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i wouldnt believe this, Sneijder has said all along that he wants to move to the Premier league so why would he agree to a deal that would stop him doing that just for 2m euros... lets face it he is a multi- millionaire anyway..
18th Jan 2013 14:37
No 7
18th Jan 2013 14:38
"we should offer him a deal to see if he wants to wear are great shirt,or if he's just greedy"
18th Jan 2013 14:39
"Well, this should probably end these tiresome rumors."
Always A Red
18th Jan 2013 15:45
"what a mess - i am no longer interested unless and until i hear LFC have signed Wesley S, medical done and dusted....!"
18th Jan 2013 15:49
18th Jan 2013 15:55
"If Man Utd can buy a world class like Robin Van Persi who is aged about 29 (correct me if am wrong)and he is doing great for Man utd. So liverpool also should take wesly sneigder (who is only 28), he has experience, vision and who is a great midfielder. YWNWA, come on bring him to liverpool"
18th Jan 2013 17:36
"right this is sneijder a proven world class player worth way more than 6 million thats 9 less that sturridge a good prospect but not yet world class = pay him 130000 in wages and it will work out as nearly the same as sturridge deal in long run"
18th Jan 2013 20:20
"well if that is true he wont be going anywhere near the premiership. he probably is just holding out for a GH. Gala will be the biggest offer of wages he will get. 35% tax rate as well instead Englang 50%."
18th Jan 2013 23:12
"Jezero in case you do not know the dutch are very good in business."
19th Jan 2013 8:59
"im thinking its like the money (drink!) we gave joe cole when he left!? Its a principle thing. so inter just pay the euros so we can sign him quick."
19th Jan 2013 9:34
""Reports suggest liverpool fc are on the verge of putting a bid in for this player Philippe Coutinho who i think is world class a lot better than SNEIJDER and a lot more cheaper. BR said that the fans will be very happy with a signing coming in january and i hope that this is the guy he was talking about." "
Papa Syed
19th Jan 2013 10:19
"Greatest joke of all!"
20th Jan 2013 16:03
"Bl***y agents again !I sometimes think these players would be better of cutting their own deals instead of waiting on these bloodsuckers to mess up their futures !!!! Still like Daniel if a player really wants to play for us he will make sure it happens,if not then we can do without the money grabbers, that is not what we are about and hopefully never will be.... YNWA "