry at being left out and eager to get in his international team for the WC on home soil. with Brazil playing no compeive games he would have to prove himself in the prem"
19th Jan 2013 11:38
"no one loans a class player, if he was that good he would playing week in week out for inter"
19th Jan 2013 11:43
"Enough with the damn kids for goodness sake!!!!!!!"
19th Jan 2013 11:46
"Great prospect... But a lot of talk is pointing toward ol wes. Confusing, but i'd be happy with either, or even both - couldn't imagine inter parting with two play makers tho. Hmmm."
19th Jan 2013 11:47
"inter and italian football is full of politics. inter are broke they needed to loan him. just like they need to get rid of wesley. "
19th Jan 2013 13:32
"6.2 mill for 28 yr old Sneider with at least 3 yrs of top class football or 8 mill for 20 yr old hopeful who may be worth a huge profit in the future. RESALE VALUE. This club will never be a footballing giant ever again. I've never trusted FSG since the RESALE VALUE statement and they have yet to show their intentions are purely based on football and winning trophies."
19th Jan 2013 14:23
"Get him, if you won't get Sneijder! He's a descent alternative!!! YNWA"
19th Jan 2013 17:55
"my worry is his age. 20 years is defo inexperienced but how many times are we ever linked a realy talented foreign player? not many. i say get him n snieder."
19th Jan 2013 19:39
"Good player I wouldn't grumble if we got him and if we got Sneijder on top to add some more experience I'd be excited to see how we finish the season because we would have a good chance of putting pressure on those teams above us for champs league places"
19th Jan 2013 20:23
""Just checked him out on you-tube..skills, take him on a season loan with first refusal to buy, might struggle in this country and this league, so a loan move would suit both partys so lets be clever, but the guy looks talanted with the ball at his feet, and he fits the LFC model young with potential. YNWA" "
20th Jan 2013 1:27
"Is he any better than Suso?"
20th Jan 2013 6:15
"he may be 20 years old but he's had plenty of first team action at Inter and Espanyol... he's class"
20th Jan 2013 11:19
"Get him on loan and buy Sneijder, we must buy another top striker, it should be our first priority. If we buy Sneijder I will buy 3 memberships, and that's a promise !"