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Drop Allen, play Henderson hes started to play very well and look promising!
19th Jan 2013 10:26
19th Jan 2013 10:39
"take every match as a must win match. Paisley didn't even bothered about medals. his aim was to win the nxt match. hope brendan make amendments today and give us a winnng team on the pitch and players willing to for the club"
19th Jan 2013 10:40
"Does he mean a new leader?!"
19th Jan 2013 10:41
"sincerely we can improve in any aspect of our game, not just defensive: keep the defensive lines tight, prevent mistakes and lose ball in the middle of the park, improving the killer passes upfront and the composure in front of the net. Of course if and when the ranks will be strenghtened in the current window our games will benefit of that YNWA"
19th Jan 2013 10:44
"Well said about players' characters, personalities and abilities. Yet, a team is at its best when it can play as one man. Football is about an organized system aiming at the same target. So, we need players who understand that on the pitch they are no one else than LFC warriors ... "
Papa Syed
19th Jan 2013 10:45
"Win for us fans who are a patient to this point of the season...we cannot afford to have a "as usual team" tag forever....hoping to see CL games next season...YNWA!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
19th Jan 2013 10:54
"The worst defending of the season was against Aston Villa or stoke city it was just woefull defending that cost us top 4. BR says "we're just trying to ensure the right players come in who are going to make us better" Tom ince isn't going to make us better, why we going for someone who's already been here and failed had a few good games in the championship now he's quality! - poor business "
19th Jan 2013 10:55
"I would play Henderson or Shelvey instead of Allen, Also think the pressure has got to Stirling needs time to get his head together,I think Agger and Skrtl know there is no pressure to loose their place, two brillient players but have got too comfortable, not sharp enough, Agger at fault for van pussy's goal last week."
19th Jan 2013 10:57
"Modern football requires players to be multi-skilled rather than specialists in particular positions. They should add an EXTRA value so that the team can have the edge over rivals.Then, the midfield line which is involved in both forward and backward should be composed of all-rounder midfielders. So, let us hope for such type of signings to make LFC better."
19th Jan 2013 11:12
"if we are going more attack minded then i would prefer Shelvey to Henderson but lets face it Allen just is not good enough and it is showing now... we do need experience in midfield even if its just so we can rest Gerrard occasionally "
19th Jan 2013 11:19
"Well spoken as usual BR. He does come across well.Are you listening FSG,the squad is getting smaller,while your bank balance gets bigger?"
19th Jan 2013 11:29
"Both goals the result of midfield players not doing their defensive duties - no excuses. The first one particularly, Wisdom was totally isolated."
19th Jan 2013 11:33
"I agree with you Jezero - Allen's inability to keep the ball high up the pitch and to try clever stuff above his ability in his own half is so dangerous. I like both Henderson and Shelvey - much more energy around the pitch that Joe Allen."
19th Jan 2013 11:37
"Attack from the start, from the word go! Attack relentlessly until Norwich is broken! Don't ever repeat the first half at OT! Fans want a win not just controlling the game. Go Reds Go! Fight to the end! "
19th Jan 2013 11:40
"Please somebody convey my message to the players. I am so far away to do so. God bless you!"
19th Jan 2013 11:53
"Allen cant play this level yet.He got skills but he needs to get some weight stamina and balance with power,not at bench,loan him somewhere or sell back to where"ever."
19th Jan 2013 11:59
"Terry McDermott was the skinniest players that I've ever seen - but he was never knocked off the ball as easily as Allen seems to be."
19th Jan 2013 12:07
"Yeah.I remember Terry.He did not fear anything on pitch and he work like hell when he was at green.The team was made from hell then."
19th Jan 2013 12:14
"All we need is Ince and then we can get on with the season. We are slowly making progress and have assembled a young vibrant squad. I see some are saying Hendo instead of Allen, whilst I agree that Allen has been off pace, I would have Suso or Jonjo as a replacement as they offer something more than just stamina as in Hendo's case. "
19th Jan 2013 12:23
"I think Rodgers is the right man. Don't doubt that. Got rid of the dead wood that Kenny didn't and has the right mentality, i.e wanting to find scouse local talent instead of imports. Only criticism of him would be his insistence to play Joe Allen when he's out of form."
19th Jan 2013 12:31
"I think Rodgers if we had the funds, would buy the right players, which leads me to believe the funds are not available and we are struggling in that regard, i.e Coutinho over Sneijder, Joe Allen over Cristian Eriksen, Assaidi instead of Ramirez etc"
19th Jan 2013 12:37
"I think that both Henderson and Shelvey have a good eye for a pass - but they are both very young and can make mistakes- that's why I disagree with FSG about the value of experienced players who are much more consistent than youngsters."
19th Jan 2013 12:49
"Why don't we give Coates a go? Young player of copa America 2 years ago! Rather than sign some unknown Norwegian ! He looks like a young Sami hyppia! Oh he's over 6 ft. He's also good friend with Suarez !!"
19th Jan 2013 13:30
"Coutinho will be better sign than Sneijder.About Ince we aint need him.We have already young and talented yongster without him.I agree Coates,we have not used his abilities,why we buy him.He is a talent and only what he need is time to play.Give him a chance to prove it.And Hendo is getting better faster than Allen."
19th Jan 2013 13:31
"this norwich team are well organised but if we are concentrating our build up to this match on improving the defense then we are not achieving the right mentality. manu was a case of not starting with the right atude and with allen in midfield thats where we should be improving. hendo will add that much needed tempo."
L0\/3 4Nfi3LD
19th Jan 2013 13:32
"Predictions; 5nil today with Suarez hatrick and Sturridge brace. Sign Sneijder on Monday and have him on the bench for oldham game. Tom Werner is in town with the cheque book, nik his cheque book and sign another winger somehow :-p... Against Aresnal Wilshire and Diaby will be busy eyeing the World class player Sneijder and give us opportunities to break midfield. Good times ahead."
Billy B girl
19th Jan 2013 13:33
"Here's an idea - ask the defenders to play the way they did prior to your coming to LFC ! in fact, pass that on to the whole team !!!"
19th Jan 2013 13:39
"One trust-able midfielder with ability control the game like young Mr.Gerrard and one SB-winger who can play both sides."
19th Jan 2013 13:50
"I think I want to agree that Hendo is becoming mentally stronger than Allen! "
19th Jan 2013 13:55
"Is this not the same guy who said that the squad is too small last transfer window and he is saying its smaller now. What is doing about it then wait till the last day and make us look like an absolute desperate team to get players in the last week. Might as well leave it till the last day when other team can outbid and hijack players. Again, this shows naivity and inexperience by BR."
19th Jan 2013 13:58
"our back four has extremely deteriorated since last season of Benitez! We need strong physical defense & attacking from the midfield! Quality of both Alonso & Mascherano! its a shame we have spent millions in dt dept & yet never actually replace them! it is shame! "
19th Jan 2013 13:59
"Suso can be the key to midfield with attack and passing abilities and reading the game,but he is too young to play 90 min,like Sterling and Allen,too weak for 90 min..How to make it work is only buy two quality players or wait that things are working for good,after two years at lower division.The balance we have now is far away without top-players at midfield and SB-winger."
19th Jan 2013 14:03
""There is no doubt we need to improve the squad..." let us see if he stick to this notion of improvement. I think BR should not be only thinking of improvement but it should be about quality. We can improve to become a mid table team or buy quality to challenge at the top. Use Carrol's money to get two top quality players. SAF bought RVP because he knew he would get quality and plenty of goals."
19th Jan 2013 14:04
"Like u said you knew you can't make people what they are not but I've got to say are you 100% sure on Allen's personality to be a straight impact for £15m? Or it is based on future prospect! Let's face it we aren't going to get anywhere with the club buying policy! on occasions where experience matters we fallen short miserably. you all need to consider that!"
19th Jan 2013 14:05
"lets under estimate norich the have beaten arsenal, drawn and beat spurs, beat manure,got 3 against city, our defence has to be sharp, we must score early."
19th Jan 2013 14:11
"This is a game we should be winning comfortably if we go about it in the right 'creative' way. Allen has no place in this type of game. Start with Shelvey and be prepared to give Suso some 2nd half game time. I would also like to see Jordan Ibe on the bench - he is going to be sooooo good!"
19th Jan 2013 14:15
"Billy B Girl and Oliver Manish- spot on. Last year we had the third best defense in the League. And why Brenda do not buy before he sell?? Is he happy with the small squad as an excuse for his results?!"
19th Jan 2013 14:15
"PL is just like Suarez said.Things can happen,with ups and downs for every team and every game.It is hardest and best league in world today.With Shanklys words,win,game by game,once at a time.Thats how we can and will go up and be top."
19th Jan 2013 14:39
19th Jan 2013 18:31
"Sneijder for £6.3m and £100k per week will 'improve us'"
19th Jan 2013 20:00
"Since Hyypia and Carra partnership broke up the defence has lacked that leader at the back. Agger and Skrtel are great CBs but just need to be kept in check. Reduce the defensive mishaps and fix our inconsistancy and we will be a good side."
19th Jan 2013 20:01
"Since Hyypia and Carra partnership broke up the defence has lacked that leader at the back. Agger and Skrtel are great CBs but just need to be kept in check. Reduce the defensive mishaps and fix our inconsistancy and we will be a good side."
19th Jan 2013 20:01
"Since Hyypia and Carra partnership broke up the defence has lacked that leader at the back. Agger and Skrtel are great CBs but just need to be kept in check. Reduce the defensive mishaps and fix our inconsistancy and we will be a good side."