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Another Suarez hat-trick and a Sturridge home debut goal will do for me - 4.0
18th Jan 2013 11:43
18th Jan 2013 11:58
"sturridge and suarez wl score no doubt"
18th Jan 2013 12:01
"Blimey sweedy7, followed by a bit of pillaging eh? i'm sure you could find a better word. IMO if we play with Suarez and sturridge and Stevie just behind we will win at a canter.Those 3 will cause problems for ANY defence."
18th Jan 2013 12:43
"you are a dreamer Adam! I expect another cracking performance by Luis and a decisive contribution by Dan Sturridge and Stevie G, so I won't accept a result different from the win for us, I hope for a margin of 2-3 goals on our behalf, I am sorry for you Adam!"
18th Jan 2013 13:20
"The worrying thing for me is Norwich actually think they can grab a point! Smash em 7-0 rape is out of the question!!"
18th Jan 2013 14:13
"looking at the stats they are better on crosses and we are stronger in possession. other than that there is not much in it. considering we need to win this one and allen will start it will be a long and nervy afternoon. looking for a 2-1 result hopefully in our favour!"
18th Jan 2013 15:14
"Suarez has the same goals as their top 5 (FIVE!) players! Yes, I think you need some goal-scorers. Sweedy7-there's other words to use, please. Lets out-pass/play and score them with 75% possession and a 3-0 win."
18th Jan 2013 15:20
"sweedy7, you are a . Pretty much every word in the dictionary is a better word than the one you used. Get it taken off our site ASAP."
SGM 73
18th Jan 2013 16:35
"Sweedy7, CurleyTed and Kingluis007 Hope no women in your family ever get raped. Don't get why someone other than n0nces would think rape is just something to use as 'banter'. But maybe that's what you are? "
Top 4 for sure
18th Jan 2013 19:15
"Looking forward to a good performance. Any win would do as this game is more difficult than it looks."
18th Jan 2013 22:57
"lets have a good allround team performance. 3pts for a good win and clean sheet would be a bonus. come on you redmen. YNWA"
19th Jan 2013 5:50