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fabiolous...borini....hope he lives up to his name for the days to come...
Binam Paudyal
18th Jan 2013 15:26
18th Jan 2013 15:29
"Didi definitely has a soft spot for Claire, his flirting with her the other night was hillarious!! Can't blame him though our Claire is a tidy lass. "
18th Jan 2013 15:41
"No coloured boots they look stupid! Especially on unskilled players,BLACK boots only please, like Gerrard. Good pictures (apart from the boots) it's football not ballet dancing."
Champions Of Europe
18th Jan 2013 15:51
"Don't know who's seen this already, but it really had me laughing today:"
18th Jan 2013 16:35
"well done Fabio! Welcome on board!... a pity for the snow, I fear that can affect the regular progress of tomorrow game, hope it won't worsen further! YNWA"
18th Jan 2013 17:15
"I wish i could have a year without that white . -25 in here today, truly sucks balls"
18th Jan 2013 17:42
"bring back torres and get sneijder !! so we have the best team in the world !!!"
18th Jan 2013 17:50
"Champions OF Europe. In that video BR look's a right t-i-t."
18th Jan 2013 17:52
"Sorry I meant he looks at the right t-i-t! lol"
18th Jan 2013 19:21
"Borini needs to start well now and score, what with Sturridge on board. Is sneijder a possible torres or a possible pennant?!"
18th Jan 2013 20:38
"Heavy snow LOL! a dusting should have asked Hyypiä about snow!"
18th Jan 2013 23:48
"please sneijder would be an absolutely brilliant signing he will make back his wages in shirt sales alone come on no brainer"
19th Jan 2013 4:48
"Sneider seems like he's lost the love of playing football. I really think he would have given the team new attacking possibilities. Because, when you're at a club like Liverpool FC, you'll always realize what football really means to you. Come ooon Wesleyyy!!!"