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don't think it will happen its too fantastic to believe
18th Jan 2013 14:46
18th Jan 2013 14:47
"don't think it will happen its too fantastic to believe"
18th Jan 2013 14:53
"be positive! He WILL sign!"
18th Jan 2013 14:56
"Not with those wage demands, would not want him! End Off"
18th Jan 2013 15:03
"under fenway we wont get him fenway out"
18th Jan 2013 15:15
"Even if he earns £200000 or so per week he still would be cheaper than what we lost on Aqua where we paid £20 million and the kid played 28 games in 3 years scored 2 goals and we got £4 million at the most when we sold him. "
18th Jan 2013 15:19
"Sneijder will be at Gala next week...and rightly so! Too expensive for the risk. World class? yes..3 years ago"
18th Jan 2013 15:20
"Sneijder will be at Gala next week...and rightly so! Too expensive for the risk. World class? yes..3 years ago"
18th Jan 2013 15:25
"6 000 000 and 52 weeks =115 384.64 per week "
18th Jan 2013 15:36
"Who says he will hit the ground running and be a success, just a soldier of fortune, would rather follow up on Tom Ince."
Always A Red
18th Jan 2013 15:43
"if he seriously wants the move to PL and we are showing interest why does he not slash his wages? he is already a multi-millionaire. Walcott now got what he wanted, £100,00 per week - clubs are held to ransom!"
18th Jan 2013 15:47
"If he is not about money he would still be playing at Milan and took the pay cut however how many players have you heard take a pay cut in the last 20 years, unless there getting old or really bad. Would love to see him come, I think would round us off. "
18th Jan 2013 15:49
"I've read that he doesn't mind a pay cut, if it's the right move... So this issue over wages is nonsense. Gives me some hope a deal can be done; but does he want to come to lfc enough? "
18th Jan 2013 15:50
"Account for the tax at 50% and PRSI then PRSI for the club and you will get your £250K a week before tax and then 6M a year being £115K a week after tax. "
18th Jan 2013 16:14
"i would rather sign wesley jacobs he is a neighbour of mine & he only earns £300 notes a week"
18th Jan 2013 16:24
"Where are these figures coming from ??? Lets get real - nobody is worth this kind of money. Get him for half the price - go for it.Cant see it happening !!!"
18th Jan 2013 16:27
"We severely lack ambition if we don't make a serious effort to sign this guy. It's not often a world-class player becomes available on the cheap and is willing to take a pay cut. If Rodgers or anyone else at LFC thinks midfielders like Shelvey, Allen & Henderson are going to get us back to the top they're sadly misguided. "
Champions Of Europe
18th Jan 2013 16:34
"At 240/wk LFC would be crazy to sign this mercenary. Leave him well alone unless he agrees to 80-100/wk, even then I consider it too much."
Champions Of Europe
18th Jan 2013 16:37
"The only good thing that may come from this incessant Sneider speculation is that we will purchase someone under the radar who actually want to play for the LFC shirt."
18th Jan 2013 16:40
"on condition we get a top 4 finish next year!"
18th Jan 2013 16:44
"sincerely £240k a week looks like a madness, but think that BR and FSG will ponder the risk and make opportune evaluations on possible alternative to him before take a conclusion. For me for a pay-cut the player is worth a gamble, let's wait and see..."
18th Jan 2013 16:48
"The wage demands are too high ,no sense in reducing by letting cole ,aqua's and others go to reduce wage bill then get one player who takes up the whole saving made.Sneijder should not demand high wages he should be doing it for the love of the game and premier league football."
18th Jan 2013 17:00
"Tell 'im to sling 'is 'ook. £240,000 a week after tax equates to 15 years wages for me. Sign 'im and I'm off!"
18th Jan 2013 17:11
"Good cost price, but outrageous wage demand. Don't think LFC can afford that. Too very good players can be got at that cost, but Sneider is a fantastic player."
18th Jan 2013 17:19
"BR has never managed a top player so i dont see him managing WS would love to see it happen but its nice to dream.YNWA"
18th Jan 2013 17:22
"I believe discussions are on going, but not at that price. Would be a fantastic signing and some glue to hold the midfield together, but that is some expensive glue!"
18th Jan 2013 17:30
"why not try getting him on loan untill end of season and inter can subsidise his wages."
18th Jan 2013 17:40
"I can only remember one other time since the owners took over we signed someone like this and that was suarez, it doesnt bare to much consideration, reina (worldclass) agger skrtel (good spine, johnson and enrique (solid) lucas, gerrard sneijder, sterling, sturridge, suarez, I can see us winning any match with that team "
18th Jan 2013 19:13
"the press are mocking Liverpool,s recent excursions in the transfer market the Forren thing was a joke. An insult to ask an international for a trial. Look on Youtube! Have Liverpool checked their offices for bugs...the listening type. We seem to get outsmarted regularly! will it happen with Sneijder"
18th Jan 2013 19:21
"Sturridge, Suarez, Sterling, Sneijder, Gerrard, Lucas, Enrique, Agger, Skrtel, Johnson, Reina is a Champions League lineup. In three years Henderson and Allen will be ready for CL. It's a no-brainer to me IF we want to get 4th THIS year."
18th Jan 2013 19:49
"This would be a perfect signing but only if the deal suits us. He is no doubt an exceptional player but there are a number of other factors to consider; his fitness, his character, his atude, would he accept a pay cut? does he only want CL, or is he willing to accept our current position and fight with us to get us back to the top?..."
18th Jan 2013 19:49
"There is no doubt that he would fit in with the style of play and it could just help us get into the top 4, but what if we don't? This is why we need to be very careful, BR will need to be totally convinced he is getting the right man at the right price for the club. We do not take on flash, mercenaries with ego's to match, who will only graft if it suits them!..."
18th Jan 2013 19:49
"If all these factors are positive we definitely need to raise a little extra cash to get him and move on a couple who have had enough chances to prove themselves! Forget Ince, a great talent but it's gone on far too long now, move on Downing and maybe another and get Sneijder!"
red till i die
18th Jan 2013 19:51
"buck rodgers wont get him he hasent a clue what hes doin,8 wins in the league all season well done"
18th Jan 2013 19:52
"Plus it's another 'S' to add to the team!"
Red Yank 1969
18th Jan 2013 19:53
"I know that John Henry said that LFC $ will be seperate from Red Sox $, however, 2 years ago, the Red Sox signed Carl Crawford for $142 million over 7 years with a $6 million signing bonus..thats $20 million per year...they can afford Sneijders salary...sign him already...YNWA"
18th Jan 2013 19:58
"If this is all press BS, which it well could be, then I hope that BR is on the hunt for someone in the same bracket, as that is all we need this season to push us on that bit more and hopefully get that top 4 spot."
18th Jan 2013 20:11
"Forget about him and go for somebody who will play for the shirt and not the cash. Inter are getting rid because he is money, not football, orientated"
18th Jan 2013 20:19
"if he wants that money then all i can say is Welcome to Manchester City.. they are the only club stupid enough to pay that sort of money for a player, lets hope he sees sense and joins us and helps get us back into the Champions League.."
18th Jan 2013 20:37
"If it's 'too fantastic to believe', then either we are not as big a club as we thought we were (which is doubtful, because we are VERY big) or we are in the wrong hands (which I believe is the case and NOT inevitable). The world's most coveted players should be the kind of players coming through the doors at Anfield."
Champions Of Europe
18th Jan 2013 20:56
"What the blind posters on here fail to realise is that it's not about the size of his weekly salary, it's what it would do to the rest of the team; he'd be higher paid that Luis, Gerrard, etc & it would destroy our pay structure & eventually our club when all our stars demand that salary!"
18th Jan 2013 20:56
"High salary but tranfer fee low(only 8M).so I think It is better tham Allen(15M).Please sign him or out of Top 4 dreaming. "
18th Jan 2013 21:56
"Redopm are you saying that Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez are not top players because BR is currently managing those two. agreed WS is class YNWA"
18th Jan 2013 22:16
"Some of you are forgetting that even footballers pay tax and when you are a high earner it's 50% tax. So yes, it would be 240,000 per week to make it 6,000,000 per year, at 120,000 per week."
18th Jan 2013 22:45
"7thheaven i said managed."
18th Jan 2013 23:09
"Marc Lawrenson thinks Swansea were clever in getting 15 millions out of Joe Allen transfer I think he is right anyhow Lucas a much better player however now Blacpool are holding on 8.5 millions for Ince a player sold by Dalglish for £ 250.000 about 16 months ago well who can say Kenny no good in business."
18th Jan 2013 23:53
"One Sneijder headline is enough 4 makes me a little suious have LFC got something up there sleeve? If we can't get his wages down to something reasonable then forget it but we def need the quality experience. Rumours that we've bid for another Inter Milan player Coutinho good player but again he's 20 we need to mix youth and experience a lot better and add strength in depth."
18th Jan 2013 23:57
"This will not happen. Too long it has been dragged. I can sense Alex Fergie coming in to intercept and hijack....."
18th Jan 2013 23:59
"As much as I think we could use someone of his calibre, 240,000 ? Somebody is having a laugh !"
19th Jan 2013 0:20
"liverpool make 8million pound bid for coutineo from inter who is on loan at espanole sorry cant spell"
19th Jan 2013 0:24
"thebull79 out! you plastic fan. Chav's calling your name son"
19th Jan 2013 0:25
"vuje, do they play or practice for 52 weeks a year? Try your math again. Is it that hard??? really"
19th Jan 2013 0:56
"He said he will wait the 2 weeks to think about his future. Will the deal with the Turks still stand by then? Don't know who is lying here, Sneijder, Inter or Turks? Media is the one. I think."
19th Jan 2013 1:02
"Why would he even consider going to the Turkish league? EPL is far better and maybe he is just waiting for us to jump in to rescue him from the turks. Just put a reasonable deal together and see if he will accept. Don't get ransomed over this, I say."
19th Jan 2013 1:07
"The Italian did it to themselves to have such a ludicrous contract. Now they can't wait to get rid of him. Offer him a performance based deal. Both sides will benifit this. We move up to 4th or better and he will be ready for the world cup next year."
19th Jan 2013 1:15
"Rodgers has his poker face about this. Maybe there is something cooking as we speak. We certainly don't want to have a bidding war then we will end up overpaid for his service. I wonder what SG and LS are thinking about right now? Too bad Kuyt is not around to tell Sneijder a real career starts at Anfield not anywhere else."
19th Jan 2013 3:15
"Sneijder, Sturridge and Coutinho would be perhaps the best bit of business done by any club in the January window. Here's hoping..."
19th Jan 2013 4:40
"TEAM PLAYER ? sounds like GREED to me"
19th Jan 2013 4:42
"Just sign Alonso at least he wants to come "
19th Jan 2013 4:56
"Too expensive. No need will destroy our club if does not perform. "
19th Jan 2013 5:37
"how bout we get him on loan for the rest of the season with a view of buying at the end of the season ? im sick of seeing flops at LFC , about time players joined us where its on our terms"
19th Jan 2013 7:41
"It seems to me that Turkish team has building up price for Sneijder along with Moretti...WE NEED player with creativity as he has,but SAGA around him has became too tricky and too long.I'd like to join us,but I am afraid that FSG and staff have no intention to react.YNWA>"
19th Jan 2013 8:34
"heard LFC might make a move for Guardado from Valencia. Mexican winger, left footed, fast... i dont think he's in Valencia's starting 11 but he'd be a good signing (for the right price)"
19th Jan 2013 8:58
"Reports suggest liverpool fc are on the verge of putting a bid in for this player Philippe Coutinho who i think is world class a lot better than SNEIJDER and a lot more cheaper. BR said that the fans will be very happy with a signing coming in january and i hope that this is the guy he was talking about."
19th Jan 2013 9:39
" Liverpool have had an offer for Inter starlet rejected The Guardian claims that Liverpool have come forward with an £8mbid itâ"
19th Jan 2013 10:00
"Philippe Coutinho.would be a better option"
Papa Syed
19th Jan 2013 10:10
"If we had him....the books will be in shambles!"
19th Jan 2013 10:53
"It'd be great to get him, but I'd be more than happy if we got Coutinho"
19th Jan 2013 12:45
19th Jan 2013 12:48
19th Jan 2013 13:12
"BR, pls signing him, he will make better to our Liv team. We Liv fan believe this player will make something to Liv."
19th Jan 2013 13:24
"£240 000 a week no thanks he is good but not that good. trust suso seriously this year to build next year to compete we need urgently second left back and we have to let go one right back, sell downing, keep allen in the bench we have young good team for the future."
19th Jan 2013 19:17
19th Jan 2013 19:52
"would be great signing, also hooper for 7m would be a bargain."
20th Jan 2013 6:56
"We want Sneijder!!!3X Pls BR. Look Liv. fans in world! "
20th Jan 2013 9:46
"Enough of Sneijder! Let's move on."
20th Jan 2013 13:39
"Pleeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!240K - gotta be jokin. Lets raise our own Schneider. I can understand all the hype about this guy but he is not worth much. We will be courting desaster as far as team spirit is concerned. Can one imagine what members of our current squad will feel like knowing this guys coming on board on such a huge wicket. we will be setting a very bad precedence."
20th Jan 2013 14:08
"Very good player but if the £240,000 a week wage demand after tax is true only Mancity and Chelsea can compete. For us never going to happen,shame he could have been the missing link in our midfield. "
whacko jacko
20th Jan 2013 16:03
"this is sort of experienced player we need !! Think of Gary Mac , i rem when he came in n helped with the trophy winning spree back in the Houllier reign. Exactly what we need n if not Sneidjer then get Xabi back asap."
20th Jan 2013 17:18
"we can atleast try!!"
21st Jan 2013 0:16
"240,000 a week! Sneijder we don't need you."
21st Jan 2013 0:16
"240,000 a week! Sneijder we don't need you."
21st Jan 2013 2:49
"Wesley Sneijder has signed for Galatasaray SK and till´ 2016"
21st Jan 2013 5:55
"I think sneijder is a very good and experience player.. so liverpool should know how to get his foot to anfield and it would be a great opportunity for us to bring him in. "
21st Jan 2013 5:56
"for coutinho, he would be a good signing for the future i think. he is very talented and has very good passing skills as well."
21st Jan 2013 7:39
"get me Alonso for half the wage ...."
21st Jan 2013 11:15
"I dont think theres a chance we can get him but Gerrard sounded like he knew something! maybe he knows theres no chance we getting him but hope he knows we are!"