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Here we go again..
18th Jan 2013 10:47
18th Jan 2013 10:47
"Spot on Ray. It will be our own fault if we don't get there."
18th Jan 2013 10:49
"Its all well and good talking about it. But in reality we are far from 4th place. I hope we get Sneijder before Spurs gatecrash as usual. "
18th Jan 2013 10:52
"we all agree we got to get better players in before deadline and be consistent, and br play the right team not favourites i.e. joe allen"
18th Jan 2013 11:03
"if you want to top 4,you must sign Sneider."
18th Jan 2013 11:11
"it's difficult to say if we will compete up till the last day for a Champions league spot, for me it will depend on the quality of the acquisitions during the last days of the current window, admitted that there won't be those! anyway a top 6 is more realistic."
18th Jan 2013 11:13
"Rodgers did you hear the 51 year old? he said we need a CM. if you got brains then go sign Sneijder! NOW"
18th Jan 2013 11:17
"As much as I admire the positivity and I've bought into the optimism as much as anyone, I just don't see it happening. Not without another quality signing in midfield and left back. "
18th Jan 2013 11:18
"I don't know of defender as I think Coates & Carragher can still step up until end of season! Main problem is Midfield Midfield Midfield!!! Both Defending and attacking are lacking! Sneijder fits the floating role alongside Stevie! Lucas needs to regain his ability or we support him by signing Diamme for £3m! with fire power of the three up front top 4 yes!!! "
18th Jan 2013 11:34
"If we finish top 4 ill run down the street naked!"
18th Jan 2013 11:36
"Sorry Ray think your hoping for far to much , lost two many points to so called weaker teams and not beaten any of the teams above us so how can we get to forth spot "
18th Jan 2013 11:47
"Without 2 or 3 additions one being quality addition like Sneijder,we will say so repeatedly until May"
18th Jan 2013 11:49
"Sorry to say it Ray but you're well off the mark. With our current tactical naivety we have no chance of a top four finish. Maybe if we adapt to the strengths of the players we have rather than try and make them play a system that doesn't suit them then we might challenge but that will never happen."
18th Jan 2013 11:59
18th Jan 2013 11:59
"Ray is always honest.We can sneak fourth only with 3 new additions and consistency. Arsenal and Spurs are vulnerable and Chelsea could collapse if the stick with Rafa and Torres much longer!!!"
L0\/3 4Nfi3LD
18th Jan 2013 12:00
"Get Sneijder.. We all want him...........,,,,!!!!"
18th Jan 2013 12:01
"The whole squad must believe that they can do it, all they have to do is concentrate on every game and win it one at a time. Good Luck. YNWA."
18th Jan 2013 12:03
"need magic lamp maybe. Not sure we grabs 3 point vs Norwich but sure we will lose vs Arsenal and MC. After 3 match, LFC will down to 15th in BPL table. So realistic to grabs top 4?"
18th Jan 2013 12:06
"If if if if if...lets be honest top 6 would be good result this season. Top 4 will only happen if we get another one or two top quality players in and if Arsenal,Spurs, Bluesh*te have poor second half to the season.."
18th Jan 2013 12:07
"Our major problem is our defending and our wing backs. We are leaking goals bigtime and Rodgers has not sorted it after 22 games"
18th Jan 2013 12:07
"Agree with Jan Molby if we need players to compete and strengthen the team age and future sell on value should not be the even considered, pity we dont have someone like him in charge of transfer policy instead of the bean counters"
18th Jan 2013 12:09
"There needs to be silence from the club and its former players in the media from now until the end of the season. If we get 4th spot, then come out and talk. "
18th Jan 2013 12:11
"i think its very clear that Most fans want to see Sneijder come in, and i am 1 of them, but i cant see Rodgers being able to get him. Rodgers lacks football knowledge and only signs player he has worked with before, and he wont change from a 4-3-3 formation whether we win lose or draw.. "
18th Jan 2013 12:12
"YAWN!! we need players to get there Mr, not some miracle"
18th Jan 2013 12:12
"The only way we will get top 4 is all the teams above us keep dropping points and and us winning all dont see it myself top 6 is more realistic. "
18th Jan 2013 12:14
"i do think we could get intop the top 4 if we sign the right players, not players with potential but top class experienced players like Sneijder, Alonso, David Villa and maybe get Coentrao on loan as he has fallen out with Mourinho at Real... Diakete has said he wants to join us so thats a CD in place maybe??"
18th Jan 2013 12:14
"Requires a lot of slip ups by a lot of teams.Being the optimist and playing with an attacking mentality of SG behind DS and LS I think we can do it ;)"
18th Jan 2013 12:14
"i am a positive person but fourth is way beyond us at this winning rate. we were four points before and we started the talk about it and then nothing came out of it and we nine points now. We need more players worth their salt"
18th Jan 2013 12:19
"4th place in the championship in 2 years i agree but definatley not the premiership unless we can sign 2 class players. BR get SNEIJDER before someone like barnet come in for him. Man £6.3 is a steal considering we paid £7 million for coates. If this dont happen i dont think i will be renewing my season ticket next year."
18th Jan 2013 12:23
"Do me a favour , stop talking about fourth. I live in hope we finish second or third but realisticly sixth is about were we are at ,IF, we get it together for the rest of the season. Third would mean Arsenal, Everton, Spurs would need to have a terrible last few months of the season. Thats way beyond hope , we are talking miricals then."
18th Jan 2013 12:24
"A proper defensive coach is what we need, and then a world class midfielder. We have the defenders but they have all gone off th boild this season. So much for Brendans tiki-taka closing down the other teams stlye.... not been on show too much to date!"
18th Jan 2013 12:25
"With 16 games to go,I just don't see that 4th is realistic propsition. Listen to Ray quite a bit on TalkSport and he usually talks a lot of sense. He also says that he doesn't see what Allen offers us. Without quality experienced additions i still think we will finish 7th or 8th."
18th Jan 2013 12:36
"When we were almost in serious danger. We plead for Suarez and we had Suarez. Till date we as LFC fans are still benefiting from the good buy. Now, we are begging for Sneider but if only BR could listen... My only problem he hardly listens to the fans when the transfer market opens!!!!"
18th Jan 2013 12:38
"two hopes Ray,no hope and Bob hope,we probably have more chance of getting fourth over getting another two or three players before the window shuts such is farcical goings on at the club under fsg."
18th Jan 2013 12:49
"reality check, away trips to man city and arsenal after norwich. Could well be 15 points behind by then"
18th Jan 2013 12:49
""I'd still like to see another two or three players come in before the end of the transferwindow, because I think they need a bit more depth -maybe a defender and midfieldplayer. "Then they could compete for a top-four spot." Wonder if BR expects top-4 without more quality signings...YNWA!"
18th Jan 2013 13:05
"I never thought I will say this for one of my childhood hero but Ray must be either in la la land or he was referring to the league of timbato!"
18th Jan 2013 13:34
"I think ray is sending a message out to the owners and manager to spend the money we have a good squad of players but we only have 2 outstanding players in gerrard and suarez if we dont get anymore players in and dont get in europe next season then the buck stops with the owners and manager its no use rodgers cryin next month about the squad been to small."
18th Jan 2013 13:40
"Here we go again. Being unrealistic in optimism could cost us again. Let's win the next game. And only then the next one... And then we'll see in May how we did throughout the season. Now we just need to play and win games. YNWA"
18th Jan 2013 13:48
"brucelee, do you ever watch us play, even on tv? How can you say we have only 2 marque players. What about Agger, Skrtel, Johnson. These three are the best in their respective positions. Reina despite his drop in levels is still one of the best. I understand being critical but it should be based on facts. "
18th Jan 2013 14:02
"top four is still an achievable ambition, we have a good squad which is capable to achieve this. br has got to get it done as he has to prove himself to be a top manager. i think a left back as cover for enrique is important as jonno is a must at right back."
Always A Red
18th Jan 2013 14:02
"if we had taken 3 points from Manure then i would be believing we could finish 4th - other teams had dropped points and so we needed to win...we would have 34 points now. If a couple experienced good players come in - ?"
Always A Red
18th Jan 2013 14:13
"I like Glen J but he's not a great defender - a threat going forward. Against Manure he was CR-P. I am not even going to talk about Joe Allen- send him on loan. Hmmmmm Valdes to LFC, Reina to Barca?"
18th Jan 2013 14:17
"24 points behind man u and people think were making progress,top aint gonna happen.squad is too small but at least fsg will make a profit at the end of the season.rodgers,ayre and fsg already have their excuses ready for the next 8th place finish."
18th Jan 2013 14:20
"Budaha i only said 2 so if the owners read this they will defo buy players while the windows open lol "
18th Jan 2013 14:35
"Aren't tired of this bull***t?"
18th Jan 2013 14:45
"No way in HELL with the squad that we have."
18th Jan 2013 15:09
"some people need to consider how they'd be acting if we'd beaten utd-probably not attacking rodgers in ways that are far from constructive. 9 points is achievable with the run-in we have and with spurs and everton stumbling. We need a defender as an injury/card or rest for Martin/Daniel and we look a bit thin."
18th Jan 2013 15:16
"Classandsucsess do you mean 9 Pts from our next 16 lg games? As that is more likely than 9pts from next 4 games. And I am an optimist But Also realist! If we get WS then it could be inspired move . "
18th Jan 2013 15:23
"not likely but who knows?? would be better if that position was ours to lose at this stage......... i just hope we get a europa spot at least"
Gerrard o ya beauty
18th Jan 2013 15:24
"I don't think we can anymore, I thought we could b4 the Aston Villa game, but we blew it against a team you'd pick to play out of anyone in the league. This Norwich game couldn't come fast enough, it's all doom and gloom at LFC at the moment! YNWA "
18th Jan 2013 15:30
"Think we can better Spurs, Arsenal Chelsea, I don;t think so normal bull talk from us, we never walk the talk. Get Tom Ince "
18th Jan 2013 15:33
"lets be real about it < all the stupid points we have droped this season ,shows we are knowere near getten 4th , players like joe allen ,downing arnt liverpool players ! and untill rodgers sees that we are a middle off the table club ."
18th Jan 2013 17:01
"could be right, problem is 3 or 4 more players coming in won't happen, a top class experienced midfield player could be the answer"
18th Jan 2013 17:06
"Hopefully, but I won't be too disappointed if we don't. Let's not unrealistically raise expectations. Next season we should be really close to the top 4!"
18th Jan 2013 17:16
"Well, Ray unfortunately all calls for quality players are falling to deaf ears as Rodgers has his own plan to make us a mid table team like Swansea!!! He comes up with pathetic excuses and can't see quality players but shows faith in Allen. We need someone like Sneijder and another top striker to fight on all fronts!!"
18th Jan 2013 17:19
"Top4 ? thats a joke look at our pionts,,top places have near double the pionts we have,and its not like we are signing all the players we needed the first half of the season is it ,,,youll never walk alone,but lfc will not be running to the top sadly"
18th Jan 2013 18:27
"...sorry lads but i dont believe theres enuff beliefe or fighting spirit for 4th...droping too many points..shortened squad..not getting in replacements ..too many problems that need fixing .id be happy if we win the fa cup and make the final in europa vs ath madrid..sorry lads but we dont have ruthlessness in our team to much respect for teams who dont respect us"
18th Jan 2013 18:41
"as i've said all along we can make top 4 with the right additions now we've got 1 now just add another 2 before the end of the window and we will do it come on brendan and the lads lets fight for 4th place YNWA "
18th Jan 2013 19:05
"Certainly, but not with the over cautious approach manager.. We need to be brave. "
18th Jan 2013 19:21
"lets not get trappy. Come on lads lets try. Nothing ventured and all that. Its very challenging, but one game at a time. YNWA"
Top 4 for sure
18th Jan 2013 20:16
"Usually in a premier league season 65-70 points guarantees a champions league spot. If we can manage to get another 35 points in the 16 remaining games we will have a huge chance to quallify. This will be very difficult to do but if we are consistent we can do it. "
red till i die
18th Jan 2013 20:17
"No chance with Buck in charge,8 wins why wont he play steve g attacking mid and let Sterling run at players?????"
18th Jan 2013 20:20
"classANDsuccess - the point is we didnt beat utd exactly because of the reasons / critisims that we are expressing. Rodgers is CLUELESS"
18th Jan 2013 20:23
18th Jan 2013 20:26
"At the end of the day we lost 2-1 to the prem's current best side. We lacked belief and mental strength in the first half so Brendan had a word, tweeked the set up and BINGO! we were the better side! Some of you need to open your eyes and get on board with what Rodgers is doing."
18th Jan 2013 20:35
"I wish they would just keep the mouths shut lets win four in a row before we get carried away! YNWA!"
Who stole my user name
18th Jan 2013 20:39
"Well if milan1960 doesn't think we can do it we may as well pack it in now, have the rest of the season off and not worry about it too much. Or maybe we could support OUR team and stop slating OUR players? Just a thought. "
18th Jan 2013 20:43
Who stole my user name
18th Jan 2013 20:46
"Kingofclubs - well said mate. Sometimes feels like a manure troll convention on this site. If one of our young players was to happen on to his own club's website and read the comments of his own fans his confidence and belief would be tered. They should do away with these comments sections, just a breeding ground for negativity and vitriol."
18th Jan 2013 20:47
"NOT here we go again there is a big difference between players and managers coming out with this and other people. Players run the risk of believeing their own hype and forgetting they still have to go out there and do it. Others dont have that problem if you want to be self delusional no one cares."
Who stole my user name
18th Jan 2013 20:48
" LFC TRHU THICK AND THIN - thanks mate. Just trying to keep it positive as I see you are too. YNWA"
18th Jan 2013 20:56
"Milan1960, why stop at Mourinho, what about Fergusson who I am sure would walk across the Mersey to manage us. Or maybe Cruyff who has been out of a job for a few years. I like the fact that you are shooting high, but please be realistic, why would Mourinho come to us? "
18th Jan 2013 21:00
"You must bring here Sneider for our Top 4 dreaming."
18th Jan 2013 21:15
18th Jan 2013 21:23
"milan 1960 i would like jose m but he cant get is act together at real madrid there 18 points behind barca and real have a better side than us but hes struggling with them and theyve spent mega bucks on the likes of ronaldo and modric i no he won the league last season but hes strugglin"
Top 4 for sure
18th Jan 2013 21:25
"If you have nothing positive to say it is better of to not comment at all. It would make everyones life easier."
18th Jan 2013 21:30
"Moroniho? No thanks! He's at the right club taking centre stage ast a bunch of prima donnas, we don't need the ringmaster and all his circus acts, let him go to the Mancs and bring down their theatre of dreams!"
18th Jan 2013 21:32
"not 'ast' it's am0ng$t! bleedin' moderators!"
18th Jan 2013 22:08
18th Jan 2013 22:26
"We are not gonna get 4th place when are certain pundits gonna wake up and smell the coffee it's just not going to happen who are they trying to kid not me that's for sure"
18th Jan 2013 22:42
"we can get 4th place. it is not easy but with hard work and support and consistency we can get 3pts sat and push on. with 2 difficult games coming up now will be good time to start showing what we can really do. come on you reds. 3pts please. YNWA & J4T96"
18th Jan 2013 23:15
"We are all saying the same thing but will BR listen NO NO NO lets wait until someone else puts a bid in for him gets him and he turns out to be a steal don't get it we just got rid of joe cole and sahin where is the replacements"
19th Jan 2013 0:01
"Lets just worry about winning a game first and being consistent there is no way in hell we will finish 4th"
19th Jan 2013 1:11
"after singing u will never walk alone fans must sing we want 3 points in every match."
19th Jan 2013 2:02
"GET WESLEY SNEIJDER OR JUST KISS IT GOODBYE!!! We're tired of waiting and hoping!!! This is Liverpool FC for God's Sake!!! Can't we afford Sneijder??? if we can't then we have no business in the champions league!!! "
19th Jan 2013 3:50
"come on reds we can do it YNWA..."
19th Jan 2013 5:28
"Could we land sneijder for gods sake? Then we'll have some world class players in our squad."
19th Jan 2013 7:26
"Yes,that's all that matters till the end of this season.We have to beat Spurs,Everton and WBA-they are involved in fight for 4th.But,Arsenal will be the strongest oponent in this campaign,for me.Yes,we need CREATIVITY in the mid,his name is Sneijder.YNWA>"
19th Jan 2013 8:27
"How 'bout we just work on getting our winning ratio up...beating someone in the top ten even. Last time Rodgers opened his mouth...we lost the following game and haven't really looked liked a contender since!"
Afrika Kop
19th Jan 2013 10:51
"The character of a team is seen when we are losing. Too many times we have demonstrated a lack of fighting this season. We need a top quality striker to support what we have if we want fourth spot, win more and become consistent. "