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Keep up the good work YNWA
18th Jan 2013 13:34
18th Jan 2013 13:42
"what a incredible work you and the staff make every day at Kirkby and Melwood Frank! think that from the tea-lady to the last secretary who works in the complex your job is truly admirable and deserves only compliments! Keep loving your job and you will be surely recompensed! YNWA"
18th Jan 2013 13:43
"Keep up the good work and give us some more new stars for the future. ZNWA"
18th Jan 2013 15:14
"Marty, you are wrong - sorry. Just because something ends in s, doesn't not mean there is no additional s following an apostrophe. Only where it sounds silly do you omit the second s. For example, Michael Bridges's would sound silly, so you omit it. But Lucas's sounds natural."
18th Jan 2013 15:21
"Great stuff.Wonderful to read! Godbless you all."
18th Jan 2013 15:22
"the topic and the content hahahaha 2 dif things on"
18th Jan 2013 17:16
"That's not a bad interview."
19th Jan 2013 6:49
"Jimmy, an apostraphe was used correctly, 'Lucas's tweets.' They are his tweets and they belong to him, so Apostraphe. Also used when missing a letter, 'Ello. "
19th Jan 2013 7:36
"Wisdom is a good player, even though he 's inexperienced. He comes up to the right wing to attack often. And he 's strong and not afraid of opponents. He will be a good asset for Liverpool, after Johnson. "
19th Jan 2013 9:24
"That is really great. The academy needs to send scouts to look at young goalkeeper Steven Hoffman of Bidvest Wits FC of South Africa. He is 18 years old and made his professional debut last year. Also u/20 national team. Big fan of LFC and one of the brightest goalkeeping prospects. check his profile and some youtube footage."